Destroyed the … Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - … only attacks that can transcend time space can reach their enteral atoms. you mean the freaking sky? See more of Zamasu on Facebook. He could easily erase Zeno himself but he's seeing how it will play out by putting an unpredictable child at the head of everything. they lacks far more on every evidence and has a lot more inconsistency shown. It wouldn't benefit Zamasu to tell anyone that he has taken Zeno's body, even his own copy, it's more convincing if it looks like Zamasu just failed at his attempt and 'Zeno' came in to erase it. A 4-D being can exist across all timelines, since 4-D is the very concept of time. no we clearly see his influence spreading. That might be relevant if someone like Zeno for example fight against Gabramelek, who destroyed 12 universes too. The numbers of time-spaces can´t change the situation since that very concept doesn´t work against a being that exist "above" it. even if you want to argue he Fudo transcends the timeline so did Infinite zamasu and he got blinked. 3 6 RazzaTheReaver Well-Known Member. Goku and co. escaped by going on this timeline, if Zeno was blasting even there he would have destroyed them and the universe with Zamasu. Projecting the nonsense you've been doing onto me already, ok then. Which is what the universes should become if they were actually totally erased but they aren't. And this new theory that now you're bringing up is based on what panel or page? Zeno is, as of now, the supreme being of Dragonball. How can you blitz someone, that doesn´t exist in your world? Facebook. He is more neutral.zeno is evil. The numbers of space-time continuums doesn´t count only for a single universe, they also count for a bigger number of universes. So why would Zeno erase everything, even the places Zamasu hadn't spread? We don't even know if the angels could do what Zeno did to Zamasu. Which means let´s say Beerus can destroy 100 universes and Goku only 5, that shows Beerus is more powerful and since the collapse of a universe can affect Goku, it is obvious that Beerus wins. @ssjbatdan: So how about you actually bring some scans from cannon work and not a fan wikia ? he was just looking at time through a magically time warp window....those are totally a thing in Dragon ball right? There are probably 2-3 verse (Magi, Umineko, DC) where i know they are using some sort of fiction Farm Land For Sale In Jamaica With River, How Does Orem's Theory Improve Nursing Practice, Yamaha Sds Prop, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne Full Episodes, Netflix Serial Killer Series, Dream Moods Cockroach, Checkpoints Between Texas And Colorado 2019, Cheap Looper Pedal, Cole Sprouse Essential Oils,
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