With his primary wardrobe being a sailor suit that wouldn't look out of place in a work set in an early to the mid-20th-century setting, it clashes with the part's setting of modern-day Japan. A horseshoe hangs from the front; framing an image of the dark silhouette of the profile of a horse's reared head. He chose to make Johnny and Gyro around the same age so they could be less formal and more friendly than their original counterparts similar to the Joseph-Caesar relationship from Battle Tendency. Johnny Joestar His body is discovered the next morning by Rina, next to George and the case containing the Corpse. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: basic site functions His hair sticks out of holes on either side of the top, taking a shape like short horns. It is revealed in the aftermath that the monarchy is overthrown and Marco is granted amnesty, though he dies of a cold later.[25]. Get the best deals for johnny joestar cosplay at eBay.com. The only reason Jotaro is not as high on the list is that his style clashes with his initially muscular appearance. As its head appears from behind the opponent, the entrance of the Stand into their bodies generates a massive pink burst. Despite the series claiming that gangsters prefer to not draw attention with their appearance, the members of Passione are some of the strangest appearing characters in the entire series.  The weird design tendencies of this part can be summed out by the design of Giorno Giovanna. If it hits the opponent, they will stagger on the hole as it moves behind them. Kicked into the air, Johnny absorbs the Golden Scale into himself and unlocks Tusk ACT 4, and shoots his last nail toward Valentine. Johnny and Gyro follow Diego and Hot Pants who have allied themselves, and observe the two racers battle Valentine on board a train from afar. Showing Johnny his belt buckle as a scale, Gyro nonetheless refuses to give it to him. Eye Color #pixiv #Japan #Johnny Joestar - 1513 pictures found. Johnny Joestar Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run Johnny Joestar (ジョニィ・ジョースター Joni Jōsutā) is the protagonist of Steel Ball Run and a minor character in JoJolion. His post-Hamon training outfit is also stylish with its midriff-baring crop top and distinctive green and yellow scarf. [17] However they are surprised to meet Lucy Steel, who had discovered Valentine's schemes and is now pursued by Blackmore. During the fight, Johnny witnesses his Stand making his legs move, and realizes how precious those Corpse Parts can be to him. JoJo: Who's the Better Fighter, Giorno, or Joseph? Johnny is the only JoJo protagonist with a blood-related sibling. Mix & match this shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! Johnny's HHA with ACT3 is "Complete Golden Spin Energy". He has light eyes, and light, shoulder-length hair curling upwards at its ends. Still, at the last moment, Johnny trades the Ears and the Right Arm with the last of the Eleven Men, crying as he asks for a half empty bottle of wine in exchange for the Corpse Parts. johnny-joestar-from-steel-ball-run-3d-hat Join Planet Minecraft! Johnny \"Joe Kid\" Joestar was born in a family of former aristocrats in Danville, KentuckyW – his father then a wealthy owner of several farms and an acclaimed horse trainer who had won the Triple CrownW seven times. Johnny pierces his son's head with the Golden Spin. As reflected in the multiple ACTs of his Stand Tusk, the improvement was gradual, the key steps of his progress being Johnny discovering the Corpse (ACT 1),[18] then standing up for himself against Soundman (ACT 2),[19] symbolically cleansing himself of his guilts against Axl Ro and being blessed by Jesus-Christ's apparition (ACT 3)[20] and finally acquiring the Corpse and regaining the use of his legs (ACT 4). We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Johnny wears si… Along with Gyro, Johnny is one of the only two characters in the game who uses the "Mounted" Style. Johnny and Gyro are attacked by one fellow competitor, Mrs. Robinson, who manages to blind and unhorse Johnny, but Gyro manages to save him and defeat Mrs. Robinson. 