Posted: 12:26 am EDT [twitter-follow screen_name=’Diplopundit’ ] Age and experience level are a huge factor and is often more significant than grade alone. Appendix H. Military Ranks and Government Civil Service Equivalents Introduction This appendix provides a comparative list of all military ranks and Government civil service equivalents for social protocol. They are considered on average "junior officers" for the first five years of their careers. The Protocol Advantage is a ... there are two groups---foreign service officers and foreign service specialists---whose ranks start at FS-1, which corresponds to a full colonel in the military. These mappings are estimates and are rough estimates. In this Appendix This appendix contains the following information: Topic See Page In the United States, these are equivalent to four-, three-, two- and one-star generals and flag officers in the military, respectively. normally headed by an official of Executive Level IV or V, or Senior Executive Service (SES) rank, or the equivalent. For a tenured FS-4 or new FS-3 (the rank equivalents of an Army captain and major) this entails many cone-specific tasks and may include supervising locally employed staff and direct-hire employees, or managing a small section. GS-12 through GS-15 equate to field-grade officers O-4 through O6. It is a component of a civilian agency directed by an appointed executive who reports to the Agency Director or the Director's immediate staff. Writer Bio. December 2, 2015 By domani spero in Foreign Service, Snapshots, State Department Tags: Civil Service, Foreign Service, GS to FS, limited noncareer appointments, LNAs, salary conversion, Snapshot. Generally, civilian employees are paid more compared to someone they are equal to socially. General Knowledge by Abdul Junaid ‐ 0 5,817 views There has been a lot of resistance from the defence forces officers after the October 2016 MoD letter which downgraded the rank status of defence officers as compared to their civilian and IPS counterparts. What are Equivalent Ranks of Civil Services, IPS and Defence Officers? Having a working knowledge of different traditions and sensitivity to cross‐cultural distinctions can be critical to achieving success. 470.3.8.5 Civil Service to Foreign Service Appointments - Salary Equivalency Table 13 470.3.8.6 United States Citizens Hired Abroad (American Family Member or . GS-7 through GS-11 equate to company-grade officer ranks O-1 through O-3. By protocol, government ranks above GS-15, such as senior executives or foreign service officers, can be equated with generals and admirals. The equivalent ranks listed below show which positions are equal in terms of respect and seniority. He joined the Foreign Service in 2010 and is a member of the 157th A-100 class. OPNAVINST 1710.7A 15 Jun 2001 ANNEX D Military and Civilian Pay Grades Military Grade Rank Civilian Grade O-10 Admiral SES (ES--6)* O-9 Vice Admiral SES (ES-5&6)* O-8 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) SES (ES-5&4) O-7 Rear Admiral (Lower Half) SES (ES-1-4) O-6 Captain GS/GM-14/15 O-5 Commander GS/GM-13/14 O-4 Lieutenant Commander GS-12 O-3 … The lowest rank is FS-9. Rank Equivalency Table Functioning in today's global environment requires an ability to deal with people of diverse backgrounds and customs. Examples of U.S. Office of Personnel Management 4 Ambassadors to Foreign Governments (at post) 9 Secretary of State Foreign Service Officers begin as the equivalent of an Ensign or Second Lieutenant. VIP Code 2 (Four Star Equivalent) 3 Vice President of the United States 4 Governors in Own State (see #42) 5 Speaker of the House of Representatives 6 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 7 Former Presidents of the United States (by seniority of assuming office) 8 U.S. Snapshot: Civil Service to Foreign Service Salary Conversion.
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