After perusing this catalog of stunning and rare treasures, we’re almost afraid to think about buying one. Mostly though, this was his favored instrument in 1964, back when he was still a member of The Yardbirds. For added security, purchase locking strap buttons. Onstage was Eric Clapton, and he chose the 64 Gibson to finish with him. In the 1970s the reissues were better received, which is why you probably recognize the famous figure. There are 2.5 million new guitars sold in the United States each year and another 750,000 in the United Kingdom. Quite a bit of scratch for the rest of us, but for him, that’s chump change…. This is due entirely to the fame of it’s three former owners. The Wolf, like it’s brother the Tiger is named for its distinctive art. The Irish Examiner notes that the idea to auction off a signed guitar came from Adams. This is a jumbo sized guitar meaning that its body is larger and thicker compared to standard acoustics guitars, which allows it to deliver a larger sound and accentuate the low- and mid-ranged frequencies … This guitar is considered as the “Holy grail” of electric guitars. Like anything provocative, it garnered its fair share of attention and earned its place as a pretty legendary instrument. Their wood gets stained with sweat, booze, even blood (just ask Pete Townshend). This beast is the instrument Jimi Hendrix played at Woodstock. There he met Mickey Mantle, and the famous baseball player signed the back for him. In this video, Mark counts down the top 5 most expensive guitars everSPOILER ALERT. This guitar was sold to london guitar store from where it reached to Keith Richards and is reported to have been sold to a private collector for 1 million dollars. This rare left-handed electric guitar used to belong to tennis star John McEnroe and was on featured with McEnroe on the cover of a 2009 issue of Guitar Aficionado . And probably seen. On this article, we run down the ten most expensive guitars ever sold in history. A TUSQ saddle and a new set of strings. Paul bought this guitar from his friend and first guitar teacher Ian James. So, what do we make of all this? So without further ado—at press time—these are the top 10 most expensive guitars ever sold. The only acoustic guitar to make the most expensive guitars list, Eric Clapton played this Martin during his now-famous 1992 MTV Unplugged session. The David Gilmour Collection, the largest and most comprehensive sale of guitars ever offered at auction, sold for $21,490,750 at Christie’s in New York. I saw this article about the 10 most expensive guitars ever sold in British newspaper The Telegraph a while ago, and wanted to share it with you here. But it's easier to do than most people think. Hendrix played this one at Woodstock—you know, that Woodstock—and it was the guitar slung upside down around his back his now-legendary early-morning rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, reportedly bought it in 1998 for an estimated $2 million. The Fender Stratocaster was sold at $2.7 million in 2015 by Sotheby’s, making it the most expensive guitars in the world at the time. There’s not a lot of backstory to this particular guitar. © 2014-2020 Stringjoy, LLC. Basic components of guitar – Headstock, neck, nut, fretboard or fingerboard, frets, truss rod, strings and inlays. Even greats like Bob Dylan get booed sometimes, and his folk-music loving fans were incredibly skeptical about this guitar. Clapton’s 1964 Gibson sold for a good cause, to benefit Crossroads, but that’s hardly the only remarkable thing this unusually valuable guitar ever did. The next owner was Pete Ham of Badfinger, and it was also on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame for years. Due to a problem with Rosebud, Tiger’s successor, Tiger was the last guitar Jerry Garcia ever played in public. It was only until 2014 that the then-owner discovered whom did it belong to by reading an article. It fetched a handsome amount of $388,375 during an auction which makes it one of the most expensive baseballs ever sold in history. I'm 34 so that's saying something! The story behind her is that he actually bought six guitars. The 10 Most Expensive Guitars Ever Sold. The most expensive guitar sold was a Fender 'Reach Out to Asia' Stratocaster auctioned to support worthy causes it was signed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and Brian May. Reggae legend Bob Marley only owned seven guitars. (If you don’t see your dream guitar, we can make it custom for you!). By now it should come as no surprise that a handful of incredibly famous musicians once held the top ten most expensive guitars in human history. Guitars built by Herman Hauser I (1882-1952) account for six of the top 10 most expensive classical guitars ever sold at auction. It does make us wonder if somewhere in a secret stash two more franken-guitars are waiting to be unearthed. There’s not all that many of them still in existence, and even for one not owned by anybody particularly famous, you’re going to pay six figures for one. Jerry Garcia’s first of two axes on the most expensive guitar list, built by Doug Irwin, Wolf —named for its distinctive artwork—was initially sold at the same auction as another guitar of his, Tiger, selling for $789,500—less than Tiger fetched (as we’ll get to below). Sure, most people only display artifacts, but instruments want to make music. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bob Marley was not particularly materialistic, and in the course of his life, he only owned seven guitars. Kurt Cobain’s guitar is the most expensive ever sold at auction. Grateful Dead fans know this guitar almost as well as they know it’s famous owner Jerry Garcia. 10. This guitar is also very beautiful which is made in two colors that are white and brown. These Are The 12 Most Expensive Violins Of All Time. 10. The best paying job I've ever had actually. But for a guitar this good-looking, and this loaded with history, it’s probably a pretty good deal, all things considered. Mr. Garland was a press officer for Hendrix in 1967 when the famous burning occurred. The Newport Folk Festival Stratocaster played by Bob Dylan may be the most hated guitar in history. The most expensive guitar sold at auction is Kurt Cobain's 'MTV Unplugged' guitar, and was purchased by Peter Freedman (Australia) for $6,010,000 (£4,815,430; €5,352,000) at Julien's auctions in Los Angeles, California, USA on 19 June 2020. David Gilmour's Black Strat: $3.975 million Benjamin Smith is one of the managing editors of Moneyinc. Guitars, despite their wood, metal and wire construction, have always had a human quality to them. He named it Lenny after his wife. When he returned 2 years later, he was an expert guitar player. Before that, your guitar had original VH-1 pickups, which featured alnico magnets and a shielded wire that’s metal-braided. For our Purchasing Policies, click here. The funds collected from the auction were used to help 'Reach Out to Asia', a charity formed to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster. The title of the most expensive guitar in the world goes to the “Reach Out To Asia” Fender Stratocaster, which sold for $2.7 million in 2015. “You know what it is. It cannot be denied that these legendary guitarists possess some of the most expensive guitars in music history. Could you? This is still the most expensive item ever purchased in Pawn ... Rick Harrison ultimately purchased the guitar for a … With prolific names like Blackie, Tiger and "the holy grail of guitars" and legendary players like Hendrix, Clapton and Richards behind these guitars, these expensive guitars are the crème de la crème of guitars. Lennon played this guitar for The White Album. I mean, a Bugatti Chiron costs 3 million—would you rather have that or Hendrix’s Woodstock Strat? Your email address will not be published. The “King of Cowboys,” is unarguably one of the all-time American greats and he brought this extraordinary instrument along for the ride. His older brother LeDell was teaching him how to play the guitar, when, as a young teenager, Johnson ran away from home to the Mississippi Delta. Before it reached this staggering price point, this Gibson guitar was lost after a 1963 Beatles concert. In Russia, they were branded “ JET”, in Scandinavia “ Eagle”. The guitar was ultimately sold for $791,500, making this the most expensive guitar. The pair starred in over a hundred movies and recorded perhaps as many as a thousand songs together. Leo Fender’s first prototype for the Telecaster Eric Clapton’s gold plated Stratocaster for Fender’s 50th Birthday Players match notes that scroll on-screen to colored fret buttons on the controller, strumming the controller in time to the music in order to score points, … TIE: #2 Most Expensive Guitar: Peter Green/Gary Moore’s 1959 Les Paul, However, this is an axe that every guitar aficionado has heard. This makes it the most expensive guitar ever sold! The previous record was $3.95 million for a Black Stratocaster owned by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. At $6.01 million after fees and commission, the instrument was the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction, among other records. The Fender “Reach Out To Asia” Stratocaster, rumored to cost Fender between $15,000-25,000 to produce, was the result of the Reach Out to Asia project, conceived by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. Rumor has it that the price was