Once this was the location of the Beaconcrest Hotel and Casino, a splendid resort, which sadly burned down in the 1920s. Under his guidance, Bannerman's became the world's largest buyer of surplus military equipment. It's covered with poison ivy. Ruins from the post have been found near the village of Erwood. Offer subject to change without notice. Not technically open to the public, as the island is currently the nesting grounds of several Bald Eagles. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. June 17, 2015. Buried on an island in the Hudson, beneath the brittle body of century old castle walls and thin hair of tangled vines, lie Civil War bayonet scabbards and the ashes of Irish linen bed sheets. After the graduation ceremony for an advanced sailing class, Neil Caplan, the Trust's founder and President spoke. During the Revolutionary War, patriots unsuccessfully tried to stop the British from advancing north of the island by sinking 106 upright logs tipped in iron points in the Hudson. Mulford Ice House ruins/Falling Waters Reserve, Glasco NY Part of Scenic Hudson, Falling Waters Reserve offers two miles of relatively easy trails, including a very short trail that leads from the parking area to the ruins of Mulford Ice House, once a massive ice house producing some 10,000 tons of ice annually. (Just be mindful of when and where you tread; as these sites deteriorate and change ownership, visitors aren’t always welcome.) We traveled up the west side of the river, to the Storm King Mountain lumberyard. The Bannerman Castle Trust Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Now an active widow in her 80s, Jane is very much involved in the Bannerman Castle Trust. Published regularly from the 1880s to the 1960s, its approximately 350 illustrated pages feature African arrows with metal barbed points to a Moroccan sheik saddle in serviceable order. And all of it was elaborately decorated, from biblical quotations cast into all fireplace mantles, to a shield between the towers with a coat of arms, and a wreath of thistle leaves and flowers. It was a steep incline up rocks that we walked scaled up for probably 20-30 minutes. When I saw Bannerman Castle, I fell in love!" We always meant to go back to get personal things, like my grandmother's Irish linen bed sheets.". The National Maritime Historical Society, tucked under the Crystal Bay restaurant at Peekskill's Charles Point, is a haven for Hudson River aficionados. "My brother and I used to get the catalog in New Mexico where we lived in the 1930s, and buy kepis (hats) issued in the Civil War for seventy five cents! Bannerman know exactly what he was doing, and he did it his own way. All rights reserved. It's a piece of sculpture! We left planning to go rent a canoe and come back the next day. Presented with stunning vistas, these artists still wanted something more. Stand in the same spot today though, and whilst the vista of the Hudson River Valley has unchanged, all that is left of the casino are the foundation stones. Of it, the New York Herald said, "No museum in the world exceeds it in the number of exhibits.". Bannerman purchased the island in 1900 and began building his castle in 1901, envisioning it as both a summer residence for himself and his … Young Frank can be called the "Father of the Army-Navy Store," for he was one of the first to realize that much of what was being sold had a market value higher than scrap. Whilst the views offered by the hotel were … "Sure I've been to Bannerman Island. Acting on behalf of the Crown, a rival clan, the Campbells, slaughtered all Macdonald males ages 12-70. The 11-page article, which I co-authored with Thom Johnson and which borrows from a chapter in Hudson Valley Ruins: Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape, written by myself and Tom Rinaldi, shares new research about the development of … Video was taken on the NJ side of the Hudson River in Palisades Park Along the Palisades skyline in Alpine, New Jersey, are the ruins of a once opulent mansion built in 1911 on a 25-acre cliffside property overlooking the Hudson River.. The town is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Hudson Bay No. The Hudson Valley is full of incredible estates and historic houses. This sense of an open book lent the land its air of manifest destiny, of fertile fields and virgin forests. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. Once used as a military supply warehouse, the beautiful ruins of the Bannerman Castle can be viewed all the way from the Metro-North Railroad. Fondly, he says, "There is no way to describe something so eccentric. This is the only surviving intact brickyard with kiln sheds on the Hudson River. He begins, "I like to think of Bannerman Castle as a giant billboard. Later, General George Washington approved plans to use the island as a military prison. A lot of things came in their original crates, never unpacked. See more ideas about hudson river, hospital, abandoned hospital. The only intersection in America where the buildings on all four corners were built pre-Revolutionary War. Thom is the Trust's vice president, a tall sturdy man with a gray ponytail and renaissance ability for photography, painting, educating and R&B drumming. Although local residents wouldn't let Frank Bannerman change the name of the island, on the north and east sides of his warehouse, it says BANNERMAN'S ISLAND ARSENAL, obvious to all who pass by on train and boat.". Southfields Furnace ceased production in 1887, two years after the … It would take you past a beautiful view the Hudson River and Bannerman’s Castle before leading you to the ruins. Thanks to Thom Johnson for the photography on this page. Aug 10, 2018 - BANNERMAN'S CASTLE is without a doubt the Hudson Valley's most renowned ruin. I remember that there wasn't much power, you had to turn one light bulb off before you could turn the next one on.". Almost all of it was done without professional help from architects, engineers and contractors. John C. Cruger, who owned the island on the Hudson that now carries his name, decided to make this into reality. Access for the peninsula is at the end of a residential street and parking is in a large area directly before a gated road. Glenham, NY 12527http://www.bannermancastle.org, Special Places to Visit on the Shores of the Hudson. There, the caretaker, Frank Crawford, came to meet us in the work boat. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Photos of the abandoned northeast by Rob Dobi. See. The ruins of Bannerman’s Castle, an abandoned military surplus warehouse, still stand in the middle of the Hudson River In the early 20th century, a New York City entrepreneur bought Pollepel Island and built the eye-catching structure to advertise his explosive business Thom Johnson approximates that "50 percent of the commemorative cannons placed in public areas were purchased through Bannerman's." It is widely known and often written about. We found hinges from cots, and a huge pile of bayonet scabbards. "In Hudson Valley Ruins: Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape, preservationists Thomas E. Rinaldi and Robert J. Yasinsac share their fascination with the dozens of once grand--but now abandoned--buildings and sites that dot the Hudson River landscape. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. A tiny jewel in the setting of the Hudson Highlands is called Pollepel, now familiarly known as Bannerman Island. Historic photos of the Castle are on board, and the cruise is narrated by Bannerman Castle Trust's Thom Johnson or Neil Caplan. Oh, and watch out for the current. And nations at war outfitted whole armies through Bannerman's. Southfields produced stamped iron and blistered steel, and many of the goods were made for government contracts. The Hudson River School painters liberally sprinkled ruins into their landscapes, imagining an American past more like that of their own ancestors. Hudson River & ruins of Fort Constitution, West-Point Summary Photograph shows trees and hills near the Hudson River, West Point, New York. They advertised their large, illustrated catalog in the back of pulp magazines in the 1920s and '30s for 40 cents. Like us on Facebook to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. Their storeroom and showroom, taking up a full block at 501 Broadway, opened to the public in 1905. ", When the Trust takes officials out to the island, it is often in Thom Johnson's aluminum rowboat, with him at the oars. Winner will be selected at random on 03/01/2021. In 1757, a fur trading post was established in the Hudson Bay District beside the Red Deer River. I once watched canoes paddle for hours trying to get to the island. See more ideas about abandoned, abandoned places, abandoned buildings. We had it there for a few years. When settlers arrived on the American continent, everything seemed new, untouched to them. Part of the Hudson River Museum of Westchester complex, which includes the Hudson River Museum and the Andrus Planetarium. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the island being owned by the People of the State of New York, and it is one group's vision that the public will soon regain access to this legendary site. Online, the trail was listed as a “moderate” difficulty. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. "My sons and I used to keep a boat in the reeds next to shore. That first time we walked around and explored, there was so much to see! "I was there for the first time in the 1930's. New York State had plans to open Bannerman Island as a park, and for a short time in 1968 they ran tours of the island. . During the next 17 years, Frank Bannerman personally designed the island's buildings, docks, turrets, garden walls and moat in the style of old Scottish castles. There, the Bannerman Castle Trust, an organization dedicated to stabilizing the ruins of Bannerman Castle and opening the island to the public, hosted a slide show and lecture one cold winter night late last December. There are … She says, "In the end, it all comes down to money, and if they don't hurry up, it'll all fall down. An unidentified man sitting in front of the Cruger