Horrified by her actions, Elsa sentences herself to exile and retreats into the fjord in an effort to protect the kingdom from herself. At Home with Olaf: I Am With You However, she also lost all memory of her abilities, living a relatively normal life until the trauma of her parents' deaths caused her to lose her emotional control and trigger her powers. After he is saved, the princesses introduce themselves as friends of Vanellope, with Elsa adding that anyone who is Vanellope's friend is their friend as well. This Queen travels Toronto and beyond, so be sure to call to book her today and invite her to celebrate at your birthday party. The Snow Queen and Kai from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow QueenGlinda and Elphaba from WickedSkaði from Norse mythology Olaf deduces that the "act of true love" was Anna's sacrifice to save Elsa, which helps the latter to realize that the curse can be lifted with the power of love. Dislikes In the stage adaptation of the film, Elsa's role was originated by actress Caissie Levy, and is slightly more developed than the animated counterpart. After learning more about Elsa from her sister, Anna, Sora compares Elsa distancing herself to help Anna with Riku sacrificing his freedom to close Kingdom Hearts. of Christmas • “Frozen” Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony • World of Color: Winter Dreams, Frozen Fever: Snowgies Moments later Emma is able to recover her magic and open a time portal to the future in which Elsa's urn is accidentally sucked into. Upon entering the Enchanted Forest, Elsa becomes more confident with her abilities and heroic, protecting her family and the Northuldra from the Wind and Fire Spirits. Due to her status as an elemental, Elsa has a magic connection with the four elements, and an ability to sense when they are nearby. A Goofy Movie: Max • Vacation Goofy • Powerline, Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck Character design supervisor Bill Schwab said, "Before 'Let It Go', Elsa is really buttoned up, her hair is up - everything is perfect. This story also serves to foreshadow the events of the second movie, such as a Vision of the earth giants destroying a dam. When Vanellope von Schweetz is confronted by First Order Stormtroopers, she glitches into the princesses' backstage room to evade them. However, Elsa genuinely never sees Hans as more than a friend, and shortly before her coronation she regains her memories of Anna after finding a box that was meant to be used to hold Anna's items as she was growing up. Pocahontas: Pocahontas • John Smith • Meeko • Flit • Percy In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Elsa appears as a combat Prime power medal used by the game's avatars along with her sister Anna. Unfortunately, that comes with a price, as Elsa's upbringing would lead her to believe that, for the safety of her loved ones, and for the sake of remaining true to who she is as a gifted person, she is a living disaster that must be removed from society. Upon arriving, Elsa is seen conversing with Moana and Anna. Parcourez notre sélection de elsa 3rd birthday : vous y trouverez les meilleures pièces uniques ou personnalisées de nos ensembles boutiques. [13] Behind the scenes, Elsa becomes the unknowing target of Organization XIII, due to her potentially pure heart. Frozen 2 Birthday Shirt - Elsa Birthday Shirt - Frozen Matching Family Shirts Printdesignzfashion. The only way thought to conceal her powers is initially by wearing gloves on her hands, which appeared to negate her icy touch on other objects. Mar 1, 2020 - Shop Frozen 2 - Anna, Elsa & Olaf Birthday Party Invitation created by frozen. 4.7 out of 5 stars 249. Mulan: Mulan • Li Shang • Mushu • Fa Zhou • Khan When she travels alone to the sea and taming the Nokk, Elsa removes her jacket, boots and the clip from her French braid to make it loose as she tied her hair into a loose ponytail. Minions Size 4-5years. Throughout the entirety of the film, the Snow Queen's actions are driven by the desire to protect her kingdom, and more intimately, Anna. ", In an interview with Menzel, she acknowledged the similarities between Elsa and Elphaba. It's a Small World: The Animated Series (cameo)Once Upon a TimeLEGO Frozen Northern Lights Our affordable and complete Frozen party kits are a great starting point. Although historically, the next heir becomes ruler after the death of their parent, so although Elsa didn't have her official coronation until later, she may have still technically been ruler during those three years. With Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf at her side, Elsa celebrates the return of summer with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, before they set off on their next adventure. For Elsa, her powers and nature grew more restrained as the years passed, slowly molding her into the cold-hearted queen others saw her to be. • Disney Christmas Storybook Collection She then returns to the forest, where she reunites with Anna, Kristoff, and Sven. When confronted by the Duke of Weselton on the night that her powers were revealed, Elsa made an attempt to avoid conflict, but her powers were unleashed upon the Duke and his men as the feeling of being threatened grew, nearly killing him. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Elsa's memory is also a factor: her powers are influenced by the memory of the surrounding environment, and whatever memory is present will influence what results. In the sequel, Elsa maintains her hairstyle in her Snow Queen state and wears a magenta-nightgown. Elsa the Snow Queen within her ice palace. As she follows the voice out of the castle, Elsa lets her magic run free, unconsciously generating snowy projections of various scenes and objects, including a gust of wind, a flame, humanoid rocks, and a mystic horse. She is subsequently apprehended by Hans and his army, and taken back to Arendelle. Elsa also makes a small appearance alongside Anna, Sven, and Olaf in an advertisement promoting Sky Movies. In Disneyland, Elsa and Anna meet-and-greet at "Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome", which is inside the Disney Animation attraction at Disney California Adventure. Price: $22.99 FREE Shipping Get free shipping Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order … Other names Elsa choose to traverse the Dark Sea to find Ahtohallan, which she believes holds the answers she has been seeking. Elsya and her cousin Annya are super excited about the new baby. Elsa the Snow Queen[2][3][4] is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen and the protagonist of its 2019 sequel. The Lion King: Simba • Nala • Timon • Pumbaa • Zazu • Rafiki • Scar • Ed In this continuation of the film, Elsa is featured as the warm ruler of Arendelle struggling to both rekindle with her sister and care for her kingdom, which regularly requests her attention. Davis was enraptured by the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, and proposed they be adapted to animated shorts at the studio. Elsa returns in the sequel, this time as the protagonist. Elsa agrees, and the two head into the castle's throne room and create a winter field of snow. Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Queen Minnie • Daisy Duck • Pluto • Chip and Dale • Huey, Dewey, and Louie • Magic Brooms • Alice • White Rabbit • Doorknob • Cheshire Cat • Queen of Hearts • Card Soldiers • Tarzan • Jane Porter • Clayton • Terk • Kerchak • Kala • Sabor • Hercules • Philoctetes • Hades • Cerberus • Rock Titan • Ice Titan • Aladdin • Abu • Jasmine • Genie • Carpet • Jafar • Iago • Peddler • Cave of Wonders • Pinocchio • Geppetto • Monstro • Cleo • Ariel • Flounder • Sebastian • Ursula • King Triton• Flotsam and Jetsam • Glut • Jack Skellington • Zero • Sally • Oogie Boogie • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Peter Pan • Tinker Bell • Captain Hook • Mr. Smee • Wendy • Crocodile • Merlin • Winnie the Pooh • Tigger • Piglet • Eeyore • Rabbit • Owl • Roo • Bees • Beast • Belle • Snow White • Cinderella • Fairy Godmother • Aurora • Pongo • Perdita • Dalmatian Puppies • Simba • Mushu • Dumbo • Bambi • Chernabog Food And Drink. Pinocchio: Jiminy Cricket • Pinocchio • Blue Fairy • Figaro Arendelle Castle, Arendelle (birthplace)Her ice palace (formerly)The Enchanted Forest (current residence) Cars: Lightning McQueen • Cruz Ramirez • Jackson Storm • Mater Determined to learn why Anna travels to Misthaven, without Elsa's consent, and much to the latter's dismay. When the fire spirit attack, Elsa was able to extinguish an entire forest floor covered in fire, however, this temporarily exhausted her due to her using it constantly to burn out other fiery areas, which suggests that if Elsa uses a great deal of her power too much, it could tire her out. In the forest, they discover that a delegation of Arendellian guards under the command of their father’s former guard, Lieutenant Mattias, and the people of the Northuldra have been trapped in the forest for over thirty years. Assisting the Snow Queen are Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, and although things seem to be going well, Elsa's perfectionist nature keeps her anxious. Realizing she always had her sisters' love, Ingrid destroys herself to ensure the curse is lifted. FrozenFrozen IIRalph Breaks the Internet ", Actress and singer Megan Mullally was originally cast to voice Elsa,[8] but was replaced by Broadway actress Idina Menzel, best known for performing Elphaba from Wicked when the story changed. Elsa tells Ingrid to fight her but Ingrid again flees. During the attraction, she performs "Let It Go" in her ice palace, and is later seen dressed in her Frozen Fever attire performing "In Summer" alongside Anna and Olaf. Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip • Maurice • Philippe • Gaston • LeFou Feeling less restrained as a result, Elsa experiments with her powers by building a snowman (whom she unknowingly imbues with life). Elsa One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Lucky • Patch • Rolly May 13, 2020 - JacquiFaye's Birthday / Frozen (Disney) - Photo Gallery at Catch My Party When Anna refuses, Elsa creates a gruesome snow-monster to forcibly remove Anna and her friends and ensure that they never return. Elsa also seems to have limited control over water, perhaps in reference to the element of ice being frozen water. The Jungle Book: Baloo • Kaa • King Louie Journey Into Imagination: Figment, Video games: Video game • Disney Infinity • Disney Crossy Road • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode • PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze • Kingdom Hearts III • Kingdom Hearts Union χ • Disney Sorcerer's Arena Her translucent cape fades to blue at the bottom and is split in two, like fairy wings, draping over her as if to showcase her status as the fifth spirit. Along the way, they encounter the snowman that Elsa had created, who offers to guide them through the rest of their journey to Elsa's palace. During her coronation, she bore a striking resemblance to her mother, only with platinum-blonde hair, unlike her mother who is a brunette. In The Secret Admirer, Elsa receives a message from an anonymous lover, prompting Anna and Olaf to uncover the sender in hopes of pairing Elsa up. Because it is her father, one of the few people she trusted, that claims that wearing them will stop her abilities, Elsa believes it to be true, so by wearing gloves she thinks truly stop her powers, as a result of said belief, they do. Despite her desire to go alone, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven insist upon accompanying Elsa on her journey. Meanwhile, Elsa's fever worsens to the point where she becomes delirious, thus affecting her actions. Combined with honed concentration, Elsa can conjure her magic in impressive and stronger forms, from controlling all the ice particles to create lifelike ice sculptures of people from memory to trying to cross the dark sea by freezing the deadly waves from the sea. Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack • Devil Dale From Frozen birthday invitations to party favors, Frozen decorations, and even Frozen costumes and accessories, Party City has you covered for ALL Frozen party supplies. As the fifth spirit and being able to tame the other four, Elsa is the most powerful magical being, second only to Ahtohallan. Throughout her childhood, Elsa is taught to control her abilities by suppressing her emotions. While visiting the hidden folk during the first act of the show, Elsa begs Pabbie to remove her powers, though he explains that he cannot as her powers are part of her. Whenever she sneezes, miniature snow-babies known as Snowgies are born, and they immediately rush to the castle courtyard and cause a mess as Kristoff, Olaf and Sven struggle to suppress them. Library. aaaand, Frozen party theme still no.1 most popular birthday party theme, Moana comes second. Who’s ready for a Frozen party (we know our family is!)? At 21 years of age in the original film[10] and 24 in the sequel,[11] Elsa has a tall and slender build, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, thin pink lips, a small nose, long platinum-blonde hair, and pale skin with a light dusting of freckles (a trait she shares with her sister Anna, though less prominent). With Gale and Bruni as their guides, Elsa and Anna continue on their quest to find the voice. She thereby abdicates the throne, allowing Anna to rise as the new queen of Arendelle. [7], Despite these developments, there were still concerns that the Elsa character was cliché and unlikable. One interesting thing to note is that when the animators were creating her character, and coming up with ways for her to use her abilities, they came up with a Signature Snowflake for her. Despite this, the two have been commonly featured alongside members of the franchise in merchandise and media. One of the goons seizes the opportunity to aim his crossbow at the Snow Queen in hopes of killing her, but Hans intervenes and alters the bolt's path, causing it to cut through Elsa's chandelier instead. Report. Frozen Elsa Birthday Image #2 PERSONALIZED name ANY age digital iron on transfer clip art DIY Shirt png file DigitalWishes. Meanwhile, the effects of Elsa's curse starts to take its toll on Anna. Watch Shopkins Part 1 here:\r\r\rThis toys dolls parody video shows Elsa and Anna toddlers and Melody PLAYING with a lot of glittery sparkly SHOPKINS! ... She, like most young girls her age, just LOVES everything olaf, anna, sven, and elsa related. Cinderella: Cinderella • Jaq and Gus • Prince Charming • Fairy Godmother • Lady Tremaine • Lucifer • Suzy • Perla • Bruno Summer: Frozen Summer Fun! With a warm, welcoming aura, Elsa rules her kingdom with a genuine smile and spends most of her spare time using her abilities for the pleasure of herself, her sister, and the entire kingdom. Big Hero 6: Hiro • Baymax • Fred • Wasabi • Honey Lemon • Go Go Tomago • Tadashi Hamada • Yokai • Mochi Allies At Ahtohallan, for example, Elsa created accurate sculptures of the people closest to her throughout her life, all acting out significant events and experiences. Elsa is able to break free from her bonds and stops Ingrid who was using her magic to choke Emma and Regina. Having gone too deep into Ahtohallan's depths, Elsa rapidly begins to freeze to death, but manages to use her final moments to send a message to Anna, revealing this truth. She is capable of creating enchanted snowmen (both large and small), ice structures such as her ice palace, deadly blizzards, and more. Come play with Toys In Action in this fun new Frozen Elsa and Anna Toddler dolls parody. In addition, Elsa currently makes meet-and-greet appearances near the attraction in the Norway Pavilion.[14]. Complete each lady's ensemble with gleaming earrings! Marc Davis, one of Disney’s key animators, traveled to Scandinavia on Walt’s orders to research the region’s books and stories. Anna threatens to imprison Elsa within the same urn that trapped Ingrid, and although Ingrid intended for Elsa to kill her sister before she had the chance. Menzel was surprised when she was subsequently asked to audition, and she received the role after reading the script out loud. After apologizing to the trio and thanking them, Elsa uses her powers to take out a reindeer-like Heartless that tried to pounce on Sora from behind while he was speaking with her. In the midst of preparations surrounding Anna and Kristoff's wedding, Elsa discovers that her parents set off on a mysterious mission in regard to her abilities. Later that night, Elsa arrives at the North Mountain, where she comes to the conclusion that isolation is the only way to protect both herself and her people. When her strong emotions are triggered, Elsa often loses control over her emotions which can create dangerous situations for herself and others around her. This article is about the character from Frozen. She can also create a multitude of miniature snowmen whenever she sneezes throughout the short film while she was suffering from the flu as Anna saw her condition and can make a giant snowball when she blows the horn to celebrate Anna's 19th birthday. Saved by Discovery Toys Lindsey Terranova. Elsa: No...we need to get to our birthday chills...I mean thrills! However, as the film's development encountered several problems, story-wise, two major changes were made; the alteration of Elsa's moral role in the stor… Inside Shanghai Disneyland's Enchanted Storybook Castle, wall carvings of the official Disney Princesses are prominently displayed; Elsa and Anna are featured among them. Let it go and throw an enchanting party with our stunning range of Disney Frozen and Frozen 2 party supplies! Frozen inspired birthday party full of cute ideas such as princess costumes, cocktail napkins, loot bags and balloons. And today we will share about FREE Printable Frozen invitation template especially two popular characters, Anna and Elsa. Furious, Hans gathers his sword and sets out to kill the Snow Queen himself. Heartless then warp in to attack them, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight them off. -Item Quantity + 999 Only in stock. King Runeard † (paternal grandfather)Queen Rita † (paternal grandmother)[1]Unnamed maternal grandmother †King Agnarr † (father)Queen Iduna † (mother)Anna (younger sister)Kristoff (future brother-in-law) Both series: Storybrooke • Maine • Enchanted Forest • Forbidden Fortress • Wonderland • Wonderland Maze • Agrabah • Sherwood Forest • The Sultan's Palace, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Vorpal Blade Elsa is also among the final guests featured in Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire, where she encourages an impressionable Minnie Mouse to stay true to herself. Elsa then enlists the player in cleansing Arendelle. As she does, Elsa unknowingly plunges Arendelle into an eternal winter. An otter version of Elsa appeared on the cover of Duke Weaselton's bootleg copy of Floatzen 2 in the film Zootopia. She wears an emerald green off-the-shoulder dress made out of ice with a right knee-high slit, just like her Snow Queen dress. The most common elsa 1st birthday material is polyester. Their interaction proves that the connection between them is still there, but the reality of their situation starts to overwhelm Elsa, who distances herself once again while a crestfallen Anna excuses herself in response. Frozen Two Birthday Shirt - Frozen 2 Birthday Shirt - Anna and Elsa Name Shirt StitchandprintStudio. 99. This would eventually result in years of loneliness, misery, bitterness, and grief. Mulan: Mulan • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ping • Shan Yu Elsa's Birthday Party Part 2|Crazybunnies. Halloween: Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade There are 1275 elsa 1st birthday for sale on Etsy, and they cost $21.49 on average. This is shown when she uses her knowledge of geometry to create her ice palace, and describing her snow designs as 'fractals'; an advanced geometry concept for the time period. Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez were penned to write the songs for the film. This girls game lets you adorn Elsa and Anna with enchanting outfits and jewelry. She begins to question her place in Arendelle as Ahtohallan calls for her every night until she answers it during "Into the Unknown". Unfortunately, Anna's prolonged absence causes concern back in Arendelle. Ratatouille: Remy Click on images for free download. . Years later, Emma Swan and Captain Hook are transported back in time and after correcting their mistakes they are imprisoned in the vault of the Dark One by Rumple who believes the two of them can not return to the future. While growing up, Elsa wears her hair in a bun, showing her confinement and isolation. Elsa and Anna make a small cameo appearance in the animated mini-series It's a Small World: The Animated Series, in the episode "Little Birds, Frost and Pine", happily playing in the winter snow together, building Olaf. Her family, singing, having fun, chocolate, being with Anna, acceptance, freedom, open gates, peace, cleanliness, reading, geometry, studying, tea, controlling her powers, perfection, horseback riding, the Enchanted Forest, lullabies Disney's decades long efforts to adapt The Snow Queen generally shared a common thread of trying to find a way to expand on the role of the title character and make her a more active presence in the story. This aspect is largely the focus of All Hail the Queen. 4.5 out of 5 stars 862. Powers and abilities Elsa then realizes the symbols form a star, and its center represents the fifth spirit. Although more social and in complete control of her powers, Elsa still has slight haphephobia (fear of being touched), having slight trouble with a kiss on her hand. Frozen Birthday Tutu Outfit, Elsa Birthday Outfit, Frozen Party, Frozen 2 Birthday Shirt, Frozen 2 Birthday Tutu Outfit ProjectPartyShop. A provoked Elsa in battle with the soldiers. To help even further, Agnarr gives Elsa a pair of gloves, which were temporarily able to suppress her powers (teaching her to "conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show"). ―Elsa planning Anna's birthday party. Moana: Moana • Maui • Pua • Hei Hei • Gramma Tala • Tamatoa Wayne UntenTony Smeed Unlike her ice dress, her Frozen Fever dress has a sweetheart bodice which is covered in teal ice crystals that are patterned to resemble leaves and light green translucent short sleeves. Guest Characters: CeCe • Rocky • McKenzie • Brady • Kermit the Frog • Cole Plante • Zendaya • Sabrina Carpenter • Violetta • Anna • Elsa • Olaf, Pooh and Pals: Pooh • Tigger • Piglet • Eeyore • Rabbit • Owl • Roo • Kanga • Gopher • Christopher Robin • Lumpy Larxene confirms she was dispatched to ensure Elsa becomes one of the new Seven Hearts to succeed the previous Princesses of Heart, and sends the trio flying with a powerful ice storm to keep them from interfering with Elsa's path towards light or darkness. Enemies You … Hans claims that he'll "do what he can" and leaves the cell. While doing so, Elsa says that she thinks Vanellope's outfit is "so cool!" Soon after, Elsa is able to gain control over her powers and ends Arendelle's winter. • The Art of Wreck-It Ralph • The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet Early concept art and visual development depicted the character—eventually named Elsa—as being a ruthless, bitter, cold-hearted tyrant who had an entire army of giant snowmen as henchmen. Click here for more Frozen 2 Birthday Party Printable. With the help of Rumplestiltskin, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff are able to discover a door that will lead back to Arendelle, though they will not be able to return, as the door will disappear after its use. Three years have passed since Elsa revealed her powers, and the now 24-year-old[11] queen has settled into her position as Arendelle's reigning monarch. Whereas Frozen showed she could manipulate the flow of snowflakes, her control over heavier forms of ice has been demonstrated, as shown during “Show Yourself" when Elsa lifted the ice pillars through the air with the whisk of her hands as if they weighed nothing. The Duke of Weselton volunteers his own bodyguards to join the prince, with orders to kill Elsa in hopes that her death will end the winter. Following the song "Let It Go", Elsa begins to wear her hair in a loose French braid that's swept over her left shoulder, tied with a hairband with a crystal-like snowflake on it. And afraid of hurting the ones she loves? Elsa commends Anna for her heroism, and declares that she will remain in the Enchanted Forest as its protector, while Anna is dubbed the new queen of Arendelle. 2. She was not cast for the part, but the casting director recorded her singing and later showed the recording to Frozen's film executives. Even at the beginning of the film, small releases from her hands were able to form thick frost around whatever it touched. Feb 24, 2020 - Frozen 2 Epilogue Cake, white dress with Olaf. Complete with Elsa-approved treats, games that would make Olaf giggle, and perfect birthday party favors, we’ve created the ultimate guide of Frozen party ideas. Portrayed by Explore. Like Elsa, Ingrid holds power over ice and snow and is universally known as the Snow Queen. Endangering the innocent, being treated as a monster, lacking control over her powers, enforced isolation, conflicting moments with her sister, losing loved ones, lies, imperfection, prejudice against magic The file will be emailed to you within 24 hours after all information has been received. Though a benevolent and giving person, Elsa suffers from emotional instability due to years of keeping her emotions bottled up. Hercules: Hercules • Megara • Hades Frozen 2 Elsa Cake. $20.99 $ 20. $12.99 In stock at CrossRoads … It is woven with snowflake incrustations, and wisps of her bangs slicked back on top of her head with a smaller piece resting down on her forehead. Please write any information you need me to know in the Notes to Seller Girls Princess Elsa Velvet Hooded Long Cape Cloak Costumes Dress Up Big Cape. Frozen still got no.1 in every princess’ hearts. Guilty over the trouble she's caused, Elsa apologizes to her sister for ruining another birthday, though the latter assures that nothing was ruined and that Elsa just needs to rest in bed. Create, customize, and send beautiful free online invitations with Punchbowl today. Elsa originally wore her hair with a braid as a child, symbolizing her carefree and innocent personality. In Memory and Magic, Elsa encounters a young troll who claims to have the power to restore the memories of Anna that Pabbie erased years ago. Jan 11, 2017 - Prepare to be *frozen in your tracks* by One Inspired Party and Bambini Soiree's dazzling & Over the Top Frozen Birthday Party for In fact, Elsa repeatedly showed herself using the same snowflake design; it appeared not only on the palace floor, but also on the palace doors, ice chandelier, her clothes and hair accessories, and even on Anna's frozen form. Though pivotal to its events, the character had little presence in the original story. There were talks regarding a live-action biography on Hans Christian Andersen, which would have featured animated segments based on his works. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Zero • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Santa Claus After Sora fends off Sköll, a wolf-like Heartless manifested from Hans' darkness after he was knocked unconscious, Sora returns to see Elsa weeping over Anna's frozen body. Since Elsa did not have her official coronation as Queen until around three years after her parents died, it is unknown who served as Arendelle's regent during the period of time that interceded the death of her parents and her coronation. Season Four: Anna • Kristoff • Hans • Grand Pabbie • Sven • Ursula the Sea Witch • Marshmallow • Little Bo Peep • The Apprentice • Ingrid • Lily Page • Colette • Oaken • King of Arendelle • Queen Gerda • Cruella De Vil • Poseidon • Duke of Weselton • Hans' Brothers • Chernabog • King Stefan • Isaac/The Author • Madeline • Merlin/The Sorcerer In addition to showing Elsa's stress being queen due to her introverted personality. After the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1938, Walt Disney sought out new fairytales to serve as the basis for future productions. All the while, Anna expresses her happiness over the newfound way of life, much to Elsa's satisfaction, and the two sisters finally embrace their restored relationship. Moana summons the ocean, which Ariel dives into to swim upward and create a spiral. Beauty and the Beast: Belle • The Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip Potts • Gaston • Enchantress • Winter Belle • Fancy Beast As a means to compensate for the years spent in forced isolation, resulting in lackluster and lonely birthdays, Elsa puts every ounce of her power into organizing a meaningful day to be spent between herself and Anna. "If everyone was singing along in the car to a Madonna song, I didn't join in because when we're younger we're afraid of sticking out or showing off when in fact we should own those things that make us really unique.". When Jasmine asks if Vanellope has "daddy issues", she notes that she doesn't even have a mom, to which Elsa and Anna relate. Deleted: B.E.V. The story, A Sister More Like Me, gives an expanded look at her character. Eventually, the goons are overwhelmed by Elsa's power, but Hans calls out to the queen before she can murder the two. at Disney's Hollywood Studios and took part in nearly every event (including the morning parade, sing-along show For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration and nightly fireworks show).
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