Then, when a sudden change occurs in the chart holder's life, it is very news worthy and causes a stir. Sun represents the “I”. It exerts its will onto the world and has no fear of possible repercussions. These are career people and they can become depressed when their connection to the public and the greater world "out there" is cut off by family obligations. They can be extremely agile and adaptable in making their way toward their goals. It makes the person anti-authoritarian in the area of life govern, Ketu in Vedic astrology stands for isolation, enlightenment, mystery, meditation and most importantly, detachment. The house where it is located in a chart defines the area where you need to expres, Saturn gives restrictions, limitations, difficulties, delay and sometimes denial. Comfortable in the public eye, the tenth-house moon wants to be out in the world enjoying its natural gift of assumed high status. Being cooped up at home, dealing with house chores and responsibilities goes against their emotional grain. ... 2nd house virgo 3rd house virgo 4th house virgo 5th house virgo 6th house virgo 7th house virgo 8th house virgo 9th house virgo ascendant virgo descendant virgo ic virgo mc virgo midheaven. Natives having Aries Ascendant are strong and straightforward. The presence of Mars in Ascendant bestows most of the attributes of Mars to the person which could be either good or bad as turning his/her life towards either of direction. Mars in 11 th house for Cancer ascendant. The first quarter or pada of. Placement of Mars in 10th home is usually a Beneficial Position for You. They are determined and have intense faith in their chosen paths to success. A tenth-house Mercury can also cause the chart holder to be "talked about" as a topic of news or gossip. Mars has lordship of two dussthan (3rd and 8th house) so Mars is malefic for Virgo ascendant. Mars alone in the 10th house, whatever the Rasi in the 10th house keeps normally cordial relations between father and the son. The very first among the lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, is the Ashwini Nakshatra. They have good leadership qualities and want to be at the center of all action. Are you seen as successful or unsuccessful? Being a Virgo ascendant a 10 th house Mars in Gemini can create troubles for your father. Sun & Moon Combinations: How Well do your Sun & Moon get Along? It exerts its will onto the world and has no fear of possible repercussions. Venus always finds the beauty in the house in which it falls in a natal chart. The native with Mars in 8th house indicates success in Hatha yoga if Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius of Pisces is in lagna. It is red and tough. It is possibility that native earn money through real estate. For example, Mars rules over 3rd & 8th house for Virgo Ascendant and is termed as most malefic planets for Virgo Ascendant. Results of Mars in Ascendant . Mercury's dry, analytical approach can keep these people from making emotionally based decisions that would otherwise lower their status, rather than raise it. Their focus on success is serious business, and they can actually become so obsessed with it that they burn bridges and sabotage themselves in their effort to cut out the competition. For Virgo Ascendant 10th house is Gemini. Being a leader in the public eye is an advantage and gives power, but it also demands constant attention. Think of Richard Nixon who had a tenth-house Pluto. Here we define our role in the world and work to make it a reality. Sometimes these two images of you are quite different. Quick, exacting minds lie behind those quiet, refined exteriors. It is the most auspicious planet. Many of them aren't sure themselves. They often see their professional lives and ability to succeed as surreal, and although they can achieve a great deal, they don't relish the spotlight or commitments. Saturn rules the tenth house, which seems like a good thing, and it can be. It grants natural leadership ability and respect from the community. They often have a mysterious or ruthless persona. While there could be various interpretations for Mars in the ascendant of horoscope, one thing this planet would give for sure is – Desire for Authority. It can bring about aggression and violence in the behaviour of the natives. Having a powerful planet like the sun in the highest, most public point of the chart offers little privacy. Think of Mahatma Gandhi whose tenth-house moon wanted to care for the world before himself. More specifically: Venus in Virgo, Mars in Virgo: In love, you are at once commanding and easygoing. Such a person is likely to be a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. Scorpio, the 8 th sign of Kaalpurusha is the 3 rd house to Virgo. It also creates a situation where the chart holder has no more excuses for not succeeding other than their own weaknesses putting them on the spot and exposing their faults. Even when things are going awry in the public's eye, Uranus in the tenth house stays on its chosen course. The placement will make you very rich and wealthy. For Aquarius Lagna, Mars is the lord of the 3rd and 10th house. Here Mars and mercury the Lagna lord are enemies. It takes a lot of mistakes to bring them down. We can't hide here. What is your public persona? So Mars in 10th house is a good placement. They work hard to maintain a better image at work and seek recognition in career. ​Your Sun Sign is Your Key to Happiness & Success, Guess Sun Signs by Understanding Sun-Sign Auras, Top Athletes Throughout Time & Their Astrological Signs, Relationship Test: Compatibility Versus Attraction, ​The Secret to Sexual Chemistry is found in our Astrological Sun Signs, The Zodiac Signs & Commitment to Relationships, Moon Sign Compatibility: The Best Indicator of a Long & Successful Marriage, Aries Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Taurus Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Gemini Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Cancer Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Leo Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Virgo Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Libra Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Scorpio Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Sagittarius Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Capricorn Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Aquarius Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, Pisces Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction. But lord of 10th house is least malefic so it is beneficial because it has lordship of 1st house, which is also mooltrikona sign so increase its beneficial results. Psychological works that requires probing and the ability to avoid being duped by nonsense excuses for a client's behavior is also a good pick. If the chart holder's public image is improved in the process, its a double victory! Mars in tenth house in Gemini sign for Virgo ascendant. Their actions are marked by a streak of spontaneity. No one can be trusted