Inside a cooling telescope, the warmer (less dense) air rises from hot… You can check your collimation with collimation tools, feel free to check out my Recommended Gear Page for my picks. This may seem counter-intuitive from what I have been saying. OK, you may be like…what? A: The ETX telescope optics are shipped with the objective lens cell or primary mirror retracted (all the way back). This provides some insight into the value of real time focus management. As a note: if it is not your own eye staring back, get rid of the telescope! Users of Newtonian telescopes (particularly the smaller ones, 150mm aperture and below) often have trouble mounting a digital camera onto the telescope. The last thing to remember is that you always have to refocus the telescope after the change of the eyepiece . Note, this is NOT a full tutorial to fully collimate your telescope, because methods of collimation vary by the type of scope you have. Choose a distant object such as your neighbor’s chimney or cell phone tower and find it in your telescope. To do this, find something with your telescope, then align your finderscope, and double-check it on a second object if possible. Depending on if you’re near or far-sighted. Thermal dynamics can have a big influence on the views you get through your telescope, blurring planetary detail, distorting star images and degrading contrast in detailed objects such as globular clusters. /* 160x600, created 1/10/10. Because of that energy, we have always been told to not look at the Sun. Setting up to view an object that is too close – Telescopes are designed to focus on infinity basically. So, trying to focus on a landscape object can limit the focus adjustment if too magnified. DISCLAIMER; This Video is specially for Owners of Newtonian Telescopes (but if you dont i still appreciate your view of course). Too high of a magnification; Collimation is off (reflector and Cassegrain styles) Finder Scope not actually aligned to the main scope; An extension tube or Barlow limiting focuser travel? google_ad_slot = "8928077603"; Everything to this point has been started without stuff in place and work up to extra power. They are easy to use and not hard to get the hang of. However, looking at something farther away, you may not have it centered, and when you adjust the knobs, you lose it.