The 2017 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey shows that a growing number of military families are no longer willing to recommend that their children join the service. You need perspective. If you're lazy, all your subordinates have to pick up YOUR slack and then they are lectured that they need to work harder. My five years in the Navy was rough, but looking back, I would do it over again in a heartbeat. I will be older than all of my peers. I have been severely depressed for the past 2 years and just want to get this off my chest. Yes, command figured it out, but by the time they did, I had already been pulled elsewhere by changing mission requirements. If you scroll down on this list to the CISSP entry, I make more than either the median or mean salary for a person holding the CISSP certification. To those on the fence about joining, yes. Been out for going on 5 years now(1371). Drill Sargent will beat that out of you fast. I have a few friends in the service and that is the only reason any of them joined. Just how shitty people can be. For most of my military career I was part-time in both the Massachusetts and New York Army National Guard. -A resume booster that gets my foot in the door of a lot of places. Thanks for all of the responses, even the people who were rude and/or disagreed. If you’re looking out for what’s best for you, don’t join the military. There's a great part in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams (Vietnam vet) blasts Matt Damon for being able to describe the intricacies of the Sistine Chapel, but not knowing how it feels to look up at it; to be able to quote Tennyson, but unable to know how the "Light Brigade" felt. You can join the military with a GED. Press J to jump to the feed. -I'm not sure if I drink more than I would have had I just gone to college, but I drink more than I would like. I was a “weekend warrior…minus Shabbat.” The military often requires a high school diploma, but it is still very possible for you to become a member of the armed services after you earn a GED. I learned more about more things than almost anyone else my age. Former Marine here. I make too much money and my job satisfaction is too high. For what it is worth, I am a female, not that it should matter but in the military it does unfortunately. Abortion has a special place in that and whataboutism is stupid, abortion deserves to be talked about in its own right without bringing … -For the last 2 years of my military service this anger was much worse than it is now. If you lack self control (and don't count on the military teaching you that), then you're going to have a very bad time. I'm guessing your American. 1. MEME's only on weekends and Wednesday. 1. It was tearing me apart and made me feel very unstable. My communication and teamwork skills improved greatly. This is in sharp contrast to the military and the veterans it produces. Soldiers are just victims of the system. 8. In a study of post-9/11 veterans, Pew Research Center found the demographic profile of … Here they are in random order. Americans join the Army for plenty of reasons: for country, family, and honor. Isn't the government taking that one away from you? Based on talks with my ex-military buddies, about $10,000 for every month that Uncle Sam isn’t picking up the check for your rent and tuition. 38. share. Some people study this shit their whole life without actually learning anything because they haven't had experience with a large spectrum of the human experience. That seems like a lot, and nobody joins the military for the pay, but if you plan a year in advance of your … You’re probably looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation, enjoyed with the peace of mind that your next few years are pretty much covered. I just wanted to get it off my chest. I am an 80ish average student. Tier 1 recruits hav… It's a fucking cult and you all know it. In the civilian world, if you're a fucking idiot and are lazy as fuck at work, you will most likely get fired. Filled a slot in the FDC because we were desperately short people? I'm actually not bitter about the military (I would in fact do it over, and I wouldn't even try to change MOS), but you are more the exception rather than the rule for trying to get ahead. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. Join Army and refer someone to join before you ship or complete online training and PT test. Pay attention Remember, you are fresh out of … Guess when I got shat on more? If you have never been in the military and hated it, you definitely won't understand. I’m not scared of dying or anything like that. I finished my BS in Computer Science shortly after leaving the Army and am halfway through my MS. 7. If I don't say this somewhere, I am going to burst. And this is why people stay in. Your ignorance landed you in that position and you sacrificed your health/life for people who honestly don't fucking care and will continue to live their day to day lives. This aspect is hard to describe, but has significantly impacted my life for the better. Once you are in, you need to make the most of it. I was in the Army for 6 years, and I would have choose the Air Force instead. I was in the Army for 9 years. Everybody’s always talking about why you should join the military, so I decided to give you five reasons you shouldn’t join. Ever since I was 10 I wanted to join the military. So, since my focus would be on bettering myself using the epitome of human-bettering systems in this modern day and striving for adventuring across the globe, I would have a good time? I am not afraid to say it, I hate the military and I regret signing my contract everyday of my life. No one takes me seriously and I am surrounded by men. -I had guaranteed employment of 80k-110k out of the military from my training and contractors I forged relationships with, but I gave it up to go to college. Not in the military. Downvote or whatever, I don't fucking care. Also, contrary to the "standard" advice given to new soldiers, I volunteered for everything. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Here's the trick: If you view the military as a job, you're going to have a bad time. Just some thoughts I had after watching Dusty's video on this topic. Literally every time I ever tried to get ahead by volunteering, I was reminded why volunteering for anything in the Army is stupid. I have been severely depressed for the past 2 years and just want to get this off my chest. Hopefully most of your supporting opinions stand. According to a new study of enlisted soldiers, however, a core motivation is … But I am not one of those people. Edit: I did not expect the overwhelming amount of responses I got. If you lack self control (and don't count on the military teaching you that), then you're going to have a very bad time. If you're easily offended, you're going to have a bad time. No Joining Posts. Oh, and if I was not perfect about anything not related to keeping the FDC running properly (which, incidentally, he would not back me on when I tried to set and enforce a standard that would have improved accuracy), it was cause for massive punishment? -5 years of my life that I will never get back. Here, again, I was given additional duties because I was quite capable of fulfilling them, only then to be put with a shitbag NCO who was banging the driver of our Humvee and decided to have me do her job in regards to maintenance, in addition to my own duties at the DC that involved a considerable amount of my free time. 29. share. Please enlighten me! Cons: 1. 10. Yes, even the Coast Guard too.. Others, on the other hand, aren’t too sure if it’s the right thing for them. Moderators have the final say. If you view the military as a system from which it is your mission to extract as much experience, education, and training as possible in order to prepare you for the rest of your life, then you'll be okay. If you have college credit that can get you promoted. I will finish out my contract of course, for the people telling me to suck it up. I think in the US military you do something called MEPs where the military gives you a thorough medical check to see if you can join. Over the years I chose for myself that I would become a military officer. This includes a network of friends all over the country that I can stay with whenever I want. I spent time trying to get ahead, and time keeping my head down. -The best friends I have ever had and probably will ever have. 21, living with parents, flunking out of community college. The following ten tips can help you get the most from your military career. Gained some confidence. Now I go to college and get paid for it too. I wish I could vent to my partner about this. If you're easily offended, you're going to have a bad time. Additionally, if you happen to like the job, you can re-enlist after your 4-year commitment. Every single member I have met has cheated on their wives. People join the military because all you need is two brain cells. Example: nail the ASVAB, work in some intelligence job, after 4 years in the service, companies will trip over themselves to sign you up for a cyber security job if you don’t like it in the military. Many don't get much higher in the ranks than sergeant, which pays a salary of $28,000 or so. If you have never been in the military and hated it, you definitely won't understand. Give it some time. While I was in I saw: Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Panama. Press J to jump to the feed. If you're a big fish in a little pond (small-town or school) then joining the military is going to lead to you having a bad time. Corps. Why No One Should Join the Canadian Forces A Defence Department report recently tabled in the House of Commons "showed a shortfall of nearly 900 … I should have stated this earlier but oh well. Dear Grads, Don’t Join the Military Dear high school senior considering a military career, Graduation is coming up. Also, enjoy your tobacco addiction, especially if you're in a victor unit. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. This is fine for someone with absolutely no work ethic. So found out I have as my mother said:a rare blood disease, and well I've been wanting to join the military since I was 6 (18 now and have been training for it for 4 years) and found out this could get me bared from joining and now I don't know what to do..other than cry guy can cry 2 ( ) 6 Surprising Medical Conditions That’ll Disqualify You From Service. It all seems so terrible to me. Presently, I’m serving on active duty at the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, VA, after being a full-time pulpit rabbi for 25 years. I haven't learned anything positive. And when it doesn't do that, you have to contend with absolutely terrible NCOs that get transferred to your unit because you're about to deploy and they need those slots filled, so you get someone else's castoff. Following orders. One that is easily brainwashed to learn how to bend over and take it and the other to keep you breathing. This led to me being given opportunities that were not available to most soldiers. To start with, you’re pretty much guaranteed to … But she is the type of person that meditates and listens to Wayne Dyer. The world didn't stop spinning for you. From what I hear it's really detailed and is good at diagnosing conditions. Yes! -A nicotine habit that is really not as bad as some (a pack or a tin/week). No matter which branch you are looking to serve in, you still must meet the age, citizenship, height and weight, and legal requirements in order to join the military. I learned how to shoot rifles and machine guns, drive armored vehicles, do first aid, sleep anywhere, and speak Chinese. 11. You will be treated like whoever the lowest common denominator in your unit is. You can take your precious patriotism and shove it up your ass. If you're a big fish in a little pond (small-town or school) then joining the military is going to lead to you having a bad time. But then again, surely the reasons you enlisted in the first place would still hold some value for you after the fact? -I became more of a perfectionist which given my personality was a good thing. Each branch of the military has tiers for recruits and classifies all of their recruits into one of three categories. -I gained a whole lot of confidence and social dexterity from the experience. It doesn't take a fucking genius to advance. You won't regret it. It pains me to hear about people who did four years in the military and just kept their head down and got shat on and hated it. When I got out I received a VA-backed mortgage, and free college tuition. Here is what I got out of it: -Total compensation of about $120,000/year when I factor in money (base pay, housing allowance, food allowance) and benefits (post-9/11 GI bill, tricare, VA health coverage for 5 years after I'm out) If I added the value of some of my training, would put the number closer to $150,000/year, but that's much harder to quantify. Talk to all branches base pay is the same, differences come into play such as promotion potential, when you can use tuition assistance, seeing jobs available that you qualify for before enlisting after you take ASVAB/PICAT, … I was 23 and ran out of money for college and I didn't want to rack up school loans but I almost wonder if I should have just done that instead of join. People think you're weird when you laugh about bombings, shootings, and people getting killed. Or am I using this subreddit incorrectly. They were doing it wrong. One of them is an SAS soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you know how to play the game, you come out just fine. And yes I am fucking bitter about it. As someone who has absolutely no connection to the military or a military lifestyle I am genuinely curious about whether most soldiers regret their decisions or not. I made my self as useful and savvy as possible as quickly as possible. So I had to learn the hard way -- I don't have insurance and have to pay for that." I hate living in housing. I am not afraid to say it, I hate the military and I regret signing my contract everyday of my life. I called being in the military 'playing the game'. The life lessons you learned may not be apparent now, but as you get older you'll look and realize how important it was in your life. No surveys. Not the military. I hate it for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest reason is that it is full of fucking idiots. Looking back on it all, yes I'm glad I did it. Guess who had a terrible SSG who decided to have me do literally his entire job for him during our deployment to a combat zone where we had to fire actual, live, artillery rounds at actual people who were actually shooting at our observers who were danger close? Every time I stepped up, my life got worse. -I have developed a disconnect with society where my humor is often times different than what's expected. -A tremendous amount of latent anger that I did not have before. If you view the military as a club, you're going to have a bad time. -Possibly a ruined relationship with my wife (who I would never have been with if I hadn't served). The free tuition + housing after helped, too. That's what we've been told anyway, husband and brother-in-law got out of the Marine Corps last year. That might explain why many non-military people don’t seem to know what to make of many women's military experience. -The best times (hence stories) I have ever had and probably will ever have. Some guys and gals know it from the start: they strive to be a part of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines from a very young age.. But I don't feel bad for them. If that dude is a fuckhead that gets arrested every other weekend or some shit, get ready to waste literally hours of time attending "Don't be a fuckhead" training mandated by higher. And while there are … Half the time I was an infantryman and the other half a chinese linguist. It’s just not in your best interest. 