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Also the Rothail Volley Gun is Rapid Fire 3. for a turn with a bonus to their range. All of the Chaos Space Marine units with T4 now have T5 in the book, so Chaos Lords, Possessed, and Sorcerers in Terminator Armour got a nice boost to their durability. Death Guard are, with this book in hand, one of the most durable armies in the whole game. ... 40k leaks, 9th Edition Warhammer 40k, Indomitus Box Set, Top Stories, Warhammer. So, a new 40k, eh? Opens image gallery. This lets you pick a DEATH GUARD unit within 18”, and boost the range of their Contagion abilities by 6” till your next psychic phase, to a maximum of 12”. DR right now can only be passed by a Nightbringer. You are, also, going to pretty much have to take the wound option every time, as risking 3VP on a roll of a 4+ is just a, idea. Anyway, don’t give in to the baseless pessimism! Well we’re happy to say that the Plague Companies are back, in nearly the same form – each one has its own special Contagion Warlord Trait, a Stratagem, and a Relic (so net loss of one Stratagem, but the book makes up for those losses and then some). Goatboy here again with my first impressions of the new Death Guard and Chaos Daemons rules we’ve seen out there. per Detachment anyways. Check out what else is on the way from Games Workshop! It is not the most flashy relic, but increasing the range on the Noxious Blightbringer’s or Plague Surgeon’s aura effects are extremely good and allow for greater coverage. This is a solid damage buff to the Death Guard roster. So it is better in that situation but the difference isn’t huge. good, particularly on Blightlord Terminators. This could also combo with the Suppurating Plate on a Daemon Prince to make him a highly durable bruiser-type HQ. This is a very good bonus; it’s not quite as singularly powerful as Combat Doctrines (and their Chapter Doctrine tag-alongs), and that’s a good thing. Followers of the Death Lord. Lascannons on 4+ etc. Adding the enhanced mode makes this way more exciting, because that starts to do spectacular damage to hordes and appreciable hurt to smaller units. ... Deathwatch and Death Guard – and these are scheduled to be released “before the end of the year”. He is respectably durable with 6W at T5 with a 2+/4++ and Disgustingly Resilient (-1 incoming damage). Dropping something that wounds on 5s to 6s is where -1 to wound is best though. S++ ULTRA GOLD. The Warlord Traits in the Death Guard codex have all changed but maintain their feel from the 8th edition codex. It’s probably not as busted as The Droning, but it’s equally good for use with the, I agree those two stand out as the best, but I do think the Poxmongers will see use still, as a full Blight Hauler unit with the Ironclot buff up is great. This secondary is one that is likely to never be taken. Almost every datasheet in Codex: Death Guard has been updated. Subject: Codex:Death Guard pre-orders on January 16th (Jan16th: Preorders up, full leak, reviews) This is a super nasty modifier to drop on a unit and killing a single model with blightlords isn’t terribly difficult. In the largely unchanged corner, (WC7, up from WC6, +1 S/T to DEATH GUARD INFANTRY) and. also returns, and is more useful now with the nerfs to the Foul Blightspawn. Their relic is the. Here that’s offset by you now getting +1A with the flail, because the rule giving extra attacks if you have multiple weapons now works with any of them, and the model keeps a plague knife. The other two new ones that caught my eye were: The Contagion Discipline returns, and a lot of what’s in it is going to seem pretty familiar, but there are some changes to consider. Don: The Biologus Putrifier – this guy throwing out an unblockable “Blades of Putrefaction” is absolutely amazing. The Entropy Cannons are only +5 points now and also strongly worth consideration, since they now do a staggering D3+3 damage. It is relatively cheap. The first is. On the other, equally diseased hand, Foetid Virion is a neat rule that opens up some list building opportunities for you, allowing you to take up to 3 FOETID VIRION units in a single Elites slot as long as they all have different datasheets. There are notably a few things missing from this book!
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