and everyone is the competition for these chart holders. Virgo Ascendant/Kanya Rashi. Throwing a large, elaborate event involving many people is something a tenth-house Jupiter can do seamlessly. For Aries ascendant 10th house is Capricorn and for Scorpio ascendant 10th House is Leo. A persona that radiates Jupiter's happy-go-lucky attitude is always attractive and unoffensive. For Capricorn Ascendant Mars is the 4th and 11th Lord. In the tenth house of moving up the social ladder, these are valuable gifts. These chart holders can have a dry, serious fatherly persona or sometimes, their need to impress the public is so great that they end up seeming overly flashy, gaudy and fake because they try too hard and overdo it. Mercury's detached intellectual style benefits the tenth house by assisting with strategic decisions in career and public relations. Horoscopes based on Vedic & Western Astrology have a difference of about 24 degrees in the planetary positions. The" kendradipatya dosha not applicable here, because the 1st house is both Kendra & Kona /trine. Mars, lord of your 3rd and 8th houses, gets digbala (directional strength) in the 10th house. A guided way-forward as destined by your planets would ensure a least, This reading is a deep study to unveil the true potential of your Career & the rise you should expect in this lifetime. Planets and signs here are on display whether we want them to be or not. This culminates into a public image, which is shown by the signs and planets here. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius is in lagna, one is a politician. Following their hearts in their paths to success in the world is just natural for them. It is the teacher who wants us to learn the lessons of life and beco, Rahu is a revolutionary planet. Being a Virgo ascendant a 10 th house Mars in Gemini can create troubles for your father. Mars in the tenth house knows how to take what it wants from the world. Bad or negative planets : Mars: as the lord of the 3rd and 8th house, Mars gives bad results in its Dasha. Mars In Tenth House. But the tenth-house sun is resilient. It's a feeling they can never shake, and if they believe they will never achieve these goals, it can have tragic ramifications. Are you seen as open, popular and outgoing or quiet and mysterious? It can result in money, fame or even disgrace depending on how things plays out. However, keep in mind that this placement means the chart holder is always on display to the public. This may even lead to losing job or rewards. Career astrology is a highly evolved field. Malefic Planets turn into Strong in Upachaya Houses and Kendra House. They tend to waiver and wander without ever really committing to any course of action that will lead them to success and public recognition. It's a nice fit and it can work well in helping the chart holder achieve great status. Neptune prefers to remain nebulous and to apply their talents when they feel they can do the most good rather than working towards success only for the sake of success itself. So, person needs to take care of this. You know who you are, but do you ever wonder who you are according to everyone else? For Virgo Ascendant 10th house is Gemini. Careers involving feelings, caring, art or style are naturals for a tenth-house Neptune. Both of them resemble eachother a lot. Taurus is ruled by VENUS…hence VENUS will be the lord of this house. In fact, the feeling of being accepted by the public feeds their emotions, and success in the public eye gives them emotional homeostasis. Same way Saturn rules over 2nd and 3rd house for Sagittarius Ascendant and acts as a malefic planet for them For Scorpio ascendants, Mercury rules over 8th and 11th houses and acts as a most malefic planet. 5)Mars in 11th house is indicating native may be wealthy and rich. Dear friend, Ketu and Mars in 10th house is a very explosive combination. Debilitated Mars for Cancer Ascendant/ Kataka lagna: For Cancer lagna planet Mars debilitated in first house (ascendant) and rule fifth house and tenth house. Mars is considered a malefic planet in our stellar system. So, committing to only one particular path to success eliminates all of the other options in life, which takes away freedom and stifles Neptune's need to escape. Mars also becomes extra strong. When a tenth-house Saturn gives up, they do it completely, and at times, dramatically. Mars in the tenth house knows how to take what it wants from the world. Capricorn Ascendant - Now if it is Capricorn Ascendant, Mars rules 4th & 11th house and sits in 10th house in Libra sign. Then, they can use the party to increase their status and social standing without anyone even realizing what happened. Planet Mars in ascendant makes the native courageous and of enterprising spirit along with rash and unpredictive nature. Find it out here... Aries is ruled by Mars. If anything takes them down, it's usually their own mistrust of the world that backfires on them because the world stops trusting them. As per Vedic Astrology, effects of Mars in 1st house or Ascendant or Lagna in horoscope has both positive and negative on both male and female of all ascendants. In this ascendant ruled by the planet of communication – Mercury, Mars becomes a … So according to rule Mars and Mercury is Markesh for Taurus Ascendant. The tendency to take initiatives comes natural to these individuals. first house represent identity and temperament and tenth house represent career and name in life.Mars weakening makes these folks overall keep in nature and lack of courageousness. Scorpio is a house of Mars, the lord of houses 3 rd & 8 th to Virgo; So the Virgo ascendant borns will have troubles out of their writings and will have a cowardly mind full of confusions. As the first star under the cycle, this Nakshatra, The Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is the twelfth Nakshatra in the series of the lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Mercury: as the lord of Lagna and 10th house, mercury gives good results. Used wisely, this position can be quite profitable. It can help you get ahead in life & achieve your goals. These are the areas where, Mercury represents intellect, and the house where it resides in a horoscope defines the area where the natives use their intellect. Those with tenth-house Saturns can take success in career, achievement and status so seriously that they actually make these things more difficult than they need to be. Using our abilities to gain is usually achieved through our careers. To think before act is not... Aries Moon Sign effects are different from Aries Sun sign. For this lagna, Mars will give mixed result. Mars from 11th house aspects 2nd house of wealth so native may earn huge amount of wealth. As Mars is not in a friendly sign here, dominance among colleagues may take a serious impact here and person may not be liked by his colleagues. The 10th house is really the image, 'name and fame', or reputation of your profession and it is also your workplace.
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