Island "ruins", probably in the early decades of the 20th century, A sculpture originally from Uxmal in the Yucatan. Neil Caplan, a … Areas to explore include the house’s dramatic stone and brick remains overlooking the Hudson River and a nearby barn-garage complex. For more information, call (845) 782-0685. They had three sons. Jun 24, 2014 - Old abandoned structures in the Hudson Valley. Neil went on, "We've brought architects and engineers to the island, and they say that five out of the seven buildings can be stabilized. Overlooking the Hudson River in Bergen County, NJ, Palisades Interstate Park is about 12 miles long, a half-mile wide, and encompasses 2,500 acres of wild Hudson River shorefront, uplands, and cliffs. On maps it is Pollopel Island: 6 3/4 acres of mostly rock; 1,000 feet from the eastern shore of the Hudson; 50 miles north of New York City. During the 1690's, the King of England demanded allegiance from the Scottish clans. To learn more or withdraw consent, please visit our cookie policy. In 1790, the North West Trading Company set up a … His father established a business selling flags, rope and other articles acquired at Navy auctions. They were assembled in New York, artifacts from Copan, Palenque and Quirigua placed among them, and Cruger would show them off to his guests by taking midnight boat rides, moonlight glancing off the impossible antiquities. They supplied countless theatrical productions with uniforms for costumes, and many illustrators and painters with military detail. I still have my kepi from 1935. Look at all these textures, all that he did with masonry. The restored Victorian mansion, completed in 1877, is a restoration work in progress. It decided the mountainous site was no place for a park and turned him down. © 2021 Atlas Obscura. May 11, 2014 - Explore Amanda Ludwig's board "Hudson River State Hospital" on Pinterest. In 1840, while in Honduras, Stephens purchased the land containing the ruined city of Copan for $50, and took casts of the collapsed buildings and sent them north. He partnered with John Lloyd Stevens, a travel writer who penned several books about his travels to eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America, to make it a reality. ", Jane Bannerman is one of only a handful of people to know Bannerman Island's glorious past first-hand. One of the most notable sights in Rhinebeck, just 10 miles up the Hudson River from Hyde Park, is Wilderstein. Following Cruger’s death, the family fell on hard times, and in 1919 the ruins and statues were sold to the American Museum of Natural History, where they are today viewable as “Red Hook’s ruins” in the Hall of Mexico and Central America, having taken something of a circuitous route to arrive there. A short man with long nights showing under his eyes began, "Four years ago I came to this area looking for a place to do theater. There is a fence built by Bard college 500 feet before the ruins. In the early 1900s, Bannerman's supply of military goods was staggering. During the Russian-Japanese war, Bannerman's filled an order for 100,000 saddles, rifles, knapsacks, haversacks, gun slings, uniforms and 20 million cartridges, as well as a shipload of assorted military goods. The island is owned by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic … Make sure you put in north of the island when the current is flowing south.". Every winter brings more destruction.". When he joined the union army during the Civil War, 13-year-old Frank began running the business. While Hudson Highlands State Park is better known for its challenging hikes to amazing vistas, Dennings Point is an amazing attraction in its own right. At the close of the Spanish American War, Frank Bannerman purchased 90 percent of all captured goods in a sealed bid, and it became necessary to find a secure place to store their large quantity of very volatile black powder. Collectors claim that the Bannerman catalog is the best book ever written on weapons of war. Since then, the Taconic State Parks Commission declares it off limits. PO Box 843 My nerve rushed away like a Hudson River tide. We were certain that under the collapsed roofs there was the heavy stuff that never sold, but we couldn't get to it without tools. The style is almost gaudy, but somehow he manages to pull it off. I am not in the most incredible shape of my life, but I would like to think I’m in … Pollepel Island / pɒlɪˈpɛl / is a 6.5 acres (26,000 m 2) island in the Hudson River in New York. Ruins in the Hudson Posted by: Scout June 21, 2010 15 Comments Two of my favorite ruins in Manhattan can be found partially submerged in the Hudson River, overshadowed by the nearby West Side Highway and row of ugly, bland Trump apartment high rises. This list of historic sites and abandoned ruins represents a small sample of the aging gems you can explore in the Hudson Valley —and they portray a rich and tumultuous history. I called her at her apartment in Manhattan, and she recalled earlier days at Bannerman Island. Decades of decline, plus a huge fire in 1969, left the structure in ruins by the 1990s, when the Bannerman Castle Trust was established. She knows that the castle's only hope is the Bannerman Castle Trust, which is working with the Taconic Park Commission in formulating a master plan for the buildings' stabilization. 