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With all that being said I don’t think the 22 CM will have any problems making clean kills on deer size game out to 400-450 yards with solid shot placement. Velocity has special deals for Bulk Ammo including Bulk … However, the big question for hunting, is if the small diameter bullets have the energy needed to make clean kills. With a wide selection of bullets and factory brass available, all that’s needed is reloading dies to put it all together, and with reloading dies now available from major sources such as RCBS, Hornady, Redding, and Whidden, the 22 CM’s seems on the rise. Horizon has been chambering guns in .22 Creedmoor since 2014. My opinion of the matter is as it has been for many years. Velocity offers Free Shipping on all orders over $100 no matter how large the order. Not trying to start a war on the very interesting .22 thread. On unknown distance targets, that flatter trajectory would result in more hits. More importantly, why all the fuss? Nothing changes..heavy vs super light! None of the “Big-Five” rifle makers have expressed interest in the .22 Creedmoor at this time. Top . The industry standard 308 load of a 168 grn Sierra Match King bullet at 2650 fps is no match for the more modern high BC cartridges. Joined: Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:23 am Posts: 2978 Location: Echo, Oregon Very … Gun “writers” simply ran out of stuff to write about..and manufacturers ran out of “new and improved” items to sell. About Peterson Cartridge The point of this wildcat is to use heavy for caliber bullets, which most if not all of the “old” 22s cannot do. Yes deer are half the size of a man and do not have body armor but even the mostly ignorant DOD civilians are letting the military look at larger calibers than .22 because of lack of long range effectiveness. Wolfe Publishing Company | 2180 Gulfstream Suite A | Prescott, AZ 86301. With the optimized material geometry, our brass will generally have a different case volume than most other manufacturer’s brass and … The gun has NO recoil, and is downright easy to hit targets with due to the flat trajectory and outstanding wind-defeating bullets. When I had the opportunity to hold a 6mm Creedmoor next to a .22-250 Remington, my assumptions proved somewhat overblown. The now super popular Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor case is no exception to that rule. VIEW PRODUCT Horizon Loaded 22 Creed Ammo 20-Count loaded ammunition available in 75-gr and 88-gr bullets. Back in the day, my first ever rifle was a Remington 700 in 6mm. All of these Creedmoor cartridges are truly great long-range rounds when compared to the old military/police standard 308. After the rifle was completed, Hegstrom requested ammunition to verify feeding and overall function. Gold $$ Contributor. The notable difference is .22 CM rifles are normally equipped with faster rifling twists to stabilize heavier, higher BC bullets. Clear accuracy/velocity winners included Alliant Reloder 23 and 26, Vihtavuori N560, N565 and IMR-4955. ), assuring this outfit would shoot its very best. Normally you lose about 25 fps per inch but TxxAgg's rifle velocity loss is about 3x that (in comparison to mine). Furthermore, .22 Creedmoor brass is available, and Hornady will be releasing brass very soon. Now wether your rifle shoots it as well as other powders is something else altogether. Ethical hunters don’t do that because we all know that the opportunity for perfect shot placement is the exception not the rule; particularly in brushy cover. Velocity has special deals for Bulk Ammo including Bulk Rimfire, Bulk Handgun, Bulk Rifle and Bulk Shotgun. This leaves custom rifles, and for that I turned to Dale Hegstrom, owner of Little Crow Gunworks. So, was a 22 CM worth spending the time and money to build? Everyone I know that uses one considers it to be a 50-150 yard gun, at best! The only .224-inch bullet with a higher BC is Sierra’s 95-grain MatchKing with a .600 BC. In fact, all 80-grain ELD Match loads printed less than an inch, only one breaking .75 inch. In 6.5 Creedmoor- Effects of Barrel Length on Velocity 2019, test results indicated that (in our test barrel) for most loads an inch of barrel loss would reduce muzzle velocity an average of 14.8 ft/second. SMFH. It’s a great quality barrel, but the only profile available at the time was far heavier than I would have liked, so in order to keep the overall weight of the gun down I had the gunsmith make it shorter, giving up some velocity to gain mobility afield. It is ready for varmints or predators, dealing with windy conditions or even pursuing pronghorn to deer-sized big game. I stopped buying them after a’s just repeating over and over. Shooters World Long Rifle, using loads developed on QuickLoad by Rob Behr, proved pretty consistent, the best group resulting from 35 grains at 2,960 fps (.46-inch); 37 grains at 3,132 fps produced a .50-inch group with a 12-fps extreme velocity spread. Norma URP deserves more exploration because all loads grouped into less than an inch. and 5.56mm. I assumed shooters would read it but I didn’t think it would have the success that it did. Considerably less powder, longer barrel life, slightly less recoil, and I bet it will be easier to tune. So check out the details and run the numbers yourself and consider one for your next rifle build. 