Her screen image was that of a hot-blooded Latin seductress, dressed in fanciful costumes and sparkling jewels. Fictional character biography. Mon AlloCiné Identifiez-vous Créez votre compte. Quanto vale il patrimonio netto di Alice Braga? Alice Braga Wiki, Biografia, Carriera, Net Worth, Relazione, Fidanzato, Altezza, Sposato. She died young and under mysterious circumstances as she drowned in her bathtub, allegedly from a heart attack, on 7 September 1951. [13] She did appear in Follow the Boys, Universal's all-star musical, and Bowery to Broadway. Her mother died when Tina was five years old. The resulting movie was a big hit and established Montez as a star. Shortly after her death, a street in the city of Barahona, Montez's birthplace, was named in her honor. Each desert film attracted droves of Montez fans to the box-office. "[32], Aumont had to leave a few days after wedding Montez to serve in the Free French Forces which were fighting against Nazi Germany in the European Theatre of World War II. He wrote an aesthetic manifesto titled "The Perfect Filmic Appositeness of Maria Montez", and made elaborate homages to her movies in his own films, including the notorious Flaming Creatures (1963).[40]. She was tired of the escapist film genre. Such were among typical Universal "B" productions. Dominican Actress Maria Montez was born Maria Africa Gracia Vidal de Santo Silas on 6th June, 1912 in Barahona, Barahona, Dominican Republic and passed away on 7th Sep 1951 Suresnes, Departement des Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France aged 39. Elle était l'épouse de l'acteur Jean-Pierre Aumont et la mère de Tina Aumont. However, little prepared for the austere life on a big estate, Maria hit the road again in 1939 and landed in New Yor,k where she became a much sought-after model, notably for McClelland-Barclay. It was made for Universal Pictures, who signed her to a long-term contract starting at $150 a week.[4]. We know about the monster movies: wolf men, invisible men -- and invisible women too, for that matter. Discover the real story, facts, and details of Maria Montez. After failing to break through into 1980s Brazilian pop rock she … They flee the bloodthirsty lynch mob, taking refuge in an abandoned fort. Instead, it claims that Montez lived the first 27 years of her life in the Dominican Republic. Découvrez aussi toutes les photos et vidéos de Maria Montez In 1976 Margarita Vicens de Morales publishes a series of articles in the Dominican newspaper Listin Diario, in its magazine called Suplemento, where she presented the results of the research she was carrying out in order to get to the real life story of Maria Montez … In 1998, the TV show Mysteries and Scandals[42] made an episode about Maria Montez. Facebook. his young friend Kado accompanying him as a stowaway. In the book, Maria Montez, Su Vida[3] by Margarita Vicens de Morales, there is a copy of Montez's birth certificate proving that her original name was María África Gracia Vidal. Maria Montez Pictures - Private Life and Times of Maria Montez. In the book, Maria Montez, Su Vida by Margarita Vicens de Morales, there is a copy of Montez's birth certificate proving that her original name was María África Gracia Vidal. Tag: Maria Montez A German flyer for THE SIREN OF ATLANTIS, Robert Lax’s only screenwriting credit. In 1951 she won a lawsuit against producer. Siren of Atlantis ended up requiring re-shoots and was not released until 1948. Maria Montez est la mère de Yolanda Montez. [37][38] She was buried in the Cimetière du Montparnasse in Paris where her tombstone gives her amended year of birth (1918), not the actual year of birth (1912). Mar a Montez, Su Vida Centennial Edition. "[15], Montez was suspended for refusing the lead in Frontier Gal; her role was taken by Yvonne De Carlo who had become a similar sort of star to Montez and began to supplant the latter's 's position at the studio. 1992 with the publication of the biography Maria Montez, Su Vida. Maria Montez. Email. "[7] She took on a "star" pose in her private life. Now I am a star, I am nice."[14]. Check below for more deets about Maria Montez. [8] She graduated to leading parts with South of Tahiti, co-starring Brian Donlevy. modifier Marie-Christine Aumont, dite Tina Aumont, née le 14 février 1946 à Hollywood et morte le 28 octobre 2006 à Port-Vendres, est une actrice franco-américaine. "But I want to quit these films when they are at a peak, not on the downbeat.