1 Finds Purpose in the Zombie Apocalypse, 5 Shonen Anime You Should Watch (& 5 You Can Skip), 10 Avatar Characters Naruto Could Easily Destroy, My Hero Academia: 10 Harsh Realities About Being A Hero, Naruto: 10 Forbidden Jutsu That Characters Use All The Time, 5 Ways Spirited Away Is Overrated (& 5 Why It's Underrated), Dragon Ball: Vegeta's 10 Worst Character Traits, Ranked, My Hero Academia: The 5 Most Overrated Quirks (& 5 Underrated), Attack On Titan: 5 Avatar Characters Who Could Survive A Titan Assault (& 5 Who Can't), Jujutsu Kaisen ー Every Main Characters' Age, The First 10 Fights Boruto Lost (In Chronological Order), Naruto: 5 Villains Who Had A Point (& 5 That Were Wrong), Avatar: 10 Questions Even The Comics Failed To Answer. A horseshoe hangs from the front; framing an image of the dark silhouette of the profile of a horse's reared head. Born in 1995, Matthew England has long been interested in Science Fiction and Superheroes that started with his introduction to the Star Wars and the X-men at a young age. His Diamond is Unbreakable suffers from a less stylish color scheme and more reserve take on his Stardust's Crusader shirt and jacket combo. Johnny also made sure not to be interrupted in his attempts to tame him, threatening the men who introduced him to the horse that he would set himself on fire and commit suicide if he is forced out of the pen. Birth Name The duo opt to flee, but Benjamin Boom Boom the patriarch lures bounty hunter Mountain Tim toward thinking Johnny has been assassinating his competitors. His real name is Jonathan Joestar. Johnny died after being crushed by a huge boulder. Now, in case you don't want to wear this hat around town, you can buy similar top hats they are quite stylish. If it lands, the nail bullet will drill into the opponent's torso, before ACT4 flies at and rapidly pummels them. looking for admins. Johnny clings to the Corpse Parts who means the potential use of his legs. In the first chapter, his name is written in Japanese as \"ジョニー\", whereas from the second chapter on, it is written as \"ジョニィ\". Jonathan Joestar[2] This article will examine Jojo's ever-evolving art style by ranking every Jojo by how stylish their looks are. Despite Gyro's reluctance at continuing a seemingly lost fight, Johnny briefly stands up, showing that he's this close to regaining the use of his legs. Johnny saw a white mouse run from the commotion into the woods – a mouse he believed to be Danny. Aiming a Golden Spin Nail Bullet at the side of his head, glaring eyes aflame with dark determination, Johnny evolves Tusk into ACT3 as he shoots himself. Due to the game's release date coinciding with the release of SBR's first volume, Gyro appears as an actual Koma support (characters that appear on the screen to perform an action and disappear) whilst Johnny is merely a help Koma, due to Gyro being the original protagonist of Part 7. They are interrupted by the Eleven Men, and a shootout ensues. Media Also checking on Hot Pants, Johnny sees that Hot Pants is secretly a woman. One day, Nicholas' horse stumbled from something on the ground, costing Nicholas his life. Any one of Johnny's moves that fire off nail bullets can only be interrupted by Throws/HHA/GHA. A special edition version of the game was also available that included Johnny's outfit from "World of Stars and Stripes". ACT3 then sends a large hole created by Johnny's nail bullet along the ground. He is the seventh JoJo of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. ACT4 finishes by spinning and funneling itself into the hole created by the nail bullet. (Unlike Giorno, who has 4 half-brothers) 4. They answer honestly and get both, until Gyro and Johnny manage to obtain the Ears and the Right Arm. His father, upon seeing Johnny observe the motions of the horse, considered him "a horse riding genius", which Johnny himself would also believe. Hot Pants attacks them both with his Stand Cream Starter, believing they stole one of his stash of food. Game Debut [16], Near Kansas City, Johnny and Gyro meet Sandman who warns them of an incoming tempest. Heartbroken, Johnny was unable to bring himself to do the deed, and followed Nicholas' suggestion to set Danny free into the woods instead. However, before his life can come to an end, Steven Steel appears. Johnny is victorious, but in his weakened state, he cannot stop Hot Pants from stealing the Corpse Parts; still Hot Pants left him a Vertebrae and helped the duo cross the Mississippi.[19]. (Unlike Giorno, whose hair turned blonde when he gained his Gold Experience) 3. (Light Blue shirt, pants, wristbands, and hat with light pink stars and purple undershirt. RELATED: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every Part, Ranked. Heartbroken and enraged, Johnny charges Valentine, but the President manages to slit Slow Dancer's throat and unhorse Johnny. Although it isn't enough to kill Sandman, Johnny uses Gyro's belt buckle as an extra projectile to kill him. Six months later, a Jizou statue was erected in memory of Johnny Joestar and he was buried in Morioh. While Johnathan often wears clothing that reflects his status as a gentleman in Victorian England, they clash a bit with his highly muscular physique. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Johnny and Gyro finish the fourth stage in Kansas City, then see Diego crossing the line, sure that he will get back at them eventually. Johnny Joestar (ジョニィ・ジョースター, Jonī Jōsutā) Johnny Joestar is the main protagonist of Steel Ball Run . Blotnik [17] Gyro repeatedly knocked Johnny out of his lack of confidence and helped him get the Corpse Parts, giving him assurance and optimism in life. The details are however where the weirdness of the part's designs are most apparent. Josuke is also so stylish that it's a mentioned aspect of his personality with it being mentioned that he spends a lot of time and money to look the way that he does. This design is so strange that it's hard to consider it truly stylish. November 11, 1901[4](Death confirmed on November 12th 1901) American[5] The HHA can only be used when unmounted. Johnny Joestar (ジョニィ・ジョースター, Joni Jōsutā), born Jonathan Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター, Jonasan Jōsutā) is the protagonist of Steel Ball Run and a minor character in JoJolion. Johnny's HHA with ACT1 is "Even if my spin falters, I'll never die!". Gender As they fight, Johnny reminisces how life was harsh to him, and is driven to despair. Imbuing the Golden Spin into a nail bullet, Johnny evolves Tusk into ACT2, before shooting said nail into the ground. Still, this did not deter Johnny, and he would go on to win the Kentucky Derby at a tender age of sixteen. [23], Johnny "Joe Kid" Joestar was born in a family of former aristocrats in Danville, KentuckyW – his father then a wealthy owner of several farms and an acclaimed horse trainer who had won the Triple CrownW seven times. However Sugar Mountain also tells them to trade everything they have by sunset fairly otherwise they will be absorbed into the tree. There is a small trading community surrounding then due to the new feature of trading Cosmetics being added and the different rarities. ACT4 possesses the power to force open. During Steel Ball Run, Johnny was burdened by depression and a subsequent lack of confidence. 2. He shoots the nails, killing Benjamin and crippling L.A. with his newfound power, which Mountain Tim explains as a Stand. He is paired with Josuke Higashikata in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Old Joseph Joestar and Yoshikage Kira. In a forest, Johnny and Gyro meet Hot Pants, a competitor who won the previous stage. 1 Overview 2 Unique 3 Common 4 Uncommon 5 Epic 6 Legendary Cosmetics are hats and hairs that can be worn by you and your stand. Age Lying near Ringo, he witnesses the gunslinger scribing a message and give it to a messenger pigeon. Status Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [13] It resulted in his obsession with the blessing of the Corpse which would reset his karma to a neutral state of "zero" as opposed to the "negative" state of his curse. When Valentine does come back, he tries to sway Johnny into releasing him from the infinite rotation caused by Tusk, promising to bring back Gyro and leave them be, also making an elaborate speech about his goals and giving an alternate Cream Starter as insurance. Johnny, immobilized, relinquishes his Left Arm in order to transform and use his newfound mobility to give Gyro one of the Eyes. According to family tree left in the 1987 edition of Norisuke Higashikata's record of the Steel Ball Run race, Johnny had married Norisuke's daughter, Rina Higashikata, in 1892 and had a son and daughter with her. Having saved Gyro, Johnny share the bottle with him and has a toast to the next Corpse Part and the goal. Johnny, Gyro and Hot Pants are still on bad terms but have to cooperate as a gunslinger named Ringo Roadagain blocks their way out of the woods. Jockey (Part 7)Equestrian Coach (Part 8) This Style allows him to get on and off his horse, Slow Dancer, slightly changing the moves available to him. Johnny Joestar(ジョニィ・ジョースター,Joni Jōsutā), born Jonathan Joestar(ジョナサン・ジョースター,Jonasan Jōsutā) is the protagonist of Steel Ball Runand a minor character in JoJolion.He is the seventh JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Overall the design is very stylish with it having a great goth meet delinquent feel to it that works well the feel of Stone Ocean.Â. While the most recent Jojo part features the same overtop stylishness seen in Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean, unlike the other two parts, Jojolion's main character Josuke Higashikata does not enjoy this stylishness. No entanto, depois de testemunhar as Steel Balls de Gyro capacitá-lo a levantar-se por um momento, ele também segue de perto para ver suas Steel Balls novamente.Johnny é teimoso e obstinado, ele se recusa a aceitar as reivindicações de Gyro que ele se levantou de sua cadeira de rodas como um reflexo de suas pernas. Currently, he is seeking to begin his freelance writing career and binging Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Since the true assassins were dealt with, Johnny and Gyro resume their race, but L.A. grimly warns Gyro that he will never finish the race as other people are after his head.