somewhere between $1.2 and $2 Million, but no one is telling. Coming in at number 10, the Rickenbacker was part of a massive collection that took three days at auction. She went around to friends and had them each pitch in $50 to buy it for his birthday. Guitars steal our hearts in a way that nothing else quite lives up to. After playing it in countless live appearances and studio sessions, Clapton retired Blackie in 1985, and sold it at auction in 2004 for $959,000 to benefit Crossroads, his recovery center. This is the most expensive guitar ever sold. Adams organized the venture to raise funds for victims of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. The proceeds went to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is the best reason we’ve ever heard for buying a $2 million guitar. Editor’s note: Yes, it’s possible that this one might have sold for 2 million and should be higher up on the list, but since the estimated range was lower, we put it here. To date, it remains the most expensive guitar built by the Yamaha custom shop. Depending on the style you choose, strap buttons are generally around $5-$15 USD. This Doug Irwin custom guitar was Jerry Garcia’s main axe from 1979-1989, when the Grateful Dead exploded in mainstream popularity. Together Roy and his OM-45 Deluxe had a nine-year run on the radio with their own show. These aren’t necessarily the most expensive to produce. There is arguably no more recognizable guitar on the planet. The vast majority go Yamaha’s most expensive guitars are made up of they acoustic and classical guitars, and they start with the $4,025 dollar LL26 ARE. MOST ESP guitars are great for playing metal and stuff. Jerry played the Tiger from 1979 to 1989 giving it a full decade of exposure. It is one of a kind, and I won’t get into the … All these violins have a great story that continues today. The latter class are the guitars that fill this list, and I assume that if you looked up the next ten or fifty most expensive guitars ever sold, this trend would continue. I owned seven guitars by the time I was twenty-one. Perhaps it’s the curve of the wood cutting a figure as beautiful as any model. Intangible and yet capable of being shared, this quality is unique to the guitar. The ZAD900CE easily competes with some of the best and most expensive guitars there are at a fraction of their price. The Martin D-35 acoustic, on the other hand, features prominently in the title track of “Wish You Were Here,” which is one of the more iconic guitar tunes of all time. Though all music is beautiful, you’ll notice that teenage girls don’t throw their underwear at ukulele players, or flutists. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the $350 the shop wanted for it, but what he did have was a wife who loved him very much. Brownie Stratocaster, Eric Clapton – $450,000 It’s the “Layla” guitar. Every single Benedetto guitar is made here in the … It has done time at the Grammy Museum’s Beatles Exhibition in New York, the John Lennon Museum in Japan, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The 10 most expensive guitars ever sold: in pictures. All funds were donated to Reach Out to Asia, a project that brought relief to those devastated by the tsunami. Jerry Garcia has a long history of famous guitars, and his “Wolf” is one of the most valuable. A simple fender held by the right musician, on stage for even one show, can skyrocket that price of the instrument by the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The original owner is unknown, but Stevie first saw it in a pawn shop in Austin Texas. TheÂ. It might only occupy 16th place in the list of most expensive watches ever sold at auction, but this classically turned beauty is still revered for … It’s unimaginable that people could pass up the beautiful asymmetrical angles of the Korina Explorer. We are pleased to announce that the top of this list goes to a guitar that was also sold for a good cause. Unlike most of the guitars on this list, it was custom made by Doug Irwin. Your email address will not be published. fulfillment is delayed due to weather    //    see current lead times     //    free shipping on orders $20+ details, You’re not going to find these expensive guitars at your local music or pawn shop. He turned 26 in 1980 and was doubtless quite surprised when they presented him with the Stratocaster he’d spotted earlier. However, it was Jimi Hendrix who made it famous. We’re not sure we could resist that siren song. The starting estimate was $1 million. Moreover, as Walter Carter the famed Gibson Historian puts it best; they were a “Commercial disaster.” In 1958, these unappreciated treasures were offered in the same price range as the Les Paul Standard, but they