Kiara introduced her three cubs to Vitani's twins. Simba needed an heir to the throne of Pride Rock. Kopa/Vitani (The Lion King) Kopa (The Lion King) Vitani (The Lion King) Your OC; Child Abandonment; Mommy Issues; Bittersweet Ending; Bad Parenting; Summary. Alright, let's begin. "No, Mother! Vitani had a lot of great qualities, A great fighter, A loyal lioness but being a mother wasn't one of them. Kopa and Vitani were lying nuzzled up together in a perfect green and lush spot. Afterwards Zira ordered Nuka to get rid of Kopa, so he grabbed Kopa by the scruff and darted out of the cave. 1. This is the story of Kopa and Vitani, the way I see it. She was the scout and second-in-command of the Outsiders until she reformed and joined Simba's … She is the daughter of Zira, and the younger sister of Nuka and elder sister ofKovu. Kopa tried to fight back but he didn’t have the training that Vitani had when it came to fighting. Enough." (One-shot) Language: English Words: 1,151 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 2 Hits: 92 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Prior to The Lion Guard 3.2 Lions of the Outlands 3.3 Cave of Secrets 3.4 Journey to the Pride Lands … Kiara said. "said Kopa "Yeah, idiot, your the Prince of course everyone knows you" "Oh..." Noticing this was a touchy subject, Vitani quickly changed topic. "And your Kopa, everyone knows you." Kiara's right. He left Kopa in the outlands. Appearances From a glance, your first impression of Kopa as a cub resembles Simba. Kiara's litter mewed, pawing at Vitani and they seemed to be playful at the time. "Yeah, " She said. Kopa and Vitani: true love lasts Fanfiction. He is the prince heir of Pride Rock, and the son of Simba and Nala.. As a cub, Kopa often listened to stories about his family and friends. Just this story and the characters I make up. Another VitaniXKopa tributeI OWN NONE OF THE PICTURES OR THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO!! Vitani stands up to Zira Vitani is a major character in The Lion King: Revisited. Vitani isn't it?" Again, I won't even include the semi-canon here (SNA, comics) so please don't go commenting that "Zira was exiled for killing Kopa", "Vitani is TamaXTojo daughter". "Really? His curiosity once led him into trouble, as he strayed into the desert in search of his "family tree," which he believed to be a physical plant. Kopa noticed that Vitani was just on the edge of sleep, and as she cuddled closer to him, he turned abruptly around and with such force that Vitani had no chance of bracing herself, blew into her chest as hard as he could, making an incredibly loud farting noise. Vitani smiled, clicking her cubs on the forehead and Kopa nuzzled Vitani. It's okay to have your own fan theories but this is not what this article is about. "So.. You wanna hang out tomorrow, we could explore a little." Kopa is a male lion cub. Comics and books are NOT a part of Lion King canon. After Vitani got tired Zira gave Kopa a good slash across the face which knocked him unconscious. !Please comment and/or like :) She is the current leader of the Lion Guard and Kion's successor. Soon after, Kopa's sister, Kiara was born. But Kopa was only having a coma and when he was an adult he returned and married Vitani. Vitani was devastated but soon recovered from the loss. With the help of three vultures called the Buzzard Boyz, Kopa was found by his … Kopas face immediately brightened up, "Sure. I don't own Disney, the lion king, the lion guard of any of the characters from those stories. Vitani and Kopa weren't the heirs but were happy they had cubs as well. She is the daughter of Zira, the middle-aged sister of Nuka and Kovu, a former member of the Army of Scar, the mate of Kopa, and the leader of Pride Lands' Lion Guard. Vitani is a formerOutsiderthat later turned into aPride Land'slioness as part of Simba's pride. "Looks like they're going to get along perfectly!"