Neji e TenTen Naruto. Neji hegte zunächst einen großen Groll gegen die Hauptfamilie, da er dachte, dass sie seinen Vater an Kumogakure ausgeliefert haben, um Hiashi… Before Team Guy takes off, Neji and Tenten both comment on how ridiculous Guy and Lee are acting. In addition to being completely obsessed with Sasuke, Karin is a fellow descendent of the Uzumaki Clan like Naruto, which means her and Sasuke would've had a child with both Uchiha and Uzumaki blood. Lustige Naruto Meme. She sheds a tear before saying she was never going to forgive him. NEXT: Naruto: 5 Times Every Fan Could Relate To Sakura (& 5 Times We Just Didn't Get Her). "Neji was right, it wasn't food poisoning." She spends most of her time playing with cats, consuming healthy amounts of caffeine, and writing fun lists for Comic Book Resources & TheGamer. added by nejiten2. The three of them decide to delay their entry into the chunin exams, and on the year they do enter, agree to pretend to be weaker than they are to throw their opponents off their guards. This hints that Tenten may have also hidden her emotions since they were in the middle of a war. The blinding and harsh lights of the little 24-hour convenience store made Neji’s tired eyes squint, his vision adjusting from the darkness that graced the quiet streets of the village at two a.m. Once they catch up with them, Neji draws the Kumo-nin away while Tenten and Kiba escape with Hinata. Tenten: Neji: Here is some Neji and Tenten <333 You know, after reading some recent comment about how I shouldn't draw NejiTen, it just put emphasis ... Lemme carry you . Although Kakashi's love life seemed to be nonexistent throughout his time as the leader of Team Seven, he was actually admired by many peers back in his days as a gifted young ninja. And yet, they both ended up along when they could've had each other. Since the Second Shinobi War, Konan and Nagato were practically inseparable as war orphans and friends who were just trying to survive. My husband is not here! After the death of her lover, Dan, Tsunade practically abandoned both the village and her ninja life. 3. inner neji. Shikamaru cheerfuly exclaims that Tenten must hate Neji. Er ist der Sohn von Hizashi Hyuuga und somit der Neffe von Hiashi Hyuuga. Thus, Neji and Tenten were the only majors from the Konoha 11 during the war arc. Since I am a fan Nejiten therefore natural that they enjoy the rea... NejiTen Child: Hotaru His face was all crazy. For years he was driven by a fatalistic belief that his and everyone else's fates were determined from birth and were inescapable. If anyone could understand Sasuke's sense of duty to his family, or taking on a dark path for them, it's Hinata. Lee told her not to give her a lot cause of the child. Tenten- Don't be silly. Would Neji have married Hinata? Beyond coming from clans with a long history together, Ino and Shikamaru naturally click well together on and off the battlefield. In jail, Tenten wonders about her situation, when Lee and Neji call out to her from the window. On the surface, it might have appeared that Karin was only obsessed with her other teammate, Sasuke, while hating Suigetsu with a passion. Ironically, Rin's death served as a reminder to Kakashi of what he should have prioritized and protected all along. Even after the death of Neji, the fandom is still standing strong to this day. When Tsunade returns to Konoha for becoming the Fifth Hokage, Neji is seen training. They both have confidence in the other's abilities. After Tenten had told Neji and Lee to talk to her when hell freezes over, the rest of the group joins them. The couple recently got takeout from a dingy restaurant earlier this week. But sadly fate had to be a bastard. Therefore, it would have been nice for the former villain to settle down and find love. The anime shows an extended version of Tenten's dreamworld. Auch er beherrscht das Kekkei Genkai des Hyuuga-Clans, das Byakugan. In Part I, Tenten wears a pink sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings and yellow fastening butt… He mentioned in one of his records that he was trying to get rid of Tenten's depression. If Tenten couldn't find love with her fallen comrade, Neji, she could have at least ended up with her other teammate, Rock Lee. nice touch on the birthday. Rock Lee and the rest of her friends cheer for her and Tenten gradually loses her doubts about the dreamworld. The next morning when she was head deep in the toilet bowl, puking her guts out, Neji insisted he take her to the hospital. NejiTen Children; NejiTen - Freeform; Two-armed Uchiha Sasuke; Like Naruto heh; 2nd Gen meeting their dead uncle and grandparents; Some Fourth Shinobi War; Sarada meets Itachi ; Boruto and Himawari meets Neji and Jiraiya; Jiraiya lives; Uchiha Shisui Lives; Uchiha Izumi Lives; Uchiha Itachi Lives; Hyuuga Neji Lives; Summary. While both of those canon couples do make a lot of sense, it also would have made sense for two of the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio to get together. The Hyūga Elder sends Neji, Tenten, and Kiba Inuzuka to rescue her. With Hinata, Sasuke might have been content to live a more unassuming life. As the two sparred together Neji would help Hinata stand up whenever she had fell down. I wish Neji was alive plus him and Tenten would be AWESOME together! He notes that Tenten seems to be in a dilemma. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Strongest Characters In The Second Great Ninja War. Not surprisingly, his teammate, Rin, happened to be one of his admirers. Neji notices something with his Býakugan and Tenten asks how it looks. Naruto Und Sasuke. Most fans likely love that Hinata and Naruto end up together, but for anyone who thought her life could have taken a different turn, there's Sasuke. 921 54 11. Do you think TenTen has fodder genes? She dreamed of following Tsunade’s path as an accomplished shinobi and medical ninja. Hours of labor, and she heard a soft cry. when it comes to so many potential pairings— and wonder if things could ever change in the future of the franchise. However, by the end of the series, Orochimaru found some redemption by siding with Sasuke and putting a stop to his own villainous ways. Tenten- One last bite!! There were plenty of fans who thought Ino might have ended up with one of her teammates before Sai was brought into the picture. Neji comments that Tenten's fight would be interesting. In particular, Konan and Nagato were definitely a pair that could not be overlooked. Neji first appears by agreeing with Guy and Rock Lee and telling Tenten to open her eyes. That’s not how Naruto couples work, and they are clearly nakama. As a child, Neji was kind and prone to smiling; on Hinata's third birthday, he confided to his father that he thought she was cute. Neji and Tenten were placed in the same team along with Lee. When he looked away, the springtime of youth theatrics began. During this time of trial and complete failure, by trying to emulate Tsunade, Tenten has desperately attempted to become a medical nin, thus trying to consciously build up her raw strength and such. Not willing to let a prodigy die, Neji is brought back to life, but doesn't wake up for five years. It is one of the most popular pairings involving Neji and the most popular pairing involving Tenten. The most common dream for children in a shinobi village is to become so great and respected that they are chosen to lead the village. In Naruto, there were enough couples to keep fans preoccupied. Its also implied that in his diary, he had records of training sessions without missing a day. Only a select few like Tenten never found a true love interest, while only one of the eleven, Neji, ended up dying as a result of the Fourth Shinobi War. Naruto … When Tenten has saved the dreamworld's Konoha, she questions if it was right. Having not been able to participate in the Exams previously, Team Guy entered the Exams along with the Rookie Nine. Tenten thanks him. Tenten- C'mon. They intrude Team 7's battle with the Sound Ninja and notice Lee lying on the ground. Lee- Don't! 23 days ago . For the baby were going to have. Even as they threw barbs at each other, they were impressed with one another's techniques. During the fight against Neji and Naruto , she is shown to have full faith that Neji will win and highly praises him. Anime Naruto. Neji first meets his cousin, Hinata, as a child. Karli Iwamasa is a creative writer based in the Bay Area. Neji- Hmm? I never knew that Himawari had the byakugan but I do know that Boruto had awakened his byakugan in the manga. Admittedly, Lee's initial infatuation wasn't going off of much since Sakura didn't even know who he was when he first asked her out before the Chunin Exams. Tenten quickly covers herself, crouching away from Neji. Because of Lee's lateness, Neji and Tenten both sleep on a tree. Only a select few like Tenten never found a true love interest, while only one of the eleven, Neji, ended up dying as a result of the Fourth Shinobi War. T^T. She wears her hair in Chinese-style buns on either side of her head with short fringe-bangs falling over her forehead protector which she wears in the traditional manner. In the new chuunin exams arc, Neji is shown to be holding two heaven scrolls which has. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Best friends when they started their time at the Ninja Academy, Sakura and Ino declared each other sworn enemies thanks to them both developing crushes on Sasuke. They would have made for an open and honest match. Brought together by the formation of Taka, Karin and Suigetsu always had an interesting relationship. After all, Hinata almost married someone who wanted to destroy the moon in order to save her little sister. Like most of his Konoha 11 peers, Neji might have wanted to start a family of his own, and Tenten was one of the ninjas whom he was closest to. 1. She is very surprised when Neji gets taken down by Naruto. She smiles and tears up as she realizes she wants to stay in the dreamworld with Neji and the rest for her friends. day he was branded with his clan's Curse Mark Jutsu to force him to obey the Head Family of the Hyuga Clan forever. Naruto Couples Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Neji and Tenten both stick to that plan, until Lee accidentally reveals the ruse, causing both Tenten and Neji to scold him for his carelessness. Dec 13, 2020 … When the heiress of the main house, Hyuga Hinata, had turned three years old. Lee and her were annoyed with the rain that day. Neji- Maybe... but for what? Neji is the person who Tenten solely admires and wants to impress, and seen training with him a lot, alone. Tenten is shown to greatly admire and respect Neji. Dark circles appeared underneath his lavender eyes from pure exhaustion … Other couples like Choji & Karui came as a shock. At the same time, their constant bickering could be interpreted in a more affectionate light. They were reading some random lines, and its implied that Neji was working in to get rid of Tenten's depression. What to worry! Naruto and many of his friends shared the same dream of being Hokage, but not Tenten. … Shikamaru thinks with Neji back he can finally tell the male what he's always wanted to … Neji Hyuuga (Neji = Schraube) war das Supertalent des Hyuuga-Clans aus Konohagakure. If Neji didn't die, things would obviously be very different. Though both Kakashi and Guy are incredible shinobi and teachers, their lives always seem to revolve around their sense of duty— and their rivalry. When Neji exposes his curse mark, Hiashi, the Third Hokage and Tenten don't say anything, hinting that they already knew about it. RELATED: Naruto: The 5 Worst Pairings In The Show (& 5 Better Alternatives). In addition, like Temari, Ino's strong personality would've kept Shikamaru's laziness in check. Perhaps the only two kunoichi who were still willing to marry the guy were Sakura and Karin. TenTen already had a couple of name ideas … Before the final Chunin exam, Tenten and Neji are both seen training together. Throughout the series, there have been many instances of unrequited love such as Jiraiya's love for Tsunade and Naruto's initial crush on Sakura. Updated By Amanda Bruce On January 10, 2021: With the world of Naruto continuing into the next generation of Boruto, it's easy to continue speculating about fan favorite characters and pairings. The episode in which Tenten has a “crush” on Lee is shown on how Tenten wanted to be a better kunoichi, and is secondly a filler. Divell A Walking Jojo Reference. Whether their hearts ended up elsewhere or it just wasn't meant to be, we need to acknowledge all the ninja couples that were amazing in theory. He was worried that it was something more serious than food poisoning but Tenten wasn't so convinced. He even comments that she needs to get better underwear. Similar to their relationship in Part I, Tenten still shows a great admiration for Neji. TenTen could vivdly remember when she first saw her. Tenten seemed to have summoned her iron fan and it cut Neji's cheeks because he was unable to avoid its path. Although Jiraiya had a bad habit of perverted tendencies and Tsunade had already found the love of her life, there's no denying that there was a very close bond between the two legendary ninjas. Freunde. He won't find out! 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NejiTen's Child #1- Hotaru. Neji- Right. Neji and the rest of Team Guy is shocked when Tenten's attacks are simply waved off by Temari. If Sakura were removed from the picture, Karin, Sasuke's Taka teammate, would have been the likely love interest of the Uchiha. In contrast to Sasuke who often ignored Karin and her love for him, Suigetsu never failed to acknowledge her in the form of friendly teasing. As they got older, however, Ino and Choji learned to work together just as seamlessly as they each did with Shikamaru. Not as easy as it seems easy. Like most of his Konoha 11 peers, Neji might have wanted to start a family of his own, and Tenten … In the anime, Neji immediately rushes over to Tenten after he breaks free. Neji apologizes, saying he's not interested. Perhaps there is a good reason why the identity of Metal Lee's mother is kept a secret, but for now, it would have made the most sense for that woman to be explicitly stated as Tenten. So I watched the episode where Neji and Lee think TenTen is in love with Orochimaru, and it got me thinking. Tenten smiles, reassured by Neji's words and says okay. fan art. He then got patted on his head by his father. BenandGwen2009 good job. Just as Shikamaru uses his genius mind to come up with innovative battle strategies, Ino's specialty also involves the mind