Their love making is more a kind of old style romance where surrender of body and soul makes a perfect way of expressing love for each other. They are a force when you take them separately; imagine what can happen when they are together. Sometimes the Leo man is boring to the Aquarius woman, if she doesn´t love him, she will leave him easily, she is not afraid to be without a man on her side, she is very confident with her attitude no matter what other people tell her. He calm and peaceful nature causes her to appear quite composed and docile. Leo man wonders why he’s shy with women; How To Break Up With A Fire Sign; Leo woman feels lack of passion and connection with husband. Biggest heart ever and family is everything. I really like him and we talk to each other everyday for a year now. Intelligently, of course. The Leo man will be traditional in the way he courts the Aquarius woman. I’m wondering now if he will keep his word to the invitations that he offered me as his not spoken about them since and they are due to happen next week. your rising sign might allow you to get along with scorpios.. Like mine is a virgo and i have a lot of taurus friends! Though Aquarius woman is fizzy and dreamy in her mind but once she is in the arms of her Leo man who has extreme emotions for sexual desire, their all arguments and differences turn into moments of passion. We can have fun with each other, but it is often short lived because he will find something about me he doesn’t like and tell me. Not sure what would work for me anymore. The female will use some harsh words and hurt her partner deeply. I calm the fire and he blows the winds of changes. And he told me that he disappeared because he didn’t want to distract me from my studies but we’ve known each other our entire live. They don’t like to be chased, but they enjoy chasing women who give them the right reasons for it. The (Leo symbol) and the -bearer (Aquarius symbol) are true karmic partners which suggest that their relationship will bloom in all possible manners. And because she won’t be up for it all the time, there is the risk they will break up. I find my self softening up around him. They need more patience and tolerance toward one another to make the things work in their relationship. Very caring and protective and passionate he appears. At work, I am good friends with my Leo boss, who was born 1 day, after, my husband’s birthday and is 10 years younger than my husband. The Leo man generally gives up first, as it can be unavoidable with his passionate nature. She still calls me all the time, but when it comes to spending time together alone, she avoids it. Situated on opposite positions on the zodiac wheel, Leo and Aquarius are the signs for which the law of the “opposites attract” works. Then again you get good people and bad people regardless of star signs. His personality would be intriguing for the Aquarius woman and as someone who wants to see everything deeper, she will get hooked. He will see it all as a passionate experience, whereas for her it will all be intellectual. hi everyone,i am Aquarius woman ,i disappointed my leo man several times till the last one when i put him on hold long time then he end the call and left me a msg not to call him till i respect him ,actually ,i left him 3 days and i return calling him but he was very upset and he mention all my bad things i did ,so i get some space and now i feel i love him and i want him … I use to block it out but after I would feel so vulnerable. The strong personality of Leo man impresses the Aquarius woman to the depth of her heart. Understanding this lady needs to be free would also be a great idea. When we walk into anywhere and wherever we go we seriously attract so much attention. But now I feel that he disappeared again Therefore, she will be the one that will have to keep the peace in their relationship. He needs an abundance of affection, cordiality and compassion, whereas she can seem somewhat uninterested and disconnected. As soon as the Leo man has decided the Aquarius woman is the one for him and he’s ready to get married, these two will enter a cozier period in their relationship. Then he does listen to me. He knows everything that pertains to the logical and if he has any sort of question about something, he simply doesn’t bring it up until he has assessed the questions he has and develops the answers needed to appease him. They will fight for long periods of time, the Leo man being too stubborn to ever give in. He says that there is “something wrong” with me because I am not as outgoing as he is. He was a no show the whole time I had travelled. Just be easy with him. And I understand that. im just now giving in to him. Leo man really likes her confidence, pride and loyalty. Met on a dating website 2 years ago as she lives in Europe and I in Australia this is the first time we have met .. she works as a model her contract states that she has no contact with men and that really pisses me of as my natural instinct is to say f@#k the system but I don’t live here and I can’t interfere with her life as such . Leo man + Aquarius woman: The woman born in Aquarius will love a Leo man’s warmth, while he in turn will love her innovative, intelligent mind. One should take chances when it feels right and learn from experience. The