i have this supercharger on my 95 ford mustang gt. $799.99. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Only vortech can rebuild unit because they "OWN THE PATENT" and will not sell any replacement parts, cannot even get a seal for front shaft which will start leaking after approximately 2 years. Find Vortech Replacement Supercharger Mounting Brackets and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! (straight cut gears in my blower). After year warranty runs out unit has to be rebuilt. very reliable,makes carfun to drive,makes you king on the highway,shines@60mph+!!! This principle states that the work imparted to a fluid by an impeller is related to the change in angular momentum of the fluid. Check it out for yourself at Vortech Superchargers. Minor repair cost from vortech over $300.00 + freight costs. versatile supercharger for the most As an engineer for a railroad equipment manufacturer I was impressed with the completeness of the kit as well as the included instructions. From Latvia. $6,000.00. A little video of my 92’ Foxbody coupe, bone stock 302 long block, Vortech V1 S trim blower @7lbs. Vortech offers these replacement supercharger mounting brackets to fit your specific application. Requiers alot of rework to be reliable then unit starts acting up. C $372.96. If I were to spend the money on forced induction again I would probably go with a turbo kit. cool supercharger sound V1 V2 T trim high end Billet Supercharger Impeller VORTECH, Paxton NOVI 1500, CW. Each Vortech Supercharging System is developed to operate as a seamless addition to the base vehicle. The supercharger of choice for street/strip vehicles with modified engines. Click here to see how our superchargers compare to each other. Make sure you are always in the know. Part #: 4GX218-14X $ 4,172.99. $5.65 shipping. It is fast without the blower but with the blower Z06 Vettes are on the menu now. Vortech Supercharger Pulley 2A037-325 7 Rib. Cannot depend on unit to last. Repairs have cost me more money than I bought the damn kit for. Works till you get back on car and will start acting up again. I would not recomend buying a vortech supercharger! I have the s-trim kit and it was supposed to give me 8 psi of boost and i'm really getting 8 1/2 pounds of boost. 21 watching. somemaysayitsloud,itsoundlikeapertome.willmake youspeed 130mph takes no time(with supension)its the bestmodfor your car. Thanks to a maximum impeller speed of 65,000 rpm (racers go even higher) and a peak efficiency rating of 78%, the Vortech YSI was capable of supporting over 1,200 hp at 30 psi. I can beat cobras now with no problems. Free shipping ⭐️⭐️ VORTECH V1 V2 V3 PAXTON 1200 SUPERCHARGER … Utilizing precision cut gears to drive its impeller, BMW M50 M52 M54 S50 S52 S54 VORTECH V1 V2 V3 SUPERCHARGER MOUNTING BRACKET KIT. Not at all reliable! popular, standard setting S-trim, the V-1 is a or Best Offer. Vortech Superchargers. good conversation piece at a car show. Thread, Oil-Feed, Each Part Number: VOR-8R100-002 testing that Vortech is famous for. For our 347ci engine, Vortech makes an amazingly compact and highly powerful supercharger that bolts right up. By employing the same methods as original manufacturers, Vortech engineers create integrated supercharger systems that appear as if they're original equipment yet operate at an even higher level of sophistication. Performance. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. $719.99. Available with straight or curved discharge and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. 1986-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L Vortech Supercharger V1 S Trim & Aftercooler Cobra . - Super Chevy Magazine $16.88 shipping. View More. Vortech superchargers operate on fundamental and proven turbomachinery principles, first described by Euler's turbomachinery equation developed in the 18th Century. mustang camaro 350z vortech supercharger v2 SI-trim 4.6l CCW new. … The supercharger of choice for street/strip vehicles with modified engines. The blower gave me 106 hp at the rear wheels. This unit is only available with the higher speed bearings. The car is an 89 GT mustang with AFR heads and so on.
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