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Montgomery County, PA Animal Control News Clip: Animal Services - Pet Trapper raises ire of animal activists. To pay by phone, call 240-777-8898. The number of cases that this animal shelter has with distemper is OUTRAGEOUS. ... Take Control of your Property Tax Bill and Payment. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable and the animals' living areas are clean and well-tended to. 5-202) -  If you do not see the animal you are looking for, check back tomorrow. Dogs and cats available for adoption at the center can be seen below, on,, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and the Friends of Animal Care and Control Facebook page. They work with domestic animals and can provide information about licensing, vaccinations, lost pets, etc. View more. January 26, 2021 . conroe animal shelter. An animal is deemed to be dangerous if it has without provocation killed or inflicted severe injury on a person; if it poses a physical threat to humans because of specific training or demonstrated behavior; or if its bite is poisonous. Copyright © 2021 Montgomery County | All rights reserved. Government ... Take Control of your Property Tax Bill and Payment. Anti-Cruelty Conditions for Dogs and Other Pets Animals which have been deemed to be dangerous must be kept confined in a secure enclosure to prevent direct contact with humans or other animals, and must be leashed and muzzled, and under the control of a person at least 18 years old who is physically able to restrain the animal any time it is removed from the owner’s property. This does not apply to a bird inside the owner’s dwelling, in a pet shop, or in an agricultural area. 5-203(a)(8)) - An owner must not allow a domestic or exotic bird, including a homing pigeon, to be in an aviary within 100 feet of any structure (other than the owner's home) used for human habitation or work. Montgomery County Recreation will begin offering a limited number of indoor, instructor-led sports and fitness activities on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Vanderbilt Primary Care Clarksville 800 Weatherly Drive, Suite 201B Clarksville, TN 37043 Phone: 615-875-4036. Female animal in heat (Montgomery County Code, Sec. The following redemption fees for animals impounded at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter are adopted under Section 5-21(a), Redemption and Disposition Generally; Article III, Animal Control Officer; Chapter 5; Animal Control, Montgomery County Code 1984, as amended: Sign up for a newsletter or update your subscription preferences. The Google Translate Tool is displayed dynamically on Montgomery County web pages using a Google javascript function. ), reptiles, and domestic birds -, Small Livestock and Poultry (lots of 5) -, Large Livestock and Horses (over 150 lbs.) Montgomery County Animal Shelter is located at 8535 SH 242 in Conroe, Texas near The Woodlands, Texas. 5-203(a)(4)) – An owner must not allow a female dog or cat in heat to be outside a building or other secure enclosure that prevents attraction of other animals. We have limited funding, so apply asap! Read more information on leaving pets in vehicles. Failing to provide proper food or water ($500-$1000 fine and 90 days imprisonment) What We Do Our Animal Care and Control Officers enforce state dog laws in Montgomery County and keep the public safe from animal-related health or safety dangers. 5-304.02.01) -. Previous Next. Montgomery County and Stewart County formed a Solid Waste Authority in 1974. The county does not offer free wildlife animal control services, nor does Silver Spring. An animal may defecate on public property or the common area of property in which the owner shares an interest if the owner immediately removes and disposes of the feces by a sanitary method approved by the Director. At MCAS we are dedicated to engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals in Montgomery County. To visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter for inquiries about adoptions or to surrender an animal, the shelter is open to the public 8A - 12P Monday - Friday. The adoption fee is $80 for all dogs, $60 for cats, and $25 for animals (cats or dogs) previously spayed or neutered.