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One man's swirling six-acre monument of stone. Park Overview: Overlooking the Hudson River in Bergen County, NJ, Palisades Interstate Park is about 12 miles long, a half-mile wide, and encompasses 2,500 acres of wild Hudson River shorefront, uplands, and cliffs. Look at the north view -- there's no right angles on these buildings! But the Bannerman family also understood little boys. A preview of my current work in progress of several Hudson River Estates, style is similar to my Long Island Gold Coast video. Bob Parker lived in Putnam County during the 1970s, and childhood memories of Bannerman's catalog lured him out to the castle ruins. Fuck you to whomever made that rating. On our right, the beautiful, broken down facade of Bannerman Castle beams like the winner of a childhood game of hide and seek. Once an uninhabited place, accessible only by boat, it was considered haunted by some Indian tribes and thus became a refuge for those trying to escape them. NOTE: Do not attempt to visit Bannerman Island. But the night of August 8, 1969, a raging fire of unknown origin destroyed all of the buildings. Winter Farmers Market at The Valley in Yorktown, TMI Project: Inside Black Stories Matter in Kingston (Virtual), The Music of Linda Ronstadt: a concert film for Parkinson’s Research, Putnam History Museum's Virtual Brew Talk & Beer Tasting. One of the world's largest ice festivals dazzles visitors for over a month with radiant sculptures and carvings. To become a friend of Bannerman Castle, call 845-831-6346, or send a check to: All boats leave Newburgh Landing. Buy Hudson Valley Ruins: Forgotten Landmarks of an American Landscape by Robert J. Yasinsac, Thomas Rinaldi (ISBN: 9781584655985) from Amazon's Book Store. The Trust's persistence has swung Albany's attention to the rapidly deteriorating castle, and they have won the small but monumental right to study the possibility of opening Bannerman Island to the public. ", Francis Bannerman died in 1918, and the family business operated until the 1970s out of a warehouse in Blue Point, Long Island. His son, David, saw Pollopel Island, in the Hudson, and Frank Bannerman purchased it in 1900. At the first of every month, we publish a free e-newsletter, letting subscribers know what’s happening in the river towns. To see Bannerman Island, take a Pride of the Hudson cruise. This is the remnant of a Scotsman's fortress called Bannerman Castle -- built not as a home, but as an arsenal for his immense collection of weapons. That the ‘new world’ was used or inhabited at the time was of no consequence. In 1967, the family sold Bannerman Castle to New York State, which took possession after all of the old military merchandise was removed and the relics given to the Smithsonian. And it's infested with snakes and deer ticks. Nations at peace were his customers. Saved by C Solomon Holmes This is the remnant of a Scotsman's fortress called Bannerman Castle -- built not as a home, but as an arsenal for his immense collection of weapons. The intersection of Pollope Island with the Bannerman family is one of fate -- the magnetic pull of two entities shaped by the legacy of the battlefield. Be the captain of your own ship as you steer along this historic waterway, experiencing its hidden wonders and two centuries of history. Ironically, in the 1930s Cornish hoped to bequeath his 650-acre property to New York State. Buried on an island in the Hudson, beneath the brittle body of century old castle walls and thin hair of tangled vines, lie Civil War bayonet scabbards and the ashes of Irish linen bed sheets. Though this was the prism through which romantics and schemers viewed their new home, many felt something of an inferiority complex toward the antiquities of Europe. “You can also see it really well from the river.” Jump to the ruins: » Wyndclyffe in Rhinebeck, NY “It’s right next to Kingston Point Park,” says Yasinsac. History. One escaped to the hills with the clan banner -- and from that day on, his family name was Bannerman. ©Beacon Historical Society ©Luke J Spencer. Just north of Cold Spring, my friend and I climbed the pedestrian overpass at Metro North's Breakneck Ridge train stop. Millions of fascinated travelers passed by on the railroad and the Dayline steamer; their access was barred by armed guards, watch dogs, warning signs and red flags. Bannerman's is the perfect ruin, right down to its location-- on Pollepel (or Polopel) Island, which is fabled for eerie happenings going back to the 1600's. He was very devoted, but it was a gigantic task. This 14th century castle withstood years of battle but is now sliding off the hills into the Danube. Accessible by boat, this interesting island can be right on the Hudson River! Jane Bannerman recalls, "The island was closed down by the manager of the Manhattan store.