5 years in the Marines as enlisted. If I don't say this somewhere, I am going to burst. Again I don't want to get your hopes up by why don't you apply and see if your elegible. I will tell you that the number one thing you will miss is your brothers. Related Communities . I work harder than most people I have met so far. Contact MODS regarding AMA's. r/army. The only positive thing that is going to come from it is free college. I still keep in touch with a bunch of them and we visit each other some times but it just is not the same. Most people don't become four-star generals, though. I hear about you're "never the same" and that the trauma stays with you forever. This is one reason why sites like The Military Wallet and The Military Guide are so crucial. In the civilian world, you can quit whenever you want to. I have dignity and pride in what I do. I enlisted at 18 and got out at 27. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... Don't lie. -An unhealthy disrespect for authority that has at times burned some bridges for me. In order to join the military you need to qualify medically. Pro-life from birth to death is my view. I was concideringing Analyst Intelligence Operations in the Int. You would be bitter about it too if people took the credit for your hard work. Therefore, money shouldn't be a reason for joining the military. I am 17 days from getting out of the Marine Corps and when I look back I honestly don't think I would do it again. Oh, and if you think soldiers are fighting for your freedom, you are either stupid orr blind. Abortion is morally repugnant, but this sub should really stop downplaying covid 19. I’m mainly scared of how to get in and if I am enough. In roughly chronological order the Army taught me about: And I wasn't a particularly stellar soldier. I have good grades and am in good physical shape and am improving my fitness. Sucks for those who died or come home with PTSD. r/Military: The largest military subreddit on reddit. This means you can't quit if they send you somewhere you don't want to go. -I was able to get into a school that I maybe could not have right out of HS because I didn't care about grades. You aren't even grandfathered in anymore, just gone. I would have never started tobacco were it not for the military. They see that they can get away with fucking MURDER and still get a paycheck every two weeks. Similarly, Jennifer says her 16-year-old son has been talking about joining the military for a couple of years, but as he gets closer to reaching an adult age, she is worried. edit: To answer your question, I would not enlist now. Report Save. Warning: Trust me, if they are handing out a big bonus for six years then it’s probably for a reason. They were brainwashed to believe they were doing a good things. Getting out "on my own" (the day to day of military service is sorta like real life with training wheels) felt good. Very similar for me. Plus, tons of jobs in the military translate well to civilian life. So it gets lonely. (And Hawaii, California, Washington, Texas, and Georgia). My mental health has deteriorated because I hate it so much and I constantly kick myself everyday for ever thinking it was a good idea. If for some reason you don’t like the career path you chose then at least you don’t have to spend an additional two years in that field. Report Save. All were serving our nation as Jewish military personnel. So don't be naive. It blows as a job. I'm thinking about joining the Australian Army Corps. Yeah, you "can" use the Army to get ahead, but the Army spends a lot of time and resources preventing you from using their time and resources to improve yourself professionally. I hate being surrounded by military families that are so gung ho about their lifestyles but we all know the spouses cheat on each other when they're separated. and join one of thousands of communities. Well they don't pay for it anymore..., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I hated myself. I just wanted to get this off my chest because Lord knows if you talk shit about the military to a dedicated member, they'll go crazy. Also, I took tons of college classes while in the Army so I completed almost all of a Bachelor's for free. The Army does suck at times, but in the end, it was worth it. Overall, joining the military isn't as good an option as it used to be — but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it. Some veterans are campaigning for people in Britain not to join the Army. I don't regret it, the GI Bill paying for Law School is a great bonus. Joining the military, for most, can be a life-altering decision. 9. If a time machine transported me back to when I was 18 I would enlist again, except this time I would start out as a linguist and not an infantryman. Figured military discipline might straighten me out. The ones who don't understand it's a game are the ones who are bitter and disillusioned. I hear all these horrible tales, not just of war, but of the return back and immersion back into society. -A new world view which puts life and death into better perspective. I finished my BS at 28, and my career progression has been: (civilian) High School Dumbass -> (Army) Infantryman -> Linguist -> (civilian) Technical Writer -> Programmer -> Systems Engineer -> Security Engineer.
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