With warmth from the outside air and moisture from the interior of the fridge, gaskets around your refrigerator/freezer doors can quickly become the home to mold and mildew. When the Svc tech moved the refrigerator he found a black Mold spot that was 12" x 12" on the wall. Submerge a clean rag into the mixture and wring it out. It will help to remove residue, mold and mildew, along with providing odor reduction. If your fridge has an icemaker and water dispenser, it increases the places where you might have black mold problems. By cleaning your gaskets, you are making it easier for them to remain sealed, meaning your refrigerator cools more efficiently. The first step is to kill the source and then prevent it from returning. Wipe the entire refrigerator and freezer out with the baking soda cleanser. Check the Seal The further your fridge is from a water source the more tubing or pipe had to be used to connect this appliance. We own a Samsung refrigerator that has a leaky ice-maker. Obvious visible mold includes the black/grayish growth that occurs around the sinks, on bench paper, cardboard or other cellulosic materials, and on the walls, ceilings, floors and laboratory equipment. How to clean the seal on the fridgefreezer door Freezer Door Vaseline Life Hack Refrigerator DIY https://www.thekitchn.com/refrigerator-we-have-a-problem-130210 Black mold in Kitchen and Family Hub 12-08-2020; Black mold brought on by leaky Ice maker in Kitchen and Family Hub 12-02-2020; Peeling stainless finish in Kitchen and Family Hub 09-23-2020; Ice Maker in RF25HMEDBBC/AA in Kitchen and Family Hub 07-11-2020 We filed a complaint and a Svc Tech came to replace the icemaker and motherboard. The longer the tubing, the more places for leaks, condensation, and black mold. There are several ways to approach this black monster. Learn more here. This spot was due … Re-wet and wring out the rag as needed. To get rid of odors from the mold and mildew you can mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 qt. Place a spray nozzle in a jar of pure white vinegar, and lots of q-tips and an hour later -- no more black mold on the ice & water dispenser of my refrigerator … Dry the refrigerator and freezer with clean paper towels. The first step in the mold and mildew removal process is clear out your refrigerator upon discovering any mold and/or mildew deposits. Black mold exposure is no more harmful than exposure to other forms of mold, but it may lead to health issues for certain people. warm water. Using a microfiber cloth and toothbrush to dip in your solution, gently wipe down the gaskets. Hydrogen Peroxide Method You Will Need: