!”, “Thank you so much for the beautiful Charcuterie board for my daughter's birthday!! Our corporate gift program makes it easy to send edible gifts to business colleagues and clients at the holidays. While it’s certainly not a new idea—in fact, charcuterie style eating dates back to the 15 th century in France, according to TimesColonist.com—social media has blown this trend up. She was so surprised and LOVED it! Somerset Culatello (60g sliced) – Limited to one pack per order, Somerset cider chorizo with smoked paprika. Thank you so much for the help & kindness in placing my order & delivering on what was a busy time for you. order now. I’ve ordered 3 of them now and each time they have been delicious, unique and a total crowd pleaser!". Affinage Boards was born in October 2020, offering a contactless delivery of picnic boxes and grazing boards. Family Dinners, Charcuterie, School Lunch, Boxed Meals, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Appetizers, & Cocktail Packages. - The clever design of removable stand cheese knives box definitely hold your knives organized and display their true beauty. Thank you so much!! Indie States of America Box Each month, your travel-loving friend will get four to five foods that focus on a different region of the U.S. BUY NOW 3-Month Subscription, $60/month, mouth.com Get-togethers, and parties of all sizes will be so much tastier when you bring our delicious char•CUTE•rie to the table! Thank you for adding to the celebrating spirit of the day!”, “Hi, just want to say thank you for the lovely date night box yesterday! Looking forward to when I order again!”, “What a wonderful gift! Our boards and grazing tables have become the talk-of-the-town! We use mainly Saddleback, Oxford Sandy & Black or Tamworth pigs – outdoor and locally reared. As recommended by The Independent: Best Meat Boxes 2019. Gift Basket Village Ski Lodge Sampler, Gift Box with Winter Favorites - Brie Cheese Spread, Smoked Salmon, Georgia Pecans, Green Olive Cheese Dip and more, savory snacks, 1 Count 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $84.46 $ 84 . Our char•CUTE•rie team uses only the very best ingredients to ensure our char•CUTE•rie boards, boxes and grazing tables are curated with the highest-quality meats, cheeses, and produce. The quality of ingredients is amazing! Not to mention the profesionalism and outstanding service.”. It’s an amazing group of local women that design the most fabulous charcuterie and sweet boards you will ever lay your eyes on. You have the ability to customize for your event. Mixing the old with the new, and continental with British, to deliver bold, robust flavours that will excite and intrigue. 46 ($84.46/Count) August 13 Each board, box and artisan Shoppe item is uniquely and artfully created. This is what we are proud to call food artistry. See what we have been up to on our Press Page. You name it, the boxes and boards are a perfect pairing with any gift. Libertyville, IL 60048. It far exceeded my expectations!! Thank you so much!! We believe in only serving high-quality ingredients. Imagine hosting the holiday celebration, corporate event, or dream wedding where everyone is blown away by the striking beauty and vibrant taste of your food. From foie gras, charcuterie, and steaks to our signature cassoulet kit, duck breast, and sampler gift boxes, there are gifts to please everyone. “Omg my daughter loved the box your made!!! It was a perfect way to do Date Night 2020 style. So many extra details!!! “My Charcuterie is my go-to take along gift wehnever I'm going anywhere! I'm so impressed with the beautiful presentation as well as how many wonderful assorted items are inside. Everyone was so impressed!”, “What a wonderful first experience with Char-cute-rie! All rights reserved. - Bamboo cheese board features a special long groove which will hold crackers, toast or a fresh crusty baguette very well. Where possible we are using other local ingredients and our cider, sage, cheese, goat, duck and wild garlic all come from Somerset producers. We think that the food industry in Britain is one of the most creative in the world and with the grass roots revolution in street food, festivals and farmers markets, it is getting more exciting every year. Thank you so much... Can't wait for next occasion to place order!”, “Our friends raves about the board and couldn’t stop saying how beautiful and delicious it was.”, “Omg you are the absolute BEST!! My team and I share a passion for creating quality Food Artistry that will elevate any gathering experience. Thank you.”, “The boxes are absolutely amazing!! My Char•CUTE•rie has the perfect boards, boxes and grazing tables for any occasion. You name it, the boxes and boards are a perfect pairing with any gift. Not to mention the profesionalism and outstanding service.” – Carrie Garlick We'll definitely use you again. Whether for the holidays or just an everyday get-together, a classic charcuterie board is a great way to entertain. Contactless Delivery or Curbside Pickup. Go all out with The Feast Box which includes half a rotisserie chicken, cheese, charcuterie and chocolate mousse OR recreate our House Burger or London Halloumi Burger from your own kitchen. We want to bring this innovation to the world of British Charcuterie with new flavours & ideas. No two are ever the same. My board was beyond my expectations - I loved the utensils & the arrangement was so creative & simply impressive to all - even my graduate who took tons of pictures. There’s no question that charcuterie boards are currently all the rage. 603 N Milwaukee Ave. © Somerset Charcuterie. You can either build your own meat box from our wide range of grass fed, outdoor reared meat or order one of our set, seasonal boxes.. Meat Box Delivery UK. You guys are the best and I can't wait to give you lots of business in the future ”, “Wanted to share a perfect 5 star rating for char•CUTE•rie! My vegan kids couldn't believe the cheese was vegan. At Somerset Charcuterie we believe in embracing traditional Italian and Spanish methods combined with some of the fantastic flavours and rich food culture of the West Country. ... From box lunch delivery to full service catering, you can leave the details to us! Charcuterie, cheese boards and more! Pool party, evening of drinks, play date with moms. “I’ve just ordered for a second time, you do a phenomenal job!”, “RAVE reviews! Stand Together Box. Available for no contact delivery. All photographs shown are examples only. Thank you.”, “My Charcuterie is my go-to take along gift wehnever I'm going anywhere! I get lots of"mom" points thanks to you! January 15 Welcome 2021! At Somerset Charcuterie we believe in embracing traditional Italian and Spanish methods combined with some of the fantastic flavours and rich food culture of the West Country. These were a total hit! OmahaMealDelivery.com is a Division of Catering Creations in Omaha, Nebraska providing Fresh Delicious Meals for Busy Homes. Our Chefs Prepare, you heat & then eat. We were very proud to bring home the champion cured whole muscle award for our culatello at the British Cured Meat Awards this year. Supporting local communities is important. To eat small portions of food, as appetizers or the like, in place of a full-sized meal or to snack during the course of the day in place of a regular meal. Thank you for bringing some holiday cheer to a busy bunch!”, “Your boards have been amazing and loved by all. Pool party, evening of drinks, play date with moms.
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