Save big on all the latest suppressors like the Gemtech ONE. On the firearm’s muzzle goes a 4-lug adapter. Find a Gemtech suppressor for you pistol, rifle, machine gun or just about anything else you can think of at Impact Guns. Available Online. It is available in a number of thread patterns to fit most popular 7.62mm rifles currently on the market. 0 CART. GEMTECH - Suppressors. NFA Firearms. Categories. RECEIVERS. Installation is pretty simple. The larger, GEMTECH-branded half seen above is installed into the suppressor, threading right into its normal 1/2×28 mount end. The Gemtech Quickmount attachment system permits consistent mounting with repeatable accuracy. Gemtech Quickmount Muzzle Brake .223 Rem/5.56 NATO Threaded 1/2x28 Steel Matte B... Gemtech Quickmount Muzzle Brake .223 Rem/5.56 NATO... Our Low Price $113.04 Whether you are looking to hide the flash of your rifle suppress the report, Gemtech has the best brakes, compensators, and suppressors for any situation. HOME. Plus $20.00 Shipping $ 595.00 Read more; Gemtech “GM-45” .45acp Silencer. Machine Guns; Short Barrel Rifles SBR; Short Barrel Shot Guns SBS; Any Other Weapons; Suppressors. Menu The Gemtech 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT is a precision machined, heat treated suppressor adapter. The new GEMTECH Muzzle Brake is for users who want less felt recoil, less muzzle climb, and faster follow up shots, this is the device for you. The Gemtech 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT is a precision machined, heat treated suppressor adapter. The male mount is torqued into position over a threaded barrel to assure utmost accuracy, and the suppressor affixes over with a simple, one-handed movement with no gates, latches, or threads to stick or fumble. The GEMTECH DAGGER is an all Titanium suppressor designed for semi-auto 18 300WM precision rifles that you came to love with the original GMT-300WM. It's either on, or it's off. BARRELS. AR RIFLES & PISTOLS. ... Gemtech Quickmount Flash Hider 5.56mm 1/2"X28 2.4" $99.00 $95.00. Suppressors All Others; ... Gemtech HVT-QM 7.62/.306/.30 Cal Quick Mount Silencer. The Standard 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT fits our HVT, QUICKSAND and older TPR-S suppressors. To use the system across multiple guns, additional 4-lug mounts should be purchased. Midwest Gun Works carries quality products from Gemtech. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. GLOCK. Gemtech Quickmount 5.56mm Cc Mb 1/2-28. A leader in muzzle device manufacturing and suppressors, Gemtech also develops barrels, ammo, and small parts for a variety of pistols and rifles. Features Quickmount lugs for use with all 7.62mm suppressors Increased size of 3/4″ wrench flats for PLACE AN ORDER 800-331-0852 EXT 4166. MUZZLE DEVICES. Lantac USA manufactures precision muzzle devices and suppressor mounts for Gemtech & Silencer Co suppressors including the Omega, Saker & The One. It features a more conventional flash hider design. Price $142.99. Home / Shop / Suppressors / Gemtech Suppressors. ... Dragon® GemTech Quick Mount Muzzle Brake .223/5.56.
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