22 Creedmoor BRASS – ADG manufactured brass is optimized not only for consistency in performance, but also for durability. For a varmint cartridge, 95% of your shots will be inside 500 yards, and probably 80% inside 300. Whether you want to plink at steel, enter a precision rifle match, or hunt medium size game; the 6.5 Creedmoor will do the job, and do it we… The TSXs in my experience have been overperformers, big time. These bullets have the higher energy levels, perform better in the wind, and should have a longer barrel life than the faster lighter bullets. The only real issue that remains on the 22 CM rifle is just how long the barrel is going to last. But ballistics seem to show that the old 6mm Rem and .260 Rem more than hold their own against the ‘new’ Creedmore offerings. 12 43.5. I have a Remington VSSF chambered in 220 Swift that I am not impressed with the accuracy with (it's about 3/4) MOA, so not terrible but not real impressive either. New, properly-headstamped brass was ordered from Hornady and was used in all loads. He was ecstatic to see this, because he was expected more than 100 fps of velocity loss with 4″ less barrel, based on the estimates in Berger’s new reloading manual. Application: Hunting Bullet: Hornady ELD-Match Brass: Peterson Cartridge Bullet Weight (Grains): 75 Cartridge:.22 Creedmoor Ballistic Co-Effecient:.467(G1) .235(G7) Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 3250 (18″ Barrel) 3340 (22″ Barrel) Rounds: 50 Made in the USA Patrick has used this bullet successfully on varmints and hogs from his AR-15. I’ve used the same round on whitetail deer and inside of 100 yards it takes them off their feet and they never know what hit them. Peterson Brass Large primer 22 Creedmoor head-stamped brass from Peterson Cartridge. The same with rifles. Now there’s a new Creedmoor kid on the block, the 22 Creedmoor. I doubted these bullets would expand on smaller burrowing rodents, but after shooting water-filled aluminum cans at 200 yards, that notion was erased. These cartridges include (from left) the .22-250 Remington, .22 Creedmoor and .22-250 Ackley Improved. Compared to the 7.1 mils of the 22 CM it’s easy to see why the 22 CM has a high hit probability. I have a 22-250ai with a 1:8 rock and it won’t spin them 90’s too great but the 75 Amax is fantastic I just picked up a 22-250 with a 1:7 bartlein 3b and it shoots the 80.5 vld’s less than .5” I”ll have to see if I can get some velocity comparisons (Even if they are NOT improvements worth mentioning!) With all the more appropriate cartridges out there, why anyone would use a barely capable 22 caliber class round on medium sized game is beyond me. 22 Creedmoor BRASS – ADG manufactured brass is optimized not only for consistency in performance, but also for durability. I totally agree! Jeff’s current endeavors cover a broad spectrum and he can be found anywhere from local matches helping and encouraging new shooters as they develop their own love of the sport, to the dove field with his friends, a charity sporting clays shoot, backpack hunting public land in Montana, or the winners podium of a major championship. I’ve been shooting the 6mm Rem our of my old 788 for well over 40 years. Seriously doubt any significant difference. Match grade Hodgdon and Alliant powders are used, as well as Federal 210M (match) primers. The 22 Creedmoor will come standard with a 1-in-7-inch fast-twist barrel, and combined with the increased volume inside its case, you can push those long pills over at 3,450 feet per second! Nosler’s 85-grain RDF, with a .498 BC, is not a bullet likely to expand properly on small varmints, though it would make an ideal choice for shooting predators destined for the raw-fur market. There was the obvious temptation to add some 55- to 69-grain bullets, just to see what kind of velocity would be generated, but I have access to the 1:9 twist .220 Swift mentioned earlier to handle such duties at similar speeds so resisted.
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