with her Mind Transfer technique. sicelyarien so both kids have tenten fighting. One person who did get to know her was her teammate Kiba. However, there were also many ninja pairs who had the potential to become an official couple but somehow didn't end up together by the end of the series. Tenten- Neji. In Naruto Retsuden, Hinata and Naruto were looking into Neji's diary. If they loved eachother and had a child together, how OP would he or she be? Neji is often seen to be greatly concerned for Tenten, often coming to her aid. Unlike Ino and Sakura as kids, however, Kakashi and Guy's competitions all seemed to be in good fun. 0. And Asuma and Kurenai’s child is a girl named Mirai (I’m just confirming with everyone!!!!) See more ideas about Naruto, Neji and tenten, Naruto girls. 0. Until each of their respective deaths, Nagato and Konan continued to fight for their shared dream of peace. When Neji breaks out of his own sphere, he quickly rushes over to Tenten and helps her up. narutoshippuden; musical; nejilovestory +12 more # 6. Jul 13, 2020 - Explore 's board "Tenten " on Pinterest. However, she is seen with sorrowful eyes and has a hand to her heart. One last bite of the cake. They then competed in literally everything right up until they were matched up in their first Chunin Exams. Instead, Rock Lee has a child, Metal Lee, with an unknown origin. Kaiya was abandoned at the gate of Konoha by her father for her own safety. Neji and Tenten have the same theme song in Part I of the anime, but Neji's theme song is more upbeat, whereas Tenten's theme song has a slower beat. While each failed attempt was damaging to her pride, Tenten later on had discovered her talent for fuinjutsu and thus developed her own unique fighting style. Tenten quickly crouches down, thinking he's peeping at her again. NejiTen is a relatively popular couple in the fandom. When caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Tenten dreams of more mature versions of Lee and Guy as well as Neji being alive. In the past, Orochimaru had undeniably done some pretty terrible things such as assassinating the Third Hokage and performing unethical science experiments on other ninjas. Apr 28, 2020 - Explore millie's board "Neji and Tenten" on Pinterest. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yes, even I didn’t know he had the byakugan until then. TenTen looked down at her lovely daughter. 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Naturally, the two were bound to end up together if someone didn't get himself killed. They both also have a quiet demeanor, unlike the partners they ended up with. And after Sasuke ended up with Sakura, it would only make sense for Karin to turn to Suigetsu instead. Tenten has black hair and steel-grey eyes in the manga — both of which are depicted as being dark brown in the anime. After graduating, she was assigned to Team Guy, alongside Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga. The perfect Neji TenTen Child Animated GIF for your conversation. nejiten2 She has Byakugan. It's a rival pairing to NejiHina and LeeTen. Alright! Tenten enrolls in the most prestigious college in Japan: Konoha College for the Musical, or KCM. Perhaps they would've gotten together if Jiraiya hadn't died against Pain. She grabbed the phone but Lee stopped her. They both gaze at each other before Tenten thanks him. Neji is immensely proud of himself for marrying Tenten, and for fathering a child with her, and he struts whenever he strolls the Hyuuga grounds with his pretty young wife at his side. She has now stopped dreaming of becoming a ninj… She reaches out her hand to Neji and Lee after Guy tells Lee to stop crying. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Im Gegensatz zu Hinata war er ein Mitglied der Nebenfamilie, der sekundären Familie. It's a wonder they ever got to know one another at all. Tenten- Should we go shopping? In fact, Kiba was always there for Hinata growing up, ready to alternately protect her and fight alongside her as she needed it. He holds her for a moment, asking if she's alright. He lost these qualities after his father's death, growing serious and cold, more mature than most his age. Neji Hyuga and Tenten, if only this pair got a happy ending! At the end of the Naruto series, Ino found love with Sai while Shikamaru married Temari. Neji and Tenten are constantly shown together throughout the series. Hiashi, … Fan-favorite couples like Naruto & Hinata and Sasuke & Sakura were obvious and seen from a mile away. In the anime, Tenten is shown to be more emotional by asking why Neji had left her. All she … They are both seen afterwards, watching Guy fight Kisame while Neji's arm is still supporting Tenten. He notices Tenten, who is out of breath from running. As she trained, however, Tenten … It's likely supported due to their strong friendship and their trust for one another. She tells him that Tsunade has returned and asks him to check it out with her. In the anime, Neji notices that Tenten is at her limit and becomes concerned. Team Guy shocked when Tenten is defeated. Kakashi and Guy understand what it means to help raise a generation of shinobi, what it means to be away from the village for long stretches of time, and the kind of emotional toll their work can take. During their fight with Kisame, the three members was captured by Kisame's Water Prison. added by sicelyarien. Thinking to herself that no good will come from being with her remaining teammates, Tenten asks Neji why he left her alone. Jun 25, 2015 - Explore Makeila B's board "Neji & Tenten", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. Had Rin not died, she and Kakashi could have been more than teammates. When Tenten is defeated, Neji comments that she fought well, despite the fact that the fight had finished rather quickly. With the conclusion of Naruto, most of the ninja from the Konoha 11 ended up married with children. Rock Lee and Tenten were put on the same team a year before the start of the series along with Hyūga Neji, thus forming Team Guy. Neji activated his byakugan. She whispers to herself. When the new Hyuuga Tenten moves into the compound, she quickly makes herself popular by being helpful, friendly, and warm. Does Tenten have a crush on Neji? He also wasn't afraid to tease her about Naruto while everyone else seemed to walk on eggshells regarding the topic. C'mon! A child that is unknownly strong that sooner or later could surpass her father. But Neji tells Hinata t… They both supported and challenged one another in a way no one else ever did. Later, both Neji and Tenten return, but Lee does not appear. Later on, Tenten comments that the dreamworld had done a good job of making Neji, who replies by asking what that meant. Despite the Akatsuki being the main antagonists of the series, the members themselves still deserve some love too. Every time one of them "wins" a competition between the two, they simply compete again in another area for the other one to win. Lustige Meme. Tenten says that Neji is perfect and ready to go. They are also both seen afterwards, watching Guy fight Kisame while Neji's arm is still supporting Tenten. After receiving training and guidance from Jiraiya, Konan and Nagato formed the original Akatsuki with their friend, Yahiko, to bring peace to the ninja world. Tenten to Neji after he had saved her - Chapter 258, Tenten and Neji speaking in Lee's memories - Episode 365, Tenten's thoughts while walking away and wiping a tear - Episode 402, Neji speaking to Tenten in the Infinite Tsukuyomi - Episode 428, Neji about Ino and Sakura fighting - Naruto Episode 42, Naruto Retsuden: Naruto Uzumaki and the the spiral destiny - Neji's diary. A one-stop shop for all things video games. When Tenten first hears Neji in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, her eyes widen with disbelief and shock, saying it couldn't be possible. As fellow snake ninjas, the two could make amends from their troubled past and share a future together. Ino was always the member of her team putting the boys in place, which could cause some conflict when they were young and immature. The Kuroitsuki and The Uchiha Clan oftenly work together. but no. With Ino and Sakura, all of that animosity really just hid how much they admired one another. D… added by sicelyarien. Neij died. Sakura even eventually trained Ino in medical ninja techniques. Nobody was unhappy with the peace that … Neji exclaims very loudly that he wasn't peeping. Before the exams, Team Guy is seen b… In the second chapter, Hinata and Naruto were reading Neji's diary. However, after he joined forces with the likes of Orochimaru and attempted to destroy Konohagakure, there weren't many people left who were willing to give him a chance at love even after he became a hero in the Fourth Shinobi War. Ultimately, all three passed. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Things About The Show That Don't Make Sense (& 5 Fan Theories That Do). It was only thanks to Jiraiya and Naruto that Tsunade eventually came back to become the Hokage and protect the village. Fans can still wonder "what if?" IYKWIM it's kinda simple really. When Neji dies, Tenten doesn't react immediately. They could have made one interesting couple. Wiki Points. Neji and Tenten both search for Lee when he doesn't get back. Would she be able to contribute anything at all to the raising of a strong shinobi? Tenten is often seen visiting and inviting him to special events. When a peace treaty was made between the Hidden Cloud Village and his to end the war between them, their Head Cloud Ninja tried to kidnap Hinata to get the Byakugan, the visual kekkei genkai of the Hyuga. They, along with Lee, come to aid Team Kakashi in their mission to save Gaara from the Akatsuki.The two still work well as a team.