result of this is a lot of strong minded and positive ambiance throughout the relationship. I’m now married to a Cancer, I’m loved and adored. I know that I challenge him and I also know he likes this (although he will never come out and say it) He is warm and and he touches me and kisses me like no else I have ever been w. He is smart and keeps my mind busy! What the Aquarius Man Likes about the Leo Woman Her warmth and radiance. Yet, she told me like 2 weeks ago that She loves me and is falling in love with me?!?!?! If he accepts that he may not be the one who’s right all the time, he may get her very soon, but it will be a real challenge to keep her in his life afterwards. So I am a lady Aqua in love with a Leo Man… We mett about 8 months ago online. But he appears to put his work life first and because of this I am lucky if I get to see him once a week. As soon as he will try to somehow limit her freedom and dominate the scene, she’ll be out the door. When he will want to move faster, she will want to slow down and analyze the situation. When married, they’ll enjoy the entire experience, body and soul. The sexual chem is FIRE. He shows off so much and I hate that but I still love him but he ignores the things I say, most of the times. But I feel disappointed Talk about kick a person when a person is down. Aquarius Man And Leo Woman: The Love Affair There is an instant connection formed between the Aquarius man and Leo woman, in the initial stages of their relationship, which makes the Aquarius man compatibility with Leo woman have a strong hold on the roots, of the association. Ivan. I wish he would just accept me for who I am. He does it to start fights with me. im am Aquarius man and ive recently gotten into a relationship w/ an Leo woman. He likes to party and do things I don’t approve of. - The … The more she says what’s on her mind, the more he will like and adore her. I adore my Leo, I would do absolutely anything for him. But dont like uncertainty and maybe all the ”evidence of lying and possibly cheating ‘ was only coincidental…but Aqua girls dont like wondering and in my case the risk was too big for a 2nd chance. He dont trust. Even, though she assures me there is nothing going on with them and she knows thats not for her. that article only describes how “bad” Aquarius women are and how “good” Leo man are. You may each both a bit more unhappy then you've admitted to one another. Thanks for reading She always feared i’d find someone more alike/attractive and leave her, no matter how much i tried to reassure her of my feelings. 11. She won’t care for too much pampering, and it might just irritate her to no extent. Passion was there from the start, kisses like no other. Leo is most compatible with other fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). When an Aquarius man goes cold in a relationship it’s usually due to one following reasons: He’s lost interest in you. After you have identified what's bothering you or what's missing, figure out what lies ahead. The Aquarian guy goes where the fun, excitement, and adventure is. I’m an Aquarius, so Im always feeling misunderstood I wear my heart on my sleeve aggressively …but this Leo calms me like the water barrier Iam. A couple things that I have noticed is that Aquarius woman, woman in general, must have a lot of patience for the Leo man. It’s not that this is all they want to do but you will know how they feel after you have experienced intimacy with a Leo man. I do appreciate the honesty. He is a strong protective opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind (which i LOVE). In the beginning, the Aquarius woman will tease him with all sorts of mind games and affectionate gestures. He is not humble or passive in any way and although he is not cruel, he never steps back when controversy arises and always strives for victory. A fixed sign, the Aquarius can be very stubborn. I am an aqua girl in love with a leo guy who is 6 years my minor. But, in Dec 2012 the Ex was back in the picture and she started spending time with him. Though I’m thoroughly blessed, I’m still trapped in the firm grasp of the Lion and find myself struggling from time to time. The relationship between the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman has its share of positive and negative aspects. All this love they have for one another will help them destroy all their insecurities. I wish you all the best , I’m an Aquarius lady and have dated Aries (great love life but he’s cheated on every girl including me), Cancer (very romantic, warm but seem to hold on to past emotional downfalls), Aquarius (relationship too short due to factors beyond our control -but enjoyed the similarities) and my last guy was a Leo which happened to be the best and worst relationship to date.. he brought out the best in me and I’ve never felt so alive. I swear I typed this myself. We need to feel almost worshiped like the woman’s life needs to revolve around the Leo man.. But its just the beginning of the relationship. He seemed arrogant sometimes, that´s true and he is very dramatic behaving, he tend to give me the fault for everything until I clear things up in a calm way. Leo Aquarius ️ on July 09, 2018: Im a leo male and have just met a Aquarius Woman, the emotional and sexual attraction was instant.