The next animal that I have decided to write about is a snake with the binomial nomenclature Atheris hispida. 58-73 cm. As their name suggests, spiny bush vipers have highly keeled scales, which give the snakes a spiny or bristly appearance. This is mostly due to their unique looks. Spiny bush vipers prefer rainforests that offer plenty of flowering bushes. 2001 Atheris subocularis — DOBIEY & VOGEL 2007 Atheris subocularis — WALLACH et al. These snakes live in Congo, Uganda and Kenya. Common Names : Synonym: Atheris subocularis FISCHER 1888 Atheris subocularis — LAWSON et al. Atheris acuminata has a lower number of circumorbital scales, as well as lower numbers of supralabiaIs. Posted on September 8, 2016 Updated on September 12, 2016. Vipera berus. Atheris hispida… Nose-Horned Viper. Unfortunately, these snakes are common among the exotic, and sometimes black market pet trade. For a summary of differences between A. hirsuta and other Atheris species, see … Unknown. BABY NAME. Life Span. 2014: 63 : Distribution: Cameroon Type locality: "Cameroons." In addition, A. hispida has a higher number of interocunasals. This beautiful snake goes by a few different names, including: rough-scaled bush viper, spiny bush viper, hairy bush viper, rough-scaled tree viper, African hairy bush viper, and hairy viper. Spiny bush viper is venomous snake native to Africa. It is these traits that result in the dragon-like appearance. Members of the genus Atheris, known as bush vipers, are known for being very colourful snakes, with much variety in the genus and within species. Stejneger's Pit Viper. Reproduction: viviparous : Types: Vipera ammodytes. ... Common European Adder. snakelet. Its scientific name stems from the Greek words meaning hairy and tailed. The more common name for this creature is the African hairy bush viper. Known for its extremely keeled scales that give it an almost bristly appearance. Common names: rough-scaled bush viper, spiny bush viper, hairy bush viper, more. Atheris hispida is a venomous viper species found in Central Africa. A new species, named Matilda's horned viper (Atheris matildae) was discovered in Tanzania in 2012. What Does It Look Like? female. Pages in category "Atheris hispida" This category contains only the following page. ... Ashe’s bush viper, and Desaix’s bush viper. These snakes are rarely seen in the wild because they inhabit regions that are distant … LENGTH. A. Atheris hispida; Media in category "Atheris hispida" This category contains only the following file. One interesting fact is that researchers who specifically work on this bush viper say that it is best to avoid the No subspecies are currently recognized. There are three subspecies of spiny bush viper that differ in color, size and type of habitat where they can be found. It is a venomous snake species. FEMALE NAME. The snake that resembles a dragon is the Atheris hispida, more commonly referred to as the Bush Viper. 10-12 yrs. Atheris hispida Found in the rain forests of Central Africa, this small but highly venomous viper is noted for its huge eyes and keeled, bristle-like scales which give it an almost feathered appearance (hence one of its common names, ”feathered tree viper”). MALE NAME. Atheris hispida Population size. Spiny Bush Viper (Atheris hispida) Source. The Spiny bush viper is a venomous snake native to Africa. male. Atheris hispida.