The BL drama "Color Rush" tells the story of a protagonist, who sees the whole world in gray due to neurological color blindness, experiences "color rush… Day #1 I Have an XP Panel 162.4K views. It has a tv series, today they release chapter 6 (I can't wait any longer, that's the bad thing about seeing it on broadcast) To better understand the plot I started reading the book (I'm going through chapter 30). This post is also available in: Français (French) THE BOYZ‘ former member HWALL (Heo Hyun Joon) will be making a comeback with a BL (boys love) type of drama.. COLOR RUSH. It never felt like this drama was trying to tell a love story, although Yeon Woo and Yoo Han’s gives us is undoubtedly a beautiful one. 4.6 #5 MMORPG Doomsday War God 78.2K views. But when he meets Yoo Han, it's like a meeting of destiny: Yeon Woo experiences a color rush, a phenomenon which makes him suddenly see colours through intense experiences. Next to these strange experience and the question whether Yeon Woo and Yoo Han are destined lovers, there … 3.0 #4 Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband 83.3K views. 3.9 #3 Super Supreme System 96.7K views. Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 27 Recap. Trending Topics: Chinese Plot • Chinese Drama • Chinese Novel ... Color Rush 컬러 러쉬 Chapter 1 - 1.6. Screenplay by Park Seon-jae-I (박선재) •BL - Boys' Love •Web-drama YouTube | Airing dates : 2020/12/30~2021/01/21. Is anyone reading the Korean novel Color Rush? Synopsis: In "Color Rush", Yeon Woo sees the world only in grey light by a neurological blindness. Hur Hyun Jun (formerly known as Hwall from The Boyz) has been cast in a new drama! It will star young actor Yoo Jun in the leading role as Yeon-woo alongside Heo Hyun-joon of The Boyz in his first screen credit. What’s even more surprising is the sudden rush of color that washes over the world whenever Yoo Han walks into the room. 3.6 #2 Kingsman of the Movie World 136.1K views. That’s the kind of story Color Rush offers us. Novels Ranking. Color Rush (Korean: 컬러 러쉬; RR: Keolleo reoswi; MR: K'ŏllŏ rŏshwi) is a South Korean mystery romance web series starring Yoo Jun and Hur Hyun-jun. As if brought together by fate, Yeon Woo’s life is forever changed the day he meets Yoo Han. Tags: LGBTQ+, Web Series, Gay Relationship, Missing Person, Gay Character, Soulmates, Color Blindness, Attempted Suicide, Adapted From A Web Novel, High School Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Statistics Immoral Night. It never feels like this drama was trying to hype the BL genre of which it is a part. Falling for the boy’s many charms, Yeon Woo is overwhelmed by the unexpected rush of emotions he feels every time Yoo Han is near. The BL drama “Color Rush” tells the story of a protagonist, who sees the whole world in gray due to neurological color blindness, experiences “color rush,” an occurrence in which colors can be seen, when he suddenly meets his destiny. Directed by Park Seon-jae-I (박선재). 8 episodes - Wed, Thu 18:00 Synopsis "Color Rush" is based on the Boys Love webnovel of the same title. Based on the eponymous Boys' love webtoon; it tells the story of Yeon Woo, played by Yoo, who can only see the world in varying tones of gray and Yoo Han, played by Hur, with whom Yeon Woo experiences a "color rush" – … StoryWiz will be producing “Color rush“, the winner of the “2nd Blice Contest” (Boys Love, a genre about romance between men), alongside the drama production company “CONS TV”.