[12][13]. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, ~How the Steel Ball Run Race Got Started~, Across the Arizona Desert: Continuing Along the Shortest Route, The Terrorist from a Faraway Country, Part 1, The Terrorist from a Faraway Country, Part 2, Catch the Rainbow (On a Stormy Night...), Part 1, Catch the Rainbow (On a Stormy Night...), Part 2, The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain, Part 1, The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain, Part 2, The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain, Part 3, The World of the Stars and Stripes -Outro, Catch the Rainbow (On a Stormy Night...) (story arc), The Land of Promises: Sugar Mountain (story arc), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3), https://jojo.fandom.com/wiki/Johnny_Joestar?oldid=382263. Both have the same pronunciation, however. JoJo (by his fans)[1]Joe Kid (by his fans)[1] Johnny and Gyro then ride safely toward the end of the third stage. Also Diego dies twice :^) However, a combination of Gyro throwing one of his Steel Balls and Steven Steel entrusting Lucy with the Neapolitan distracts Valentine away from Johnny. 10 Heartbreaking Scenes From Lighthearted Anime, JoJo: Every JoJo's Design, ranked By How Stylish They Are, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every Part, Ranked, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Biggest Plot Twists That No One Saw Coming. The highly popular manga series Jojo's Bizzare Adventure stands out for many reasons, one particular reason is its outrageous and stylish character design.  One particularly interesting aspect of Jojo's character designs is how they reflect Hiroyuki Araki's constantly evolving art style. Want to look like your favorite character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Animal Crossing?Here’s a few QR codes that will scratch that itch. Cause of Death When Johnny and Gyro attempt to cross the Michigan Lake via a frozen strait, they notice a wolf following them, but also two other agents of the government: Wekapipo and Magent Magent. 1. FinalAppearance This page was last updated: 02-Feb 20:28. He was pampered greatly: people would bring him riches, politicians and royalty would visit him, and rich girls would sleep with him. The highly popular manga series Jojo's Bizzare Adventure stands out for many reasons, one specific reason is its outrageous, stylish character design. ジョニィ・ジョースター The hole generated by the nail bullet moves along the ground, homing towards the opponent and knocking them into the air if it connects. He commonly wears a light-colored, hooded, short-sleeved top; printed with thick lines in the approximate formation of a harness (later, with patches in the shape of hearts adorning both shoulders). Johnny must be unmounted in order to pick up the Corpse Parts but is slowed to a sluggish crawl due to his paraplegia. Johnny enters the race, Slow Dancer dragging him along the stirrup. RoStar was a UGC hat that was published into the avatar shop by Reverse_Polarity on September 9, 2019.It was content deleted by Roblox on September 10, 2019. Johnny was five when he first rode a horse. However, it becomes evident that Johnny has tamed the horse, as it is seen licking his cheek and obeying Johnny's command to lick him again. Battle Tendency is the point where Jojo starts to develop its distinctive visual style. RELATED: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Biggest Plot Twists That No One Saw Coming. Consider to be the zenith of Jojo series as a whole, Steel Ball Run might have one of the strongest and unique characters design overall. After healing Steven, Lucy, and himself, Johnny contemplates the end of his search for the Holy Corpse. Part 7 Both escape, but have been scratched by the dinosaur and slowly begin their own transformation. Once Johnny reaches ACT4, he unlocks two more abilities that involve Tusk ACT4 directly attacking the opponent with a barrage of fists. When Gyro reveals that his family is taking care of Wekapipo's blind sister, the latter allies with them and accepts to go look for Lucy. While Jotaro's appearance in later part deals with his over the top muscles, his clothing does retain the coolness of his first outfit. [13], Johnny's perspective improved greatly upon meeting Gyro Zeppeli. For one there is a massive golden chain attached to his coat's left shoulder and the outfit sports two separate green and yellow belts. Despite his looks being mocked in-universe, Josuke's