NRS 117.020(1). (NRS 645C.210) “Division” means the Real Estate Division of the Department of Business and Industry. NRS 119.325 Grounds for imposing fine or suspending, revoking, denying renewal of or placing conditions upon property report, permit, partial registration, exemption or license. NRS 119.322 Disciplinary action for failure to pay money to Real Estate Division. “Executive board” means the body, regardless of name, designated in the declaration or bylaws to act on behalf of the association. The Division shall prepare and distribute to licensees: 1. (Added to NAC by Comm’n of Appraisers of Real Estate by R119-00, eff. 7. You can follow changes to these laws by visiting the "Legislative Issues" page. (Added to NRS by 1979, 1235; A 1981, 298; 1987, 976) ABANDONMENT OF REAL PROPERTY BY TENANT NRS 118.171 Definitions. Nevada Residential Disclosure Guide; Newsletters; Position Statements; Presentations; Robert's Rules of Order Revised; Trust Fund Accounting & Record Keeping for Nevada Brokers; Video Tutorial; Contact Us; Licensing. MARRIAGE CONTRACTS OR SETTLEMENTS. Chapter 645C. NRS 645.193 Real Estate Division to prepare and distribute forms setting forth certain duties owed by licensees. NRS 123.280 Recording in counties where real property situated. Guidance to Mortgage Servicers/Companies on 90 Day Forbearance and Working With Nevada Consumers. Chapter 645F Mortgage Bankers. Initial Requirements. 9-25-2000) NAC 645C.0085 “Sponsor” defined. Common-Interest Communities: Regulations of Community Managers and Other Personnel - NAC Chapter 116A - This chapter regulates the the conduct of community managers and reserve study specialists and is administered by the Nevada Real Estate Division. Chapter 645A. There is a time limit from date of purchase for which documentation must be submitted to the Division for titling of new and used homes – for new home sales it is 30 days (see NRS 489.501); for used home sales it is 45 days (see NRS 489.511 and NRS 489.521). 2. The Certificate of Ownership contains information about the manufactured or mobile home. Changes to these laws may only be made through legislative action. March 30, 2020 ... March 20 Real Estate Division Important Service Update. NRS 123.259 Division of income and resources of married couple: Manner; conditions; restrictions. The Real Estate Division of the Department of Business and Industry shall adopt regulations prescribing the format and contents of a form for disclosing the condition of residential property offered for sale. As used in NRS 118.171 to 118.205, … The primary laws that govern real estate are listed below. Escrow Agencies and Agents. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are laws that are enacted by the legislature. Chapter 645B. March 30, 2020 ... Notice to All Tow Car Carriers that Tow for Residential Complexes Under NRS 706.4477. NRS 123.270 Contracts or settlements to be written and acknowledged. The Department of Taxation is responsible for enforcing the provisions of this section. (Added to NRS by 2003, 1301, 2208) NRS 116.045 “Executive board” defined. Mortgage Companies and Mortgage Loan Originators. Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons. A form which sets forth the duties owed by a licensee who is acting for only one party to a real estate transaction. Inspectors of Structures and Energy Auditors. Appraisers of Real Estate and Appraisal Management Companies. NRS 113.120 Regulations prescribing format and contents of form for disclosing condition of property. Chapter 645D. “Division” means the Real Estate Division of the Department of Business and Industry. Chapter 645E.
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