Don: I would like to start off by saying the warhammer community misspoke in their introductory article for this guy. essentially limit your army building for Death Guard detachments. It’s probably not as busted as The Droning, but it’s equally good for use with the, I agree those two stand out as the best, but I do think the Poxmongers will see use still, as a full Blight Hauler unit with the Ironclot buff up is great. If you’re a Death Guard player you should be over the moon about this book and if you’re a Chaos player otherwise you should be psyched about this direction and level of design being applied to the other Chaos factions. Just take a look at the new profile for the Defiler – it’s better at shooting, better at fighting, AND it has more Attacks.. As with the improvements to Plague … Once per battle, at the end of your Movement Phase, you can use this relic to pick an enemy unit within 6″ and roll 7D6. Hey guys just wondering if there have been any leaks / known information on anything in the codex. Stratagem, which gives a unit of Spawn +1T and Disgustingly Resilient. Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Death Guard 9th edition codex will be added, without notification. I am in the camp of loving the Malignant Plaguecaster though. Fully agree with Don here, this guy rocks, just a really strong, flexible character. is a new rule that lets units ignore modifiers when taking attrition tests. You can then choose either for the unit performing the action to take d3 mortal wounds, or to roll a d6. I could go either way, the flavour here is quite Death Guard specific. In that time, they have assembled an armoury of ancient and forbidden artefacts, redolent with the unclean power of Nurgle’s blessings. It seems like the only reason to run Cultists in a DG army is to have really cheap units to perform actions. Did possessed get better with the new book? Stratagem during army construction to give a Pysker an extra power and the ability to re-roll a Psychic test once per turn for free. is also back, but now only gives a 4+ invulnerable to a single friendly Daemon Engine within 6”, picked during the Command phase. I think this is actually pretty significant. I started collecting Death Guard with the Dark Imperium box when 8th edition launched about 3 years ago. Make sure to think about how you’re going to achieve that – perhaps a Helbrute to sit in your backline and a rhino to ferry stuff up the board then threaten to score big points if your opponent doesn’t spend time killing it. I just try to compare a plague marine to a possessed and ask why take the possessed. I'd love a -1 to wound or similar effect, as it wouldn't slow down game play as much as the extra rolling for disgustingly resilient. It does not affect Nurgle units when it explodes either. I could go either way, the flavour here is quite Death Guard specific. I think it’ll be unchanged personally, and I’m excited to see what’ll change. This is going to let you do some extremely stupid stuff in combination with the Plague Company Contagions and the. They do pay for this, going to 140pts each, meaning you’re likely not spamming 9 any more. He’s T8 now and he gets a staggering three Warlord Traits, plus at the start of every game you get to pick one of the Plague Company Warlord Traits to give to him. (1 CP) powers up a Plagueburst Crawler’s shooting, making its mortar 3 damage and causing every unit within 3” of the unit hit by the mortar to take mortal wounds on a 4+. are still all about Poxwalkers and now Typhus comes with this company pre-loaded (but he can still be in other company detachments without breaking their focus). It does not affect Nurgle units when it explodes either. I don’t see any reason why I would not try to field at least one. Of note is that they can’t perform actions except for Spread the Sickness. (WC6, -1 to hit against a DEATH GUARD unit) are both completely unchanged. Units with this rule count as Stationary if they didn’t Advance or Fall Back in the previous Movement phase, Vehicles with the rule don’t get a penalty for firing Heavy Weapons at units within Engagement range, and INFANTRY with this ability ignore any/all modifiers to its Move characteristic and Advance and Charge rolls. Rob: I have to admit I was skeptical they’d produce a fortification worth fielding competitively but the Contagions rules for this thing are solid – the Toxic Presence rule means that it always counts the current battle round as 4 for its contagions rules (so, max range), and its Putrescent Fog rule gives friendly Death Guard Infantry within 6” Light Cover or -1 to be hit if they already had light cover. They can’t protect Mortarion any more with their Bodyguard rule, but he kind of doesn’t need it now anyways. There are a few things we haven’t seen yet, though, and we’re covering them all here. (WC5), both of which now have a “basic” mode and a more powerful effect that goes off on a cast that exceeds the target charge by 3 or more. My feeling is that if they change DR it will most likely be by adding a minor caveat to it a la Nurglings’ “Squishable” rule (no DR rolls on damage rolls over 1). haven’t retained their ability to summon on the move – sadly all mentions of summoning Daemons seem to have been removed from this book – but can use the. Followers of the Death Lord. Death Guard are, with this book in hand, one of the most durable armies in the whole game. Each time a model is destroyed by an attack made by this weapon, the model’s unit suffers a mortal wound on a 4+, to a maximum of 3 per turn. limits you to one LORD OF THE DEATH GUARD unit per Detachment. Today we see the new Imperial Armour Compendium up for pre order from Forge World! Ferric Blight can make even humble boltguns very nasty, and can help make Predators viable. It’s a hell of a tank. It’s a nice little add-on to have for your Plague Marine and Blightlord Terminator Units. Here are some highlights from the list of returning stratagems. the Death to the False Emperor ability and I choose to make it with the reaping scythe profile, do I roll 1 hit roll or 3? The bigger issue with it is that you lose any value at all if the weapon is already hitting on 6s, plus it doesn’t apply to mortal wounds, or auto-wound abilities. I just try to compare a plague marine to a possessed and ask why take the possessed. Page 1 of 4 - Codex: Death Guard 9th + Lord of Virulence - posted in + NEWS, RUMORS, AND BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS +: The third and last codex for 2020 apparently. There were a couple nerfs, like the malefic talons going down to AP1. Joining us for this review is relatively new Goonhammer author Don “The Mastodon” Hooson, a player renowned for his mad genius when it comes to Death Guard and Chaos Space Marines lists. Death Guard 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation. More than I think I’ve seen for any other army. So my long hiatus from … He does nothing for your daemon engines. Competitive 9th Edition Live Stream – Necrons vs Death Guard – Warhammer 40k. Without Rhinos or drills to move a unit of 10 across the table, Warptime is your next best bet for getting them where they need to be. This comes with a, to 5 points per model, making them significantly better than their prior incarnations, and now get to be in a PLAGUE COMPANY by default, so can benefit from more rules than just the Harbingers one. We know the Death Guard are getting a new codex and a new model – but that’s not all! The - 1 to wound would be weird, wouldnt it? Their stratagem is great at letting you get more coverage with those characters and their warlord trait, The Droning is the first thing I have seen out of 9th edition that I have called “broken” or “far too powerful”. His pistol now does mortal wounds instead of having D6 damage, his Blight Racks improve the AP and Damage of nearby blight grenades by 1, and his new. both came back, though Creeping Blight lost its +1 to damage rolls bonus. That’s no bad thing as both are strong, so expect to continue to see them perform in lists, and both being able to go onto big Poxwalker blobs is nice. The Foetid Bloat-Drone is even better now. At the end of the battle you get 3pts for each objective you have contaminated. Despite all this, Blightlords still get to sit at a very attractive 40ppm. This really only matters for Poxwalkers because well, you’re never going to take Death Guard Cultists again. Except Terminator Sorcerers, who wear cowardly. Seeing as the 9th previews articles that included PMs literally spoke about DR, with a preview of the rule jpeg from some yet unseen publication, I wouldn't get your hopes up for blanket -1 to wound. The Tabletop Titans crew brings us another 9th ed 40k video about playing Deathguard!. Learn the new tricks and tactics you will need to play Death Guard in 9th edition from a team that has been playtesting the game for months. With. Diseased Minions prevents you from taking more PLAGUE FOLLOWER units (Cultists) than BUBONIC ASTARTES CORE infantry units in your Detachment, and applies the same restriction for Poxwalkers, so a given Detachment can only have a maximum of one Poxwalker and one Cultist unit per Plague Marine, Blightlord or Deathshroud unit. You can then choose either for the unit performing the action to take d3 mortal wounds, or to roll a d6. Myphitic Blight-Haulers are also likewise enhanced, with better WS/BS and an improvement to 9W and 4A each. This week was suspiciously quiet in the leaks department. I could see pairing this unit with a squad of Deathshrouds and being a massive thorn in peoples’ sides. The delayed new Death Guard codex (9th edition’s first rulebook released for a Chaos army) went up for pre-order on January 16 and was released on January 23. Also note that the Plague Company Warlord Traits have redone as we mentioned earlier in the “Plague Companies are back” section. I like this book a whole lot. got several tweaks as well. Meanwhile Deathshrouds get updated Manreaper Scythes that now have a second profile for scything (double the attacks, 1 damage per), and a more power fist-like cleaving attack, plus they can take Chimes of Contagion to up their Contagion ranges by 3” (to a max of 12”). have lost the Transhuman Stratagem but retained, , which for 1 CP lets any unit perform a Heroic Intervention if there’s an enemy unit within 3”. Updated compilation of rumors, leaks, previews for Death Guard 9th edition codex. This product is a preorder and releases on January 23rd, additionally this product is subject to allocation. Rob vs. Don: Are Death Guard Possessed Good? I do not know what “the list” will become because so many builds look great and viable. We rolled for a mission from the Grand Tournament 2020 and got Push Forward. returns but no longer lets a Daemon Engine shoot after Falling Back – it now lets you shoot Blast weapons at units in Engagement range and you get +1 to hit enemy units in Engagement range with ranged attacks. I do not feel that this codex is more powerful than the Space Marines or Necrons codexes. Thats usually where all the leaks came from when the release was still far away. Helbrutes only reduce incoming damage by 1 and are 6” movement, but got a ton of tweaks to their weapons (Plasma cannons are now 3 damage flat, power scourges are only S+1) and a new Frenzy rule to replace the old Crazed one that gives them the ability to re-roll wound rolls of 1 if they’ve taken any damage.