style has a nice retro feel to it. Johnny's nails are too weak while Gyro's Steel Balls are destroyed, thus they opt to flee to the river. Check out our johnny joestar selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Tusk With a Master's in History, Matthew England is here to bring his background in both academic writing and nerd culture to CBR. Cutting his leg off and throwing it at Johnny, Diego manages to beat the Spin User with his own technique. Nonetheless, Johnny finishes at the fifth place. When Gyro decides to cross a dense forest to take shortcut, he decides to dash in too, clashing with Pocoloco briefly. Johnny receives a new blessing every time he picks up one of the three Holy Corpse Parts, but if knocked down, loses it as he drops the part. Johnny first appears among the crowd who witness the confrontation between Gyro Zeppeli and a pickpocket who had stolen money from him. >Johnny appears as a support character. Status This is not helped by the anime's gave the outfit a garnish pink color. Blue (Digital Color, ASB, EOH) Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter Hat is a tall top hat that has a distinct style. The three of them decide to spend the night in a village to avoid the cougars, but Johnny and Gyro soon have to deal with Diego, who transformed into a feral dinosaur. Japanese Name While some element of Josuke's style works thematically like his shirt appearing to be too small reflecting the fact that he's the result of a force fusion of two people into a single body. Crushed by a boulder Customize your avatar with the fem johnny joestar shirt and millions of other items. 5. Relatives Male Join us! For one, Giorno's waistcoat has a huge heart shape hole at its center giving Giorno a cleavage window. Find more images #JoJo's Bizarre Adventure , #Gyro Zeppeli , #Gyro/Johnny , #jojo , #Steel Ball Run , #johnny , #Diego Brando , #Jolyne Kujo , #Pokémon and #jonathan joestar SBR Chapter 2 - Gyro Zeppeli Religion Johnny wears similarly star-patterned pants; of a piece with footwear bearing spursW. Then healed by Cream Starter, Johnny warns Gyro about Ringo's message, which contained the coordinates of the next Corpse Part. He was confirmed alongside Jonathan Joestar and Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Its only main problem is that the outfit's coloring doesn't work that well. 4 Johnny Joestar Consider to be the zenith of Jojo series as a whole, Steel Ball Run might have one of the strongest and unique characters design overall. Customize your avatar with the Fem!Johnny Joestar and millions of other items. Outfit-wise Jolyene usually wears a crop-top pants combo with a larger spider-web design on them. I don't even give a shit about the 'Corpse' being a Saint or whatever!! This HHA will remain after Tusk evolves to ACT4, being the final and strongest HHA. [26] Their family lived on a farm, though Johnny would travel to Japan by request of the Japanese government to teach horsemanship, and also contributed to the importation of foreign fruits. Japanese Voice Actor He realizes with horror that he must trade the Corpse Parts, but as Gyro transforms and begs Johnny to trade them away. During the course of the series, Johnny gradually changes into a more realistic appearance; with slightly wavy hair and a slightly fuller build. Johnathan Joestar's placement at the bottom of the list reflects Phantom Blood's very apparent visual influence from Fist of the North Star.  This means character design from this series tends to be more muscular,  grounded, and realistic compared to later parts.  The main exception being Dio as a vampire and William Zeppeli's hat. Also, her style goes beyond her clothing with her partial green-dyed hair and lipstick contrasting nicely with natural black hair. Noticing that Johnny's metamorphosis into a dinosaur is slowed by the Corpse Part, the duo try to reach the new Corpse Part on a nearby peak. The rate at which the Heart Heat Gauge fills is increased. I don't care about 'living' or 'dying' or who's 'just' and who's 'evil'!! He can fire singular Nail Bullets infused with the Golden Spin that send opponents flying. [22], However, Funny Valentine, who has been observing the fight, intervenes at the last moment and successfully steals all the Corpse Parts.