didn’t sell. Hendrix played this one at Woodstock—you know,Â, The 1959 Les Paul standard is on its own known as the “holy grail” of electric guitars. The second of three Clapton axes to appear on this list, Clapton primarily played this Gibson during his tenure with the Yardbirds in 1964. However, this guitar featured prominently in a couple key Cream moments, as Clapton played it during the final Cream show in November of 1968, as well as on the track, “Badge,” cut in December of that year. After that, they were a television sensation from 1951- 1957. As the name suggests, sending relief to the surviving victims of that disaster is the entire reason this guitar is famous. The higher figure is a second price that was also listed as the sale price in a separate article. For many years violin makers and scientists have tried to find the secrets to their amazing resonance. The guitar went up for auction and sold for $2.7 million — making it, for a moment, the most expensive guitar of all time. Whatever the case, we can all understand why guitars have so much value. One look at these incredible iconic guitars will stun you. Gilmour’s iconic black Stratocaster was purchased by Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay, for a whopping $3.9 million, during a David Gilmour auction in New York in June (2019). The Emperor was the most expensive Epiphone guitar and was one of the guitars kept in production after Gibson bought Epiphone. The guitars on this list are the most sought after on earth, the Mata Haris’, Cleopatras’, and Helens of the guitar world. If you’ve seen the live performance, the Beatles did for Ready Steady Go! The value comes from the sheer star power behind it, and the 19 autographs that endorse its body. It’s not the price tag, which is sizeable, but rather the way they make us feel that causes the hesitation. That’s why we have the same Guitar with numerous brand names yet most use the same part number. It’s their purpose. Three decades of metal have forged this high-performance machine, honing it for both speed and strength. In 1968 Cream played their very last show. But in 2017 it came up for auction again, fetching a whopping $1.9 million dollars this time. Cobain played the retro acoustic-electric 1959 Martin D-18E during a legendary MTV Unplugged performance in 1993, just five months before he died. The one sold was the actually guitar that he played on-stage at Woodstock. I think the most interesting part of this whole thing to me is that while these guitars cost more money than your average Joe might ever see in his life, for the ultra-rich, it’s not all that big of an investment, all things considered. ESP is a good company, just a few flaws. Gibson1959 Les Paul Standard is the fifth most expensive guitar in the world with cost of 1 million dollars. Strap buttons come in different colors and designs, so look for a design that will look good with the finish and style of your guitar. I think the most interesting thing about this instrument is that it was pretty darn new when it made its legendary debut, only a year or so old. Five Fintech Stocks You Can Buy and Hold Forever, The Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Santa Rosa, CA, A Traveler’s Guide to Beaches in Santa Rosa, CA, The 10 Most Reliable Infiniti Models of All-Time, The Five Best Lexus Cars for Off-Road Driving, The Five Best Infiniti Hybrid Models Money Can Buy, The Five Best Louis Vuitton Watches Money Can Buy, The History of the Chopard Happy Fish Watch, How Tom Hardy Achieved a Net Worth of $45 Million, How Candace Cameron Bure Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million, How Kirstie Alley Achieved a Net Worth of $70 Million, How Rachel McAdams Achieved a Net Worth of $16 Million. The most expensive classical guitar ever sold at auction, this 1977 Juan Alvarez Classical was used by … 4. He has a strong interest in sports, video games and acting his age (and he's not even in college yet!) Most expensive guitar ever sold was Eric Clapton's "Blackie" Stratocaster ($959,500 in 2004). Though the other few models of this particular guitar are pricey without any additional fame, this specific model happens to be worth more than it’s rare brothers. The guitar featured an intricate dragon graphic on the body, the Chinese character for dragon on the headstock, and a yin-yang symbol below the bridge, all done using Japanese Maki-e lacquer with gold and silver powder. The autographed guitar appreciated to a near $3 million! Spots get worn. Required fields are marked *. Most of the time, strap buttons are sold in sets of 2. Hence, the foreign guitar manufacturers gave us what we wanted. The Most Expensive & Valuable Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments March 12 I am always coming across Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments at garage sales. And raise funds it did. However, this is an axe that every guitar aficionado has heard. Bob Dylan played this Strat, to not a few boos, incidentally, at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, marking his transition to electric instruments and incurring the wrath of folk purists everywhere. As a pre-war Martin, it is already a rare guitar. Pictured is a Hauser built in 1919. Wherever you live, whatever music you listen to, you have heard the Beatles. Guitarists who hold one in their hands for enough years will tell you that they become extensions of themselves. This one was given to his technician Gary Clausen. Just think about that. , rumored to cost Fender between $15,000-25,000 to produce, was the result of the Reach Out to Asia project, conceived by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. They can also be purchased for home use and some very good models can be found at reasonable prices. So, no matter what level of guitar player you are, Run don't Walk to the Buy Now, JUST BUY IT! As you can see below, it gets its name from the artwork behind the its concave bridge. With Eric Clapton having owned three of these instruments, Jerry Garcia two, and Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix all making appearances, you know these guitars are selling above book value. They are known in the music world for their quality of sound, their great value and rarity. However, that alone is not why it took the highest sale price in history (at that time) for an acoustic back in 2004. Anywho, one of the seven he owned was the 22 fret, double cutaway Washburn you see here. Underneath that black paint is a super flame-y sunburst top. They've … In fact, the guitars’ whereabouts are also unknown. No particular musician contributed to the fame and value of these insanely rare guitars. So in one sense, it is priceless. After that, it was played by Gary Moore, and the wear and love shows. John Lennon’s 1964 “British” Rose-Morris Rickenbacker – $910,000 It was sold at the high price of $450,000 because of the songs played on it. Like Blackie, it was auctioned in 2004 to benefit Crossroads, but this one fetched just a bit less, bringing in a perfectly respectable $847,500. Far East manufacturers will brand their guitars with whatever name the importer wants. And raise funds it did. These guitars are so expensive that they are mostly sold at auction. 38 / 142. Epiphone stopped making the Emporer after 1957. #3 John Lennon’s Murderer Signed LP: $525,000 It’s a strange story, and we’re not sure whether we ought to count this the same as other entries, owing to the unique tri-fold nature of the guitar(s), but we’ll leave it here for now. Then there’s the second class, guitars owned by players who re-shaped music history—instruments that have now become pieces of history themselves. 9 Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Strat Often imitated, but never as unique as the loathed originals, these guitars are peerless. The collection, which was toured worldwide and detailed the musical history of one of the world’s most influential guitarists, was 100% per cent sold by lot and 100% by value. (And if you do find one in the latter, don’t leave there without it!). I believe most people dont do it because of the 'unknown' and scared of change. This particular guitar recorded Paperback Writer with John Lennon. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars Sold At Auction, Let’s get started! This guitar is rumored to have been purchased as a national treasure. Roy and the OM-45 Deluxe brought them music for 86 years. But it’s not without its competition for the top spot, as you’ll see throughout this list. Lenny is a love story as well as an instrument. Tip of the iceberg! It is one of the most sought after and expensive in the world because it was the guitar Keith Richards had in his hands the night the Rolling Stones debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show. It sold for $264,000 at a Christies auctioned on 2 April, 2007. Rough edges get smoothed. Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Rickenbacker… these were all too expensive for our parents to buy for us. It is a factory black 1960 Standard that was ordered in lieu of the more expensive Les Paul Custom. (a British TV show), then you’ve seen this instrument before. After buying six guitars and giving one each to Pete Townshend, George Harrison, and Steve Winwood, English blues legend Eric Clapton cobbled together the best parts of the remaining three to create Blackie, his famous Fender Strat.
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