Solar Droid. Soujiro is the second strongest person in Rurouni Kenshin. The guy who killed MANY people? If Shishio sees a move once it has no chance of working on him. he was so cool lol. Okay, so this fight was the perfect combination of both a psychological and physical clash. Look what he did to that young boy! He beat him like he owed him money. Anonymous. location : a forest. Well yeah. Sojiro was fighting for his master and saviour’s ideologies, while Kenshin was fighting to save Sojiro. Heaven Sword), is the fighting style used by Sōjirō. Kenshin and Saito vs Shishio and Soujiro Thread ... Sojiro using Shuntensatsu would first off Kenshin who'd be the only threat to those two with his ougi, and either can roast the shit out of that weakling Saito like Shishio did in the actual series. Been saying this for years. After participating in the Bakumatsu war, Kenshin wanders the countryside of Japan offering protection and aid to those in need as atonement for the murders he once committed as an assassin. I was re-watching Rurouni Kenshin and now that it has been more than 10 years since I watch this anime and I thought that Kenshin was invincible, now I look at the series with a different point of view and watching the second fight of Kenshin vs Sojiro this goes to my mind. Scenario 1 Hiko Seijuro ( Kenshin ) vs Shishio , Enishi. A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop. It is not explained what gave him such unbelivable … Yeah definitely. Kenshin? Ha, no, he'd win. Pineapples VS Samurai Sword Katana Cutting 【Samurai Challenge 1 Description 2 Techniques 3 Known Practitioners 4 Trivia Sojiro's most distinctive feature is his ability to use Shukuchi, a famed and illustrious martial art which allows him to move fast enough that no human eye could detect his movement. Shishio knew Kenshin's fighting style, while Kenshin didin't knew his. Kenshin vs Sojiro Round 2. Hiko being the obvious first. i loved sojiro. Sojiro like 18? Worth of note: Kenshin was tired and injured after his fights with Aoshi and Sojiro. Kenshin vs Sojiro Live Action; LEGEN ENDS. 0 2. Samurai X can beat the **** out of anyone, yes even Naruto. 0 1 ~Tomoe~ 1 decade ago. All that being said if Sojiro was taught by Seijūrō (kenshin's master) from a young age and participated in the revolution could he have been as effective of an assassin if not better than Kenshin? Tenken(天剣 (てんけん) , lit. Thanks to Sojiro, he even had almost a full knowledge over Kenishin's final attack. Sojiro Seta vs Kenshin Himura | Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Anime Mash up fight. tenshi143 Shimura Takako T_T. Somebody get child services on the line STAT! 1 3. both sides are bloodlusted. He's done for. Shishio vs Sojiro is probably a worse match then Sojiro vs Kenshin 1 decade ago. yes. It's all here. This is the story of a wanderer named Himura Kenshin, formerly known as the assassin "Hitokiri Battōsai" (Battōsai the Manslayer). 1 decade ago. Scenario 2 Hiko Seijuro vs Kenshin and Sojiro. sojiro s god like speed was imposible for kenshin to see. Kenshin during the revolution is significantly stronger than Kenshin during his fight with Sojiro and he still won.
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