[23]. Both have the same pronunciation, however. Roll Random Skin! This time, however, Diego has the advantage of already knowing Tusk's powers and the Golden Spin technique, predicting Johnny's actions and using his own fangirls as human shields. During the first stage, Johnny steadily follows Gyro, determined to impress him during this stage. I'm still 'negative'! [27] According to the old man on Shakedown Road, about nine years after the marriage, Rina was stricken with an incurable disease that gave her on-and-off amnesia and origami-like folded skin. George Joestar (father)Anne Joestar (mother)Nicholas Joestar (older brother)Danny (Pet)Norisuke Higashikata I (father-in-law)Teru Higashikata (mother-in-law)Rina Higashikata (wife)George Joestar II (son)Unnamed daughter (daughter)Josuke Higashikata (great-great grandson)See: Joestar Family Tree Chestnut Blond (Digital Color)Red (ASB, EOH) He is the seventh JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Deceased Notably calling himself a useless person, Johnny's bleak outlook of life stemmed from his youth. The youth shot Johnny in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down and sending him to a hospital where he was physically abused. all of these elements are then cover with a bunch of purple stars. Oyecomova, a Neapolitan terrorist, battles Gyro and Johnny but both cooperate in order to take him down. Other Information Christian Johnny's upper half will then appear out of it as he shoots the opponent five times. Gyro comes challenging Ringo to a gunfight, and prevails. Slow Dancer (Appaloosa; 11 years old) While Johnny has superior skill, Pocoloco's luck sends him to the second position nonetheless. The duo now charges at the President with the intent of using the Golden Spin, and Valentine dashes between them, forcing Johnny to separates from Gyro. Defeated, Johnny and Gyro finish the sixth stage at the sixth and seventh place. Still determined to follow the Neapolitan rider, Johnny impresses Gyro enough for him to give him a second lesson in the Spin. In JoJolion, a flashback shows that Johnny maintained that happiness during his life with Rina. Available to Johnny at all times, regardless of Tusk's current ACT: Johnny begins a match with ACT1. However, Valentine manages to shoot Johnny, forcing him to escape into the sewers while his Stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, causes confusion among Gyro, Diego and Wekapipo. Profile Mar 17, 2019 - Safebooru is a anime and manga picture search engine, images are being updated hourly. It is possible for Stand Users to be hit by this HHA twice, taking double damage, but the Stand must be hit first in order for this to occur. Deeming her gender irrelevant, Johnny chooses not to disclose this to his partner. Johnny chases after Gyro, who compliments his upper body strength, but denies that the Steel Ball can enable him to walk again. ACT2 manifests when Johnny shoots a nail whilst incorporating the, ACT3 is the final "base" form for Tusk and manifests when Johnny shoots himself with a Golden Rectangle-empowered nail, enabling him to transfer parts of his body through the holes to shoot from different directions. Afterward, when Johnny follows and touches the Steel Ball Gyro had used, which was still spinning, his legs moved enough to allow him to stand. Johnny and Gyro's concerted efforts manage to prevail against the Pork Pie Hat Kid; Gyro though interested in the Corpse Parts, has nothing to do with them.[14]. RELATED: JoJo: Who's the Better Fighter, Giorno, or Joseph? The whole HHA does not have to hit in order for it to work; If the opponent is so much as hit by the last punch, they will be knocked to the ground as Tusk ACT4 follows up by pummeling them as they lay. Telling him that the secret resides in the rotation, Gyro gives Johnny a rock to rotate and forms a partnership with him.[11]. It went totally unnoticed and Johnny spots familiar horseshoe prints, leading to him identifying the culprit as at least a Steel Ball Run contestant. His Stardust Crusader design is both a stylish and simple design that fits well with the Egyptian and world-traveling vibe of this part. Once Johnny reaches ACT3, he unlocks two more abilities that involve transportation via the holes created by Golden Spin Nail Bullets. Almost convinced, Johnny nonetheless tosses Valentine's old revolver his double discarded earlier, exposing Valentine as treacherous. Johnathan Joestar's is the most grounded and less stylish Jojo with him most often being seen in either his gentlemanly suit or his combat outfit. Johnny is at first surprised by the appearance of Diego's new stand THE WORLD, but still manages to discover the nature of its power after a few attacks. Several of Johnny's alternate costumes mirror his appearance from the manga covers. Johnny Joestar is the alternate version of Jonathan Joestar, he is the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run. Johnny appears in the Steel Ball Run themed stage, along with Gyro Zeppeli and Diego Brando, where Diego can be seen ahead both of them (likely a reference to the end of